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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (March 1, 2009)

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Afghanistan: government formation and performance. Katzman, Kenneth Report 5857
Afghanistan: post-Taliban governance, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth 559
Afghanistan: post-Taliban governance, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report 583
Analysis of legislative proposals addressing Guantanamo detainees. Henning, Anna C. Report 4525
Background to Recent Developments. Katzman, Kenneth Report 2769
Background. Katzman, Kenneth 3057
Background. Report 635
Border barrier construction. Report 3510
Border security: barriers along the U.S. International border. Report 498
China's economic conditions. Morrison, Wayne M. Report 10158
China's holdings of U.S. securities: implications for the U.S. economy. Morrison, Wayne M.; Labonte, Marc Report 6752
China-U.S. trade issues. Morrison, Wayne M. Report 13540
Climate change: current issues and policy tools. Leggett, Jane A. Report 13679
Comprehensive National Cybersecurity initiative: legal authorities and policy considerations. Rollins, John; Henning, Anna C. Report 10052
Conclusion. Katzman, Kenneth 9139
Congressional border barrier legislation. Report 3086
Cuba's foreign policy. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 413
Cuba: Issues for the 111th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. 600
Economic conditions. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 1712
Economic measures. Katzman, Kenneth 7374
Economic reconstruction and U.S. assistance. Katzman, Kenneth 1460
El Salvador: political, economic, and social conditions and U.S. relations. Seelke, Clare Ribando; Meyer, Peter J. Report 4368
Energy provisions in the American recovery and reinvestment act of 2009 (P.L. 111-5). Sissine, Fred; Andrews, Anthony; Folger, Peter; Kaplan, Stan Mark; Morgan, Daniel; Stine, Deborah D. Report 10545
For additional reading. Sullivan, Mark P. Bibliography 3586
Foreign policy and support for terrorist groups. Katzman, Kenneth 5192
Human rights and dissent. Katzman, Kenneth 1590
International trade: rules of origin. Jones, Vivian C.; Martin, Michael F. Report 9752
Iran's strategic capabilities and weapons of mass destruction programs. Katzman, Kenneth Report 3668
Iran: U.S. concerns and policy responses. Katzman, Kenneth Report 520
Iraq study group report, legislative proposals, and options for the Obama administration. Katzman, Kenneth Report 2171
Iraq: politics, elections, and benchmarks. Katzman, Kenneth Brief article 6589
Iraq: post-Saddam governance and security. Katzman, Kenneth Report 994
Iraq: reconstruction assistance. Tarnoff, Curt Report 17647
Israeli-Arab negotiations: background, conflicts, and U.S. policy. Migdalovitz, Carol Report 25778
Issues for Congress. Report 15771
Latin America and the Caribbean: fact sheet on economic and social indicators. Gomez-Granger, Julissa Table 1252
Latin America and the Caribbean: fact sheet on leaders and elections. Sullivan, Mark P.; Gomez-Granger, Julissa Table 672
Latin America: terrorism issues. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 3493
Legislation in the 110th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. 2082
Legislative initiatives in the 111th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. 886
Madagascar's 2009 political crisis. Ploch, Lauren Report 4179
NATO's 60th anniversary summit. Belkin, Paul; Ek, Carl; Mages, Lisa; Mix, Derek E. Report 8767
Nuclear weapons R&D Organizations in nine nations. Medalia, Jonathan; Kan, Shirley A.; Kerr, Paul K.; Migdalovitz, Carol; Mix, Derek E.; Nikitin, Mary Report 5070
Ongoing government assistance for American International Group (AIG). Webel, Baird Report 6264
Policy in the 1990s emphasized containment. Katzman, Kenneth Report 1559
Political condition. Sullivan, Mark P. 3900
Political history. Katzman, Kenneth Report 701
Post-Saddam transition and governance. Katzman, Kenneth 8126
Post-September 11, 2001: regime change and war. Katzman, Kenneth 1490
Post-Taliban nation building. Katzman, Kenneth Report 7693
Post-Taliban nation building. Report 7217
Post-war security operations and force capacity building. Katzman, Kenneth Report 9394
Post-war security operations and force capacity building. Katzman, Kenneth 9633
Recent developments. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 1340
Regime structure, stability, and elections. Katzman, Kenneth Report 1949
Regional context. Katzman, Kenneth 4287
Regional context. Katzman, Kenneth Report 4323
Reorganizing the political structure, and "Federalism". Katzman, Kenneth Report 1666
Residual issues from past conflicts. Katzman, Kenneth 7964
Residual issues from past conflicts. Katzman, Kenneth Report 8446
Russia-Georgia conflict in August 2008: context and implications for U.S. interests. Nichol, Jim 19702
Section 1206 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2006: A fact sheet on Department of Defense authority to train and equip foreign military forces. Serafino, Nina M. Report 2023
Security challenges and responses. Katzman, Kenneth Report 6943
Stepped up international and regional diplomacy. Katzman, Kenneth Brief article 303
Tax reform: an overview of proposals in the 111th Congress. Bickley, James M. Report 3945
Technology transfer: use of federally funded research and development. Schacht, Wendy H. Report 6604
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC): summary of actions in support of housing and financial markets. Gonzales, Oscar R.; Getter, Darryl E. Report 4328
The federal government debt: its size and economic significance. Cashell, Brian W. Report 4437
The financial crisis: impact on and response by The European Union. Jackson, James K. Report 18222
The Global Peace Operations Initiative: background and issues for congress. Serafino, Nina M. Report 8413
The Iran Sanctions Act (ISA). Katzman, Kenneth Report 4170
The San Diego border primary fence. Report 823
The San Diego fence and USBP apprehensions. Report 1180
The Technology Innovation Program. Schacht, Wendy H. Report 3131
The Tibetan Policy Act of 2002: background and implementation. Dumbaugh, Kerry Report 5408
The United Arab Emirates nuclear program and proposed U.S. nuclear cooperation. Blanchard, Christopher M.; Kerr, Paul K. Report 7608
U.S. and international aid to Afghanistan and development issues. Katzman, Kenneth Report 3092
U.S. and international aid to Afghanistan and development issues. Katzman, Kenneth Report 3047
U.S. Immigration policy on permanent admissions. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report 15084
U.S. policy responses, options, and legislation. Katzman, Kenneth 10495
U.S. policy toward Cuba. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 15836
Ukraine: current issues and U.S. policy. Woehrel, Steven Report 9125

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