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Congregational exercise programs--Part V (getting ready for swimsuit season!).

What can cure cabin fever, winter blues, help avoid weight gain, as well as boost your immune system and give your congregation a head start on swimsuit season? Exercise of course!

A poll of 5,000 people found that 30 percent get no exercise at all during the winter months. Inactivity causes loss of strength and stamina which can contribute to weight gain, depression and a multitude of other health problems.

Just because it's still cold outside doesn't make it open season for an excuse not to exercise. And did you know that exercise can bolster your immune system too? reports that studies show that moderate exercisers get 20 to 30 percent fewer colds than non exercisers do.

Be a cheerleader for your congregation and keep them motivated to stay healthy and fit through exercise.


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Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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