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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (December 1, 2008)

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A low carbon fuel standard: state and federal legislation and regulations. Yacobucci, Brent D. 5590
A U.S.-centric chronology of the international Climate Change negotiations. Leggett, Jane A. 4509
Afghanistan: post-war governance, security and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth 523
Appendix A. Disaster relief and humanitarian assistance, including civic action. Serafino, Nina M. 3249
Appendix B. DOD global health program. Serafino, Nina M. 1042
Appendix C. Department of Defense Humanitarian Mine Action Program. Serafino, Nina M. 903
Appendix D. Foreign Military Sales and financing program. Serafino, Nina M. 1177
Appendix E. International Military Education and Training Program. Serafino, Nina M. 1169
Appendix F. Counternarcotics. Serafino, Nina M. 2614
Appendix G. Foreign anti-terrorism and counterterrorism train and equip assistance and education programs. Serafino, Nina M. 1809
Appendix H. Foreign military capacity building Section 1206 authority. Serafino, Nina M. 1787
Appendix I. Global Peace Operations Initiative train and equip program. Serafino, Nina M. 868
Appendix J. The Department of Defense in nonproliferation: the cooperative threat reduction program. Serafino, Nina M. 2204
Appendix K. DOD in Iraq and Afghanistan Economic Reconstruction and State-Building. Serafino, Nina M. 2549
Appendix L. Foreign security assistance initiatives for Afghanistan and Iraq. Serafino, Nina M. 16403
Assistance to North Korea. Manyin, Mark E.; Nikitin, Mary Beth 8138
Background to recent developments. Katzman, Kenneth 2627
Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979: background, provisions, and cost. Bickley, James M. 4258
Climate change: federal laws and policies related to greenhouse gas reductions. Yacobcci, Bren D.; Parker, Larry 8394
Conclusion. Katzman, Kenneth 7664
Congressional commissions: overview structure, and legislative considerations. Glassman, Matthew Eric 10901
Counting electoral votes: an overview of procedures at the joint session, including objections by members of Congress. Maskell, Jack; Rybicki, Elizabeth 5639
Covert action: legislative background and possible policy questions. Cumming, Alfred 4277
Fifth summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, April 2009: background, agenda, and expectations. Meyer, Peter J. 5007
Financial market turmoil and U.S. macroeconomic performance. Elwell, Craig K. 10180
Financial turmoil: federal reserve policy responses. Labonte, Marc 17306
Foreign investment and national security: economic considerations. Jackson, James K. 12017
Foreign policy and support for terrorist groups. Katzman, Kenneth 4568
Human rights and dissent. Katzman, Kenneth 1535
Immigration legislation and issues in the 110th Congress. Bruno, Andorra 21274
Immigration-related worksite enforcement: performance measures. Bruno, Andorra 5674
Introduction. Serafino, Nina M. 928
Iran's nuclear program: Tehran's compliance with international obligations. Kerr, Paul K. 5480
Iran's strategic capabilities and weapons of mass destruction programs. Katzman, Kenneth 4147
Iran: U.S. concerns and policy responses. Katzman, Kenneth 1202
Iraq Study Group report, legislative proposals, and options for the Obama Administration. Katzman, Kenneth 10898
Iraq: post-Saddam governance and security. Katzman, Kenneth 992
Iraq: regional perspectives and U.S. policy. Blanchard, Christopher M.; Katzman, Kenneth; Migdalovitz, Carol; Sharp, Jeremy M. 17135
Iraq: U.S. casualties. Chesser, Susan G. 252
Israel and the Palestinians: prospects for a two-state solution. Zanotti, Jim 12750
Job loss and infrastructure job creation during the recession. Levine, Linda 5759
Lebanon: background and U.S. relations. Addis, Casey L. 11379
Long-range ballistic missile defense in Europe. Hildreth, Steven A.; Ek, Carl 12367
Major issues and options for Congress. Serafino, Nina M. 5004
Membership of the 111th Congress: a profile. Amer, Mildred; Manning, Jennifer E. 3046
Monetary policy and the federal reserve: current policy and conditions. Labonte, Marc 6982
Nuclear arms control: the strategic offensive reductions treaty. Woolf, Amy F. 13112
Nuclear weapon in U.S. national security policy: past, present, and prospects. Woolf, Amy F. 12935
Ocean piracy and its impact on insurance. King, Rawle O. 3729
Oman: reform, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth 3238
Organizing the U.S. government for national security: overview of the interagency reform debates. Dale, Catherine; Serafino, Nina M.; Towell, Pat 8182
Overview: DOD's evolving response to perceived needs. Serafino, Nina M. 5845
Policy in the 1990s emphasized containment. Katzman, Kenneth 1589
Post-Saddam transition and governance. Katzman, Kenneth 9178
Post-September 11, 2001: regime change and war. Katzman, Kenneth 1488
Post-war nations building. Katzman, Kenneth 7015
Post-war security operations and force capacity building. Katzman, Kenneth 8511
Regime structure, stability, and elections. Katzman, Kenneth 2125
Regional context. Katzman, Kenneth 3989
Residual issues from past conflicts. Katzman, Kenneth 7326
Security challenges and responses. Katzman, Kenneth 6966
Senate confirmation process: a brief overview. Tong, Lorraine H. 1045
Singapore: background and U.S. relations. Chanlett-Avery, Emma 2610
Sino-Japanese relations: issues for U.S. policy. Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Dumbaugh, Kerry; Cooper, William H. 14213
Status of forces agreement (SOFA): what is it, and how has it been utilized? Mason, R. Chuck 11710
Strategic arms control after START: issues and option. Woolf, Amy F. 15347
Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, and implications for U.S. interests. Kronstadt, K. Alan 11177
Thailand: background and U.S. relations. Chanlett-Avery, Emma 9357
The Department of Defense role in foreign assistance: background, major issues, and options for Congress. Serafino, Nina M. 511
The federal budget: current and upcoming. Levit, Mindy; Austin, D. Adrew 8476
The global financial crisis: the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Weiss, Martin A. 3115
U.S. and international aid to Afghanistan and developments issues. Katzman, Kenneth 2932
U.S. motor vehicle industry: federal financial assistance and restructuring. Cooney, Stephen 18573
U.S. policy responses, options, and legislation. Katzman, Kenneth 10318
U.S. trade deficit and the impact of rising oil prices. Jackson, James K. 2632
U.S.-Iraq withdrawal/status of forces agreement: issues for congressional oversight. Mason, R. Chuck 6290

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