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Congratulations on 70 years.

"AIT's roots in airfreight stretch back more than three decades. As our company has grown, the first-class insight provided by Air Cargo World has been a priceless resource every step of the way. Congratulations on remaining a top-flight publication for 70 years and for being a vital must-read every month with consistently stellar analysis of a complex, constantly shifting industry."

--Vaughn Moore, president, AIT Worldwide Logistics


"I have been an avid reader of Air Cargo World for more than a decade and have always found the content to be timely, insightful and relevant. Thanks for keeping me informed, and congratulations on 70 years. I never leave town without the latest copy."

--Wally Devereaux, director of cargo sales and marketing, Southwest Airlines

"I have always appreciated and enjoyed Air Cargo World's view on our company and the entire industry. The magazine has always been--and will always be--a must read in terms of trends and perspectives of the international air cargo industry."

--Nils Haupt, Lufthansa Cargo

"I am a regular reader of Air Cargo World and very much value the information I get from it. Your publication enables us to keep abreast of what is happening in the airline industry. Not only do I read it, but I make sure our management team reads it as well."

--Fahad A. Hammad, CEO, Saudi Airlines Cargo

"I greatly value the publication. It is an excellent source to keep up with what is going on beyond my immediate view and, therefore, broadens my understanding of the industry, where I am within it and areas to consider going forward."

--Norm G. Richard, director of route development, Edmonton International Airport

"I read the magazine because of the special features. These give greater insight into the issues, rather than just 'news.' Perspectives from peers in the industry are more interesting than mere stories."

--Alan Wright, manager, Cargo Network Development, Swissport Cargo Services

"I have enjoyed reading Air Cargo World from the very first day I stepped into this crazy business back in January 2003, and I have really appreciated the balanced and informative reporting that your magazine is known for worldwide. A lot has changed in our industry over the past nine years, but you have consistently been a strong voice for the industry month in and month out."


--Neel Shah, senior vice president and chief cargo officer, Delta Air Lines

I read Air Cargo World each month, without fail, because it is interesting, readable and helps me to stay current on a very diversified industry. Since we are vendors at the edge of the industry, we live daily with the issues of our clients, and our view tends to be at the 100-foot level. I read the magazine to capture the view at the 10,000-foot level, so I can plan and be more responsive to our clients' future needs. It is also fun to know what is going on. I thank you for your diligence in giving a fair and unbiased approach to a very challenging subject."

--W. Garner McNett, Jr., president, Cargo Data Management Corp.

"I continue to find Air Cargo World an industry-leading publication! I have enjoyed this publication for the 30-plus years that I have been an airfreight forwarder. The outstanding guest editorials, specific supply-chain niche articles and overall industry news is refreshing. I look back at the coverage over the years and the reflection of changing times. This publication recognized that the resilient forwarder can survive--and does--in today's world."

--Mark Spisak, senior vice president, Operations, Radiant

"I read Air Cargo World, as it is very informative. It always includes all the major and current industry issues around the world."

--David Thompson, airmail manager, Qantas Airways

"Your magazine has faithfully served me well, where industry information is concerned. Keep up the good work, and I'm sure I will be able to look forward to many good years of fruitful information."

--Rod Lee, airfreight sales manager, KWE Singapore


"United was a sprightly teenager when Air Cargo World was formed (we were launched as a contract mail carrier in 1926), but 1942 was a significant year for UA also. During that year, United began cargo operations in support of U.S. troops in Alaska and the South Pacific, eventually moving over 9,200 tonnes of mail and 8,600 tonnes of cargo on these routes during the war years. We're proud to say this tradition of service to America's military has continued until today.

Speaking for myself, my career in aviation has included roles with a daily focus and responsibility for air cargo and positions focused on other aspects of the airline business. But I have always relied on Air Cargo World for the timely, trustworthy information needed to make informed decisions. I also greatly appreciate the monthly feature articles that provide industry leaders the opportunity to speak in their own words about the issues that impact our business. Your 70th anniversary confirms I'm not the only one who recognizes ACW's value!

Air Cargo World and United Cargo have witnessed, and have been a part of, an astonishing amount of innovation and transformation in the air cargo business over the past 70 years. We hope and trust that the magazine will be there to chronicle the changes for the next 70 years and beyond!"

--Robbie Anderson, president, United Cargo

"I've been following and reading Air Cargo World throughout my varied career in the air cargo industry--over 35 years. I've always found it very insightful and provocative in providing up-to-date information regarding our industry. I'll keep subscribing until I retire, which won't be for a while."

--Allan Ridgway, director, Cargo Business Development, Prince George Airport

"I've been an Air Cargo World reader for about 10 years, and the magazine is excellent. I flew cargo for seven years in the past and was also, for three years, a cargo manager at my previous airline. At the moment, I'm flying mixed passenger and cargo, and the plans for the future are doing something related to cargo. The magazine covers all we need on the sector."

--Captain Andre Daou, Qatar Airways

"Air Cargo World is an easy-to-read magazine with good and relevant air cargo reporting from around the world. I like to archive the PDF version for future easy reference. Useful also are the occasional market statistics, 'who's who' and the ranking of top airlines and airports in regard to air cargo movements.

--Albert Saphir, ABS Consulting

"Great industry magazine. Fresh and up-to-date stories."

Daniel Yznaga, Panalpina

"Congratulations on the platinum anniversary of Air Cargo World. For : 70 years, ACW has been the trusted source of news and information for the airfreight industry. Since its launch, the magazine has adapted to our fast-changing world, growing from a trade publication into a multimedia company. Although Air Cargo World has been around for such a long time, it still sparks. The magazine does not only comment on industry news, events and trends, but also tries to drive industry issues forward--like CHAMP Cargosystems. A big thank you to all your team who has built this publication into what it is today.

--Felix Keck, managing director, CHAMP Cargosystems

"In the 20-plus years that I have worked in the global air cargo industry, Air Cargo World has been a steady and indispensable companion, providing me with critical news, editorials and insights into the many facets of our complex and exciting industry."

--Hendrik Falk, vice president, Cargo Sales, Global Aviation Holdings

"Seventy years in the publishing business puts Air Cargo World in exceptional company. You have continued a tradition of excellent and unbiased journalism, which has always made the magazine a must-read for professionals in our industry."


--Daniel C. Fernandez, secretary general, TIACA

"I've enjoyed reading your magazine for approximately 5 years, now ... possibly longer. I'm most interested in the articles about AF-KLM Cargo, AA and our competition. Our industry has changed big-time over the last four decades, and I appreciate the way Air Cargo World keeps me updated regarding the latest trends in airfreight."

Philip De Sarno, Jr., Air France-KLM Cargo

"Your magazine has the utmost information about the air cargo industry, ready and available for all the world. Its name, Air Cargo World, is sincerely appropriated. It is also an excellent channel for industry leaders in any market to be known and contacted."

Claudio Terry, OceanAir Linhas Aereas S/A

"Although I am no longer in the air cargo business, I check on Air Cargo World to keep me informed about aviation issues and market developments, as my client are airlines, airports and Customs officials, using various types of security equipment we make.

Since I had worked for the freighter airlines in my past--Flying Tigers and Nippon Cargo Airlines--I started to read Air Cargo World in 1979, when I first started my career in the air cargo industry. I intend to keep myself abreast of the aviation industry as long as I can."

Yuji Shimono, Country Director, Japan, Smiths Heimann GmbH
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