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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (April 1, 2006)

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Afghanistan: post-war governance, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth 22638
Agricultural disaster assistance. Chite, Ralph M. 2908
Agricultural issues in the 109th Congress. Chite, Ralph M. 3105
Arab League Zof Israel. Weiss, Martin A. 2811
Article 98 agreements and sanctions on U.S. foreign aid to Latin America. Ribando, Clare M. 3578
Broadband Internet regulation and access: background and issues. Gilroy, Angele A.; Kruger, Lennard G. 5913
China and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missiles: policy issues. Kan, Shirley A. 23237
China's currency: economic issues and options for U.S. trade policy. Morrison, Wayne N.; Labonte, Marc 21676
China-Southeast Asia relations: trends, issues, and implications for the United States. Vaughn, Bruce; Morrison, Wayne M. 16622
China-U.S. trade issues. Morrison, Wayne M. 8283
Civilian patrols along the border: legal and policy issues. Vina, Stephen R.; Nunez-Neto, Blas; Weir, Alyssa Bartlett 12144
Current economic conditions and selected forecasts. Makinen, Gail E. 7797
Direct assaults against presidents, presidents-elect, and candidates. Kaiser, Frederick M. 2458
Disaster evacuation and displacement policy: issues for Congress. Bea, Keith 2448
Energy tax policy. Lazzari, Salvatore 8812
Environmental protection issues in the 109th Congress. Fletcher, Susan R.; Isler, Margaret 8890
European Union enlargement. Archick, Kristin 3229
Free trade agreements: impact on U.S. trade and implications for U.S. trade policy. Cooper, William H. 7381
FY2006 supplemental appropriations: Iraq and other international activities; additional Katrina hurricane relief. Irwin, Paul M.; Nowels, Larry 34371
Gasoline prices: new legislation and proposals. Behrens, Carl E.; Glover, Carol 4159
Immigration enforcement within the United States. Siskin, Alison; Bruno, Andorra; Nunez-Neto, Blas; Seghetti, Lisa M.; Wasem, Ruth Ellen 33166
Immigration related border security legislation in the 109th Congress. Nunez-Neto, Blas; Beaver, Cheryl 10650
Immigration statistics on the Web. Mangan, LaVonne M. 1266
Immigration: policy considerations related to guest worker programs. Bruno, Andorra 17705
India-U.S. relations. Kronstadt, K. Alan 10143
India: chronology of recent events. Kronstadt, K. Alan Chronology 2954
Indonesia: domestic politics, strategic dynamics, and American interests. Vaughn, Bruce 12614
Intelligence issues for Congress. Best, Richard A., Jr. 8752
Iran's nuclear program: recent developments. Squassoni, Sharon 2936
Iran: U.S. concerns and policy responses. Katzman, Kenneth 19233
Iraq oil: reserves, production, and potential revenues. Kumins, Lawrence 2486
Iraq's debt relief: procedure and potential implications for international debt relief. Weiss, Martin A. 6972
Iraq: elections, government, and constitution. Katzman, Kenneth 2958
Iraq: post-Saddam governance and security. Katzman, Kenneth 20765
Israel: background and relations with the United States. Migdalovitz, Carol 8512
Jordan: U.S. relations and bilateral issues. Prados, Alfred B. 9605
Lebanon. Prados, Alfred B. 8808
Middle East Free Trade Area: progress report. Bolle, Mary Jane 6028
Monetary policy: current policy and conditions. Labonte, Marc; Makinen, Gail E. 5869
Nonproliferation and threat reduction assistance: U.S. programs in the former Soviet Union. Woolf, Amy F. 26868
North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Niksch, Larry A. 8156
Nuclear weapons: comprehensive test ban treaty. Medalia, Jonathan 9398
Oil and gas disruption from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Kumins, Lawrence; Bamberger, Robert 4551
Oil industry profit review 2005. Pirog, Robert Industry overview 3538
Oil Shale: history, incentives, and policy. Andrews, Anthony 12316
Pakistan-U.S. relations. Kronstadt, K. Alan 10021
Pandemic flu and medical biodefense countermeasure liability legislation: P.L. 109-148, division C (2005). Cohen, Henry 3102
Protection of classified information by Congress: practices and proposals. Kaiser, Frederick M. 2930
Renditions: constraints imposed by laws on torture. Garcia, Michael John 11870
Russia's accession to the WTO. Cooper, William H. 12060
Sudan: humanitarian crisis, peace talks, terrorism, and U.S. policy. Dagne, Ted 8568
Tax-exempt organizations: political activity restrictions and disclosure requirements. Lunder, Erika 12438
Terrorism and national security: issues and trends. Perl, Raphael F. 9205
The cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Global War on Terror operations since 9/11. Belasco, Amy 16545
The European Union in 2006 and beyond. Archick, Kristin International organization overv 3107
The European Union's constitution. Archick, Kristin Report 3033
The European Union: questions and answers. Archick, Kristin International organization overv 3028
The global fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria: progress report and issues for Congress. Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji Organization overview 6557
The Iran-Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA). Katzman, Kenneth 3047
The Middle East peace talks. Migdalovitz, Carol 9595
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve: history, perspectives, and issues. Bamberger, Robert 8478
The United States and Europe: current issues. Archick, Kristin 3285
U.S. and international responses to the global spread of avian flu: issues for Congress. Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji 13872
U.S. direct investment abroad: trends and current issues. Jackson, James K. 2927
U.S. immigration policy on permanent admissions. Wasem, Ruth Ellen 10490
U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF): background and issues for Congress. Feickert, Andrew National organization overview 2644
U.S. trade deficit and the impact of rising oil prices. Jackson, James K. 2223
War powers resolution: presidential compliance. Grimmett, Richard F. 9462
WTO: antidumping issues in the Doha Development Agenda. Jones, Vivian C. 8975

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