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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (December 1, 2010)

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Afghanistan casualties: military forces and civilians. Chesser, Susan G. Report 1629
Afghanistan casualties: military forces and civilians. Chesser, Susan G. 1629
Afghanistan: politics, elections, and government performance. Katzman, Kenneth Report 25179
Afghanistan: post-Taliban governance, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth 578
Africa: U.S. foreign assistance issues. Dagne, Ted Report 4808
American jihadist terrorism: combating a complex threat. Report 366
Appendix A. China's maritime territorial claims and position regarding operations in EEZ. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 4634
Appendix A. Historical background and U.S. policy. Zanotti, Jim 3667
Appendix A. Summary of post 9/11 homegrown violent jihadist terrorist plots. Report 23710
Appendix B. Excerpt from March 2010 testimony of Commander, U.S. Pacific Command. O'Rourke, Ronald Excerpt 1630
Appendix B. Federal engagement and partnership activities with Muslim-American communities. Report 24143
Appendix B. Key dates in Hamas's history. Zanotti, Jim Chronology 1116
Appendix C. Major Hamas leaders. Zanotti, Jim 1358
Appendix C. Prior-year legislative activity. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 13934
Appendix D. Congressional actions pertaining to Hamas. Zanotti, Jim Report 1767
Appendix E. Selected bibliography on Hamas. Zanotti, Jim Bibliography 8258
Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: political developments and implications for U.S. interests. Nichol, Jim Report 22407
Background. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 9441
Background. Katzman, Kenneth Report 3712
China naval modernization: implications for U.S. Navy capabilities--background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald 578
China's currency: an analysis of the economic issues. Morrison, Wayne M.; Labonte, Marc Report 15816
China-U.S. trade issues. Morrison, Wayne M. Report 16238
Classified information policy and executive order 13526. Kosar, Kevin R. Report 9064
Combating homegrown terrorism: building trust and partnership. Report 3240
Combating homegrown terrorism: enforcement activities. Report 6031
Comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty: background and current developments. Medalia, Jonathan Report 26872
Conclusion. Zanotti, Jim 343
Conclusion. Katzman, Kenneth 9487
Containment and the Gulf security dialogue. Katzman, Kenneth 645
Criminal prohibitions on the publication of classified defense information. Elsea, Jennifer K. 14211
Deepwater horizon oil spill: the fate of the oil. Ramseur, Jonathan L. Report 7218
Economic recovery: sustaining U.S. economic growth in a post-crisis economy. Elwell, Craig K. Report 9940
Executive summary. Report 2408
Foreign policy and support for terrorist groups. Katzman, Kenneth Report 6048
Guantanamo detention center: legislative activity in the 111th Congress. Garcia, Michael John Report 11720
Hamas: background and issues for Congress. Zanotti, Jim 595
Homegrown violent jihadists. Report 1144
International trade and finance: key policy issues for the 112th Congress. Ahearn, Raymond J. Report 12093
Introduction. O'Rourke, Ronald 575
Introduction. 602
Introduction: Issues for Congress. Zanotti, Jim 324
Iran's strategic capabilities and weapons of mass destruction programs. Katzman, Kenneth Report 6284
Iran: U.S. concerns and policy responses. Katzman, Kenneth 658
Iraq: politics, elections, and benchmarks. Katzman, Kenneth 14896
Kenya: current conditions and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Report 6960
Legislative activity for FY2011. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 2485
Lobbying the executive branch: current practices and options for change. Straus, Jacob R. Report 7542
Military action. Katzman, Kenneth 1500
Missile defense and NATO's Lisbon Summit. Hildreth, Steven A.; Ek, Carl Report 6289
Morocco: current issues. Migdalovitz, Carol Report 6860
Nuclear cooperation with other countries: a primer. Kerr, Paul K.; Nikitin, Mary Beth Report 2933
Other human rights practices. Katzman, Kenneth 343
Overview of Obama Administration policy. Katzman, Kenneth 758
Overview of post-9/11 homegrown jihadist terrorism plots and attacks. Report 3823
Overview. Zanotti, Jim Essay 7720
Policy considerations for Congress. Report 2288
Possible options for Congress. Zanotti, Jim Report 4846
Post-Taliban nation-building efforts. Katzman, Kenneth Report 3951
Potential oversight issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 9502
Radicalization and violent extremism. Report 4214
Regime change. Katzman, Kenneth 1940
Regime structure, stability, and opposition. Katzman, Kenneth 5441
Regional dimension. Katzman, Kenneth Report 5453
Residual issues from past conflicts. Katzman, Kenneth Report 11650
Securing America's borders: the role of the intelligence community. Best, Richard A., Jr. Report 6781
Security policy and force capacity building. Katzman, Kenneth Report 15472
Somalia: current conditions and prospects for a lasting peace. Dagne, Ted Report 14896
State, foreign operations, and related programs: FY2011 budget and appropriations. Lawson, Marian Leonardo; Epstein, Susan B.; Resler, Tamara J. Report 11247
State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs: FY2011 budget and appropriations. Lawson, Marian Leonardo; Epstein, Susan B.; Resler, Tamara J. Report 11257
Sudan: the crisis in Darfur and status of the North-South peace agreement. Dagne, Ted Report 16850
Syria: issues for the 112th Congress and background on U.S. sanctions. Sharp, Jeremy M. Report 11903
The New START Treaty: central limits and key provisions. Woolf, Amy F. Report 18613
The presidential libraries act and the establishment of presidential libraries. Ginsberg, Wendy R.; Lunder, Erika K. Report 13902
The state of campaign finance policy: recent developments and issues for Congress. Garrett, R. Sam 11281
The U.S. Congress and the European Parliament: evolving transatlantic legislative cooperation. Archick, Kristin; Morelli, Vincent Report 15271
The United Arab Emirates (UAE): issues for U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report 7593
The United Arab Emirates nuclear program and proposed U.S. nuclear cooperation. Blanchard, Christopher M.; Kerr, Paul K. Report 10623
The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child: background and policy issues. Blanchfield, Luisa Report 11411
The United States and Europe: current issues. Mix, Derek E. Report 5854
Trade primer: qs and as on trade concepts, performance, and policy. Ahearn, Raymond J. Report 14894
Trade promotion authority and the Korea Free Trade Agreement. Barbour, Emily C. Report 7875
Trafficking in persons in Latin America and the Caribbean. Seelke, Clare Ribando Report 9809
Trafficking in persons: U.S. policy and issues for Congress. Siskin, Alison; Wyler, Liana Sun Report 30126
U.S. and international aid to Afghanistan and development issues. Katzman, Kenneth Report 4262
U.S. arms sales: agreements with and deliveries to major clients, 2002-2009. Grimmett, Richard F. Report 2423
U.S. immigration policy on permanent admissions. Wasem, Ruth Ellen 15682
U.S. policy approaches and additional options. Katzman, Kenneth 1240
U.S. sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth 1162
U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF): background and issues for Congress. Feickert, Andrew; Livingston, Thomas K. Report 5620
U.S.-South Korea relations. Manyin, Mark E.; Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Nikitin, Mary Beth; Taylor, Mi Ae Report 13404
U.S.-Vietnam economic and trade relations: issues for the 112th Congress. Martin, Michael F. Report 10785
Uganda: current conditions and the crisis in north Uganda. Dagne, Ted Report 11934
United Nations assistance mission in Afghanistan: background and policy issues. Margesson, Rhoda Report 12565
Visa security policy: roles of the departments of state and homeland security. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report 10207

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