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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (October 1, 2008)

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Additional CRS reports. Dale, Catherine 18269
Afghanistan: government formation and performance. Katzman, Kenneth 3390
Appendix A. Congressional action on FY2008 and FY2009 war funding. Belasco, Amy 1660
Appendix A. Examples of expressions of concern. O'Rourke, Ronald 1275
Appendix B. Additional Details on China's Naval Modernization Efforts. O'Rourke, Ronald 25158
Appendix B. DOD tools to extend financing war cost. Belasco, Amy 7166
Appendix C. War appropriations by act and by agency. Belasco, Amy 6466
Appendix. U.S. and International Sanctions lifted. Katzman, Kenneth 6699
Arms values: data tables and charts for 2000-2007. Grimmett, Richard F. 1067
Assessing the results to date. Dale, Catherine 1660
Auction basics: background for assessing proposed treasury purchases of mortgage-backed securities. Austin, D. Andrew 6503
Azerbaijan's October 2008 presidential election: outcome and implications. Nichol, Jim 2844
Background to recent developments. Katzman; Kenneth 2566
Background. O'Rourke, Ronald 22303
Bahrain: reform, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth 3187
Bill-by-bill synopsis of Congressional action to date. 19676
Brazil-U.S. relations. Seelke, Clare Ribando; Durand, Alessandra 10622
China-U.S. relations: current issues and implications for U.S. policy. Dumbaugh, Kerry 18381
China-U.S. trade issues. Morrison, Wayne M. 12893
Civil/military partnership in governance and economics. Dale, Catherine 4068
Conclusion. Katzman, Kenneth 7699
Congress and U.S. policy on North Korean human rights and refugees: recent legislation and implementation. Chanlett-Avery, Emma 2647
Current economic conditions and selected forecasts. Makinen, Gail E. 7598
Decision to go to war in Iraq. Dale, Catherine 751
Defense: FY2009 authorization and appropriations. 257
Description of items counted in weapons categories, 2000-2007. Grimmett, Richard F. 254
Economic slowdown: issues and policies. Gravelle, Jane G.; Hungerford, Thomas L.; Labonte, Marc; Murphy, Edward V.; Weiss, N. Eric; Whittake 15476
Emergency economic stabilization act: preliminary analysis of oversight provisions. Copeland, Curtis W. 11440
Emergency economic stabilization act: Preliminary analysis of oversight provisions. Copeland, Curtis W. 11453
Federal reserve interest rate changes: 2001-2008. Labonte, Marc; Makinen, Gail E. 1784
Financial turmoil: comparing the troubled asset relief program to the federal reserve's response. Labonte, Marc 1992
Financial Turmoil: Federal Reserve Policy Responses. Labonte, Marc 14416
Foreign policy and support for terrorist groups. Katzman, Kenneth 4314
Human rights in China: trends and policy implications. Lum, Thomas; Fischer, Hannah 15690
In Re Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001: dismissals of claims against Saudi defendants under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA). Henning, Anna C. 4404
Intellectual property rights and international trade. Shayerah, Ilias; Fergusson, Ian F. 20120
Introduction and overview. Grimmett, Richard F. 1141
Introduction. O'Rourke, Ronald 301
Introduction. Belasco, Amy 695
Iran's activities and influence in Iraq. Katzman, Katzman 3350
Iran's strategic capabilities and weapons of mass destruction programs. Katzman, Kenneth 4271
Iraq study group report, legislative proposals, and other options. Katzman, Kenneth 11372
Iraq study group report, legislative rroposals, and other options. Katzman, Kenneth 10764
Iraq: politics, elections, and benchmarks. Katzman, Kenneth 3329
Iraq: post-Saddam governance and security. Katzman, Kenneth 522
Iraq: post-Saddam governance and security. Katzman, Kenneth 511
Iraq: U.S. casualties. Chesser, Susan G. 111
Iraqi population: "reconciliation". Dale, Catherine 5452
Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). Dale, Catherine 10336
Is the budget too small? The 4% of GDP debate. 1682
Israeli-Arab negotiations: background, conflicts, and U.S. policy. Migdalovitz, Carol 22162
Jordan: background and U.S. relations. Sharp, Jeremy M. 11939
Legislative activity. O'Rourke, Ronald 970
Major combat operations. Dale, Catherine 2072
Major findings. Grimmett, Richard F. 7969
Monetary policy and the Federal Reserve: current policy and conditions. Labonte, Marc; Makinen, Gail E. 6759
Most recent developments. 4216
NATO enlargement: Albania, Croatia, and possible future candidates. Morelli, Vincent; Belkin, Paul; Ek, Carl; Nichol, Jim; Woehrel, Steven 15496
NATO in Afghanistan: a test of the transatlantic alliance. Morelli, Vincent; Gallis, Paul 16119
Nepal: political developments and bilateral relations with the United States. Vaughn, Bruce 6521
Overview of the administration request. 689
Overview. Dale, Catherine 9294
Policy in the 1990s emphasized containment. Katzman, Kenneth 1637
Policy in the 1990s emphasized containment. Katzman, Kenneth 1627
Political history. Katzman, Kenneth 552
Post-major combat: basis and organization. Dale, Catherine 1698
Post-major combat: military strategy and operations. Dale, Catherine 9395
Post-major combat: security situation. Dale, Catherine 2774
Post-major combat: the force. Dale, Catherine 2374
Post-Saddam transition and governance. Katzman, Kenneth 8520
Post-Saddam Transition and Governance. Katzman, Kenneth 9263
Post-September 11, 2001: regime change and war. Katzman, Kenneth 1509
Post-September 11, 2001: regime change and war. Katzman, Kenneth 1504
Post-War security operations and force capacity building. Katzman, Kenneth 8219
Post-War stabilization and development. Katzman; Kenneth 6539
Potential issues in the FY2009 base budget request. 3167
Potential oversight issues for congress. O'Rourke, Ronald 11309
Presidential succession: perspectives, contemporary analysis, and 110th Congress proposed legislation. Neale, Thomas H. 12164
Presidential transition act: provisions and funding. Hogue, Henry B. 2518
Presidential transitions: issues involving outgoing and incoming administrations. Halchin, L. Elaine 15184
Problems in war cost estimates and reporting. Belasco, Amy 3319
Recent and future war cost issues. Belasco, Amy 5316
Regime structure and stability, human rights, and elections. Katzman, Kenneth 3281
Regional context. Katzman, Kenneth 3728
Regions identified in arms transfer tables and charts. Grimmett, Richard F. 11089
Residual issues from past conflicts. Katzman, Kenneth 574
Russia-Georgia conflict in South Ossetia: context and implications for U.S. interests. Nichol, Jim 17317
Russian political, economic, and security issues and U.S. interests. Goldman, Stuart D. 12633
Security challenges and responses. Katzman, Kenneth 7353
Security challenges and responses. Katzman, Kenneth 7623
Selected weapons deliveries to developing nations, 2000-2007. Grimmett, Richard F. 293
South Africa: current issues and U.S. Relations. Ploch, Lauren 12349
Status of legislation. 189
Taiwan-U.S. relations: recent developments and their policy implications. Dumbaugh, Kerry 13252
The America COMPETES Act and the FY2009 budget. Stine, Deborah D. 9637
The convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW): Congressional issues. Blanchfield, Luisa 5017
The cost of government financial interventions, past and present. Webel, Baird; Weiss, N. Eric; Labonte, Marc 2194
The first day of a new Congress: a guide to proceedings on the house floor. Amer, Mildred 5671
The first day of a new Congress: a guide to proceedings on the senate floor. Amer, Mildred L. 2484
The global financial crisis: the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Weiss, Martin A. 3037
The gulf security dialogue and related arms sale proposals. Blanchard, Christopher M.; Grimmett, Richard F. 7346
The Kurds in post-Saddam Iraq. Katzman, Kenneth 3018
The overseas private investment corporation: background and legislative issues. Langton, Danielle 2807
The proposed U.S.-South Korea free trade agreement (KORUS FTA): provisions and implications. Cooper, William H.; Manyin, Mark E.; Jones, Vivian C.; Cooney, Stephen; Jurenas, Remy; Siskin, Aliso 25639
Transatlantic regulatory cooperation: background and analysis. Ahearn, Raymond J. 11804
Trends in war funding. Belasco, Amy 3176
U.S. and International aid to Afghanistan and Development Issues. Katzman, Kenneth 2946
U.S. foreign aid to East and South Asia: selected recipients. Lum, Thomas 12085
U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinians. Zanotti, Jim 2476
U.S. international trade: trends and forecasts. Nanto, Dick K.; Ilias, Shayerah; Donnelly, J. Michael 10856
U.S. nuclear cooperation with India: issues for Congress. Kerr, Paul K. 22214
U.S. policy responses, options, and legislation. Katzman, Kenneth 10196
U.S. trade and investment relationship with Sub-Saharan Africa: the African growth and opportunity act and beyond. Langton, Danielle 12173
U.S.-China counterterrorism cooperation: issues for U.S. policy. Kan, Shirley A. 13500
U.S.-Vietnam relations: background and issues for Congress. Manyin, Mark E. 15003
War cost estimates through enactment of the FY2008/FY2009 bridge. Belasco, Amy 831
War cost issues in the 110th Congress. Belasco, Amy 419
War funding issues in the FY2009 DOD Bridge Fund. 2684
War planning. Dale, Catherine 3462
Worldwide arms transfer agreements and deliveries values, 2000-2007. Grimmett, Richard F. 259

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