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Congratulations legacy award recipients.

Most Legacy authors don't realize when they submit an article for publication that they are automatically considered for NAI's publication awards, so it is my great pleasure to surprise them with the news that their peers have selected their work from among a full year's worth of other articles as the best of the best.

This year's Outstanding Legacy Feature is "Bringing the Sky Down to Earth: Another Way to Look at (or from) Alcatraz" (September/October 2012) by Sharlene Baker, a guide on the Alcatraz Night Tour--a program that takes visitors to an imposing and jitter-inspiring location and turns their attention to the night sky. She writes:

  As interpreters, we hope to make geologic time feel like an
  afternoon's jaunt, raise sludgy swamp molecules to
  the sparkling light of day, understand a mighty redwood tree as
  one would a family member, and yes, bring the sky down to earth.

The Outstanding Legacy Column or Commentary is "Accessibility: Easy Things You Can Do That Would Make a World of Difference" (September/October 2012) by Dianna J. Mckeage of the National Park Service. Dianna shares tips and techniques for making interpretive experiences accessible to all audiences, writing:

  Making adaptations to your site is just part of the process.
  For these new tools and aids to be effective, both your staff and
  the public need to be made aware of their existence. Advertising
  on your website and brochures is essential so visitors know what
  is available to them. Remember it is the little things we do that
  make a difference.

It is NAI's great fortune to be able to rely on the wisdom and enthusiasm of a community of thoughtful, generous individuals. Legacy relies on volunteer authors who contribute their time and effort for the betterment of the profession. Congratulations to these awards recipients, and thank you to all of the authors who help grow the profession through this publication.

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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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