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Congress may dip into FY 1995 budget.

Members of Congress have begun trying to fulfill their promise to cut the federal budget -- including funding for science and technology (SN: 1/14/95, p.20) -- by voting to take back money already appropriated to agencies for this fiscal year.

This week, the House Appropriations Committee passed two bills that would cut $17 billion from the FY 1995 budget. The full House and Senate must pass the bills and the President must sign them before they can be implemented.

The Department of Energy, one of the agencies hardest hit by the legislation, would lose $145 million from the $6 billion appropriated in FY 1995 for environmental cleanup. The department would have $200 million less for clean-coal technology. Other DOE programs would also face cuts.

The House bills would cut $107 million from the $431 million FY 1995 appropriation for the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Advanced Technology Program, which helps industry develop high-risk technologies.

The National Science Foundation would lose only about $132 million from its academic research infrastructure account, which the President had also proposed cutting in his FY 1996 budget.
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Title Annotation:Congress may take back funding for science and technology
Publication:Science News
Date:Mar 11, 1995
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