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Congratulations to our new certified physician executives. (ACPE News).

The Certifying Commission in Medical Management conferred Certified Physician Executive status to 53 physician executives on March 20, 2003. CPEs have achieved stature as physician executives, acquired significant management education and experience, have impressive accomplishments and good communication skills.

They successfully completed the four-day tutorial that requires daily video and feedback sessions, written evaluations and a final presentation to a panel of health care leaders to demonstrate their management skills, accomplishments and effective presentation skills.

Jorge A. Alsip, MD, MBA, CPE

Benito A. Alvarez, MD, MBA, CPE

Francisco Arredondo, MD, CPE

Hoda A. Asmar, MD, MBA, CPE

Jane F. Barlow, MD, MPH, MBA, CPE

Johnny A. Brawner, MD, MBA, FACS, CPE

Andrew J. Breuder, MD, MPH, CPE

Charles A. Bryant, MD, CPE

Earl J. Campazzi, MD, MPH, MBA, CPE

Frank R. Claudy, MD, MBA, CPE

Paul Randall Cook, MD, MHA, CPE

Thomas W. Davidson, MD, MBA, CPE

John T. Dorsey, MD, CPE

Donald R. Fischer, MD, MBA, CPE

Charles Roger Freed, Jr., MD, MHA, CPE

Kenneth J. Gaines, MD, MBA, CPE

Randy Jay Gershwin, MD, CPE

Barry I. Ginsberg, MD, CPE

Amin Z. Hakim, MD, CPE

Pamela M. Hamilton, MD, MBA, CPE

Tim G. Harder, MD, CPE

William M. Heroman, MC, USN, CPE

Dwight F. Hooper, MD, MBA, CPE

Scott Howell, MD, CPE

Glen R. Johnson, MD, CPE

Laura Jane King, MD, MMM, CPE

Stephen King, MD, MBA, CPE John W. Knispel, MD, CPE

John Kvasnicka, MD, CPE

Paul L. Liss, MD, MS, CPE

John C. Lucio, DO, MS, CPE

Fredrick A. Mccurdy, MD, MBA, PhD, CPE

Mark L. McDermott, MD, CPE

Michael G. McLaughlin, MD, MBA, CPE

Loren Meyer, MD, CPE

Walter W. Mills II MD, MMM, CPE

Robert X. Morrell, Jr., MD, MBA, CPE

Karim Nazer, MD, MPH, FACP, CPE

Daniel R. Neuspiel, MD, MPH, CPE

Joseph S. Prosser, MD, MBA, CPE

Ronald J. Ritchey, MD, MBA, CPE

Stephen D. Sears, MD, MPH, CPE

Glenn Russell Shearer, MD, CPE

Imran Sheriff, MD, CPE

John F. Stoll, MD, CPE

Ted S. Sturdivant, MD, MBA, CPE

Richard G. Swanberg, MD, MBA, CPE

Barbara Kathleen Temeck, MD, CPE

Mark Allan Timm, MD, MBA, FACS, CPE

Timothy K. Tse, MD, MBA, CPE

William P. Vaughan, MD, MBA, GPE

Jason Matthew White, MD, CPE

Nathan J. Zuckerman, MD, MMM, CPE
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Publication:Physician Executive
Date:May 1, 2003
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