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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (January 1, 2006)

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Afghanistan: narcotics and U.S. policy. Blanchard, Christopher M. 17548
Afghanistan: post-war governance, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth 22067
Africa: U.S. foreign assistance issues. Langton, Danielle J. 7872
Agricultural export and food aid programs. Hanrahan, Charles E. 7702
Agricultural issues in the 109th Congress. Chite, Ralph M. 3060
Agriculture in the U.S.-Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA). Jurenas, Remy 13165
AIDS in Africa. Cook, Nicolas 9781
AIDS in the Caribbean and Central America. Sullivan, Mark P. 5294
Al Qaeda: statements and evolving ideology. Blanchard, Christopher M. 8081
Alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles: issues in Congress. Yacobucci, Brent D. 5556
An overview of the administration's strengthening America's communities initiative. Boyd, Eugene; Mulock, Bruce K.; Smale, Pauline; Cowan, Tadlock; Laney, Garrine P.; Foote, Bruce E. 8582
Andean Counterdrug Initiative (ACI) and related funding programs: FY2006 assistance. Veillette, Connie 9918
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR): controversies for the 109th Congress. Corn, M. Lynne; Gelb, Bernard A.; Baldwin, Pamela 9194
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR): controversies for the 109th Congress. Corn, M. Lynne; Gelb, Bernard A.; Baldwin, Pamela 9326
Border security: fences along the U.S. international border. Nunez-Neto, Blas; Vina, Stephen R. 3068
Bringing peace to Chechnya? Assessments and implications. Nichol, Jim 9806
Broadband Internet access and the digital divide: federal assistance programs. Kruger, Lennard G.; Gilroy, Angele A. 11323
Broadband Internet regulation and access: background and issues. Gilroy, Angele A.; Kruger, Lennard G. 5286
Caribbean region: issues in U.S. relations. Sullivan, Mark P. 11719
Central Asia: regional developments and implications for U.S. interests. Nichol, Jim 9181
China and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missiles: policy issues. Kan, Shirley A. 22428
China's economic conditions. Morrison, Wayne M. 5846
China-U.S. relations: current issues and implications for U.S. policy. Dumbaugh, Kerry 17345
Clean air act issues in the 109th congress. McCarthy, James E. 8552
Communications act revisions: selected issues for consideration. Gilroy, Angele A. 6677
Congressional gifts and travel: legislative proposals for the 109th Congress. Amer, Mildred 3033
Cuba: issues for the 109th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. 26674
Defense: FY2006 authorization and appropriations. Daggett, Stephen 30255
Energy efficiency and renewable energy legislation in the 109th Congress. Sissine, Fred 21591
Energy efficiency: budget, oil conservation, and electricity conservation issues. Sissine, Fred 7850
Energy policy: conceptual framework and continuing issues. Bamberger, Robert 7496
Energy: useful facts and numbers. Glover, Carol; Behrens, Carl E. 6115
Environmental protection issues in the 109th Congress. Fletcher, Susan R.; Isler, Margaret 8725
EU-U.S. economic ties: framework, scope, and magnitude. Cooper, William H. 4043
Exempting food and agriculture products from U.S. economic sanctions: status and implementation. Jurenas, Remy 10202
Federal spending by agency and budget function, FY2001-FY2005. Winters, Philip D. 7346
Fishery, aquaculture, and marine mammal legislation in the 109th Congress. Buck, Eugene H. 9272
Forest fire/wildfire protection. Gorte, Ross W. 13778
France: factors shaping foreign policy, and issues in U.S.-French relations. Gallis, Paul 16076
Future of the Balkans and U.S. Policy concerns. Woehrel, Steven 7530
Gasoline prices: new legislation and proposals. Behrens, Carl E.; Glover, Carol 4195
HIV/AIDS international programs: appropriations, FY2003-FY2006. Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji 3319
Immigration: policy considerations related to guest worker programs. Bruno, Andorra 15797
Intelligence issues for Congress. Best, Richard A., Jr. 8846
International population assistance and family planning programs: issues for Congress. Nowels, Larry; Veilette, Connie 9136
Internet privacy: overview and legislation in the 109th Congress, 1st session. Smith, Marcia S. 11435
Iran: U.S. concerns and policy responses. Katzman, Kenneth 19764
Iraq: elections, government, and constitution. Katzman, Kenneth 3029
Iraq: oil-for-food program, illicit trade, and investigations. Katzman, Kenneth; Blanchard, Christopher M. 13809
Iraq: recent developments in reconstruction assistance. Tarnoff, Curt 12745
Iraq: U.S. military operations. Bowman, Steve 6478
Islamic religious schools, madrasas: background. Blanchard, Christopher M. 3023
Islamist extremism in Europe. Archick, Kristin; Rollins, John; Woehrel, Steven 3209
Jordan: U.S. relations and bilateral issues. Prados, Alfred B. 9430
Latin America: terrorism issues. Sullivan, Mark P. 3148
Lebanon. Prados, Alfred B. 8383
Libya: background and U.S. relations. Blanchard, Christopher M. 14394
Lobbying disclosure and ethics proposals related to lobbying introduced in the 109th Congress: a comparative analysis. Petersen, R. Eric 6864
Lobbyists and interest groups: sources of information. Oboroceanu, Mari-Jana 1833
Memorandum January 30, 2006. Doyle, Charles 4522
Mexico's importance and multiple relationships with the United States. Storrs, K. Larry 7033
Mexico-U.S. relations: issues for the 109th Congress. Storrs, K. Larry 12076
Middle East free trade area: progress report. Bolle, Mary Jane 6099
Military forces: what is the appropriate size for the United States? Bruner, Edward F. 3094
Monetary policy: current policy and conditions. Labonte, Marc; Makinen, Gail E. 5792
NATO and the European Union. Archick, Kristin; Gallis, Paul 12102
Nonstrategic nuclear weapons. Woolf, Amy F. 14040
North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Niksch, Larry A. 8965
Nuclear arms control: the U.S.-Russian agenda. Woolf, Amy F. 9775
Nuclear nonproliferation issues. Behrens, Carl E. 7926
Nuclear weapons: comprehensive test ban treaty. Medalia, Jonathan 9370
Passenger rail security: overview of issues. Peterman, David Randall 6066
Peacekeeping and related stability operations: issues of U.S. military involvement. Serafino, Nina M. 10226
Post-war Iraq: foreign contributions to training, peacekeeping, and reconstruction. Sharp, Jeremy M.; Blanchard, Christopher M. 7914
Recruiting and retention: an overview of FY2005 and FY2006 results for active and reserve component enlisted personnel. Kapp, Lawrence 7278
Renewable energy: tax credit, budget, and electricity production issues. Sissine, Fred 7511
Reserve component personnel issues: questions and answers. Kapp, Lawrence 14587
Russia. Goldman, Stuart D. 9476
Russian oil and gas challenges. Gelb, Bernard A. 5290
Spyware: background and policy issues for Congress. Smith, Marcia S. 11652
Status of a member of the house who has been indicted for or convicted of a felony. Maskell, Jack 6239
Stem cell research. Johnson, Judith A.; Williams, Erin D. 24524
Supreme court nominations, 1789-2005: actions by the senate, the judiciary committee, and the president. Rutkus, Denis Steven; Bearden, Maureen 19075
Syria: U.S. relations and bilateral issues. Prados, Alfred B. 9519
Taiwan: recent developments and U.S. policy choices. Dumbaugh, Kerry B. 9196
Temporary protected status: current immigration policy and issues. Wasem, Ruth Ellen; Ester, Karma 2850
The Endangered Species Act (ESA) in the 109th Congress: conflicting values and difficult choices. Buck, Eugene H.; Corn, M. Lynne; Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Baldwin, Pamela; Meltz, Robert 9760
The federal government debt: its size and economic significance. Cashell, Brian W. 4396
The Middle East peace talks. Migdalovitz, Carol 9762
The United States and Europe: possible options for U.S. policy. Archick, Kristin 12891
The World Trade Organization: the Hong Kong Ministerial. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jones, Vivian C.; Langton, Danielle J.; Hanrahan, Charles E.; 18335
Trade negotiations during the 109th Congress. Fergusson, Ian F. 8705
Trafficking in persons: the U.S. and international response. Miko, Francis T. 10212
U.S. agricultural policy response to WTO cotton decision. Schnepf, Randy 2872
U.S. and international responses to the global spread of avian flu: issues for Congress. Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji; Chanlett-Avery, Emma 20393
U.S. assistance to North Korea: fact sheet. Manyin, Mark E. 3028
U.S. assistance to women in Afghanistan and Iraq: challenges and issues for Congress. Margesson, Rhoda; Kronenfeld, Daniel 4220
U.S. foreign assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean. Veillette, Connie; Ribando, Clare; Sullivan, Mark 14153
U.S. International Trade: data and forecasts. Nanto, Dick K.; Lum, Thomas 6638
U.S. nuclear cooperation with India: issues for Congress. Squassoni, Sharon 10752
U.S. trade deficit and the impact of rising oil prices. Jackson, James K. 2295
U.S.-EU cooperation against terrorism. Archick, Kristin 3265
U.S.-European Union trade relations: issues and policy challenges. Ahearn, Raymond J. 8535
Wireless technology and spectrum demand: advanced wireless services. Moore, Linda K. 2898
WTO Doha Round: the agricultural negotiations. Hanrahan, Charles; Schnepf, Randy 14199

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