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Congratulations MMM and MBA Graduates!

ACPE is pleased to announce the physicians who recently completed master's degrees in medical management through our partner universities--Carnegie Mellon University, Tulane University, the University of Southern California, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Nearly 2,000 physicians are pursuing ACPE's Section I curriculum toward advanced management degrees and certification. If you would like more information on ACPE's graduate program, go to

Master of Medical Management

Carnegie Mellon University


* Michiel Bosman, MD, MMM, MS

* John Fisch, MD, MMM

* John Ginsburg, MD, MMM, CPE

* Alan Grobman, MD, MMM

* Timothy Johnson, DO, MMM

* David Kahan, MD, MMM

* Michael Marshall, MD, MMM

* Jeffrey Smith, MD, MMM

* Ginger Williams, MD, MMM

* James Winslow, MD, MMM, FACPE

Master of Medical Management

Tulane University


* Zuhair Afaneh, MD, MMM, CPE

* Donald Atkinson, MD, MMM, BSc

* Paul Chidester, MD, MMM

* Thomas Derrig, MD, MMM

* Paul Dolan, MD, MMM

* Gary DuGan, MD, MMM, FACP

* Thomas Foster, MD, MMM, CPE

* Kenneth Kunze, MD, MMM, CPE

* Maria Lenaz, MD, MMM, MS, FACPE, CPE

* Fred McQueary, MD, MMM

* Soraya Nasraty, MD, MMM, FAAFP

* Barbara Whalen, MD, MMM

Master of Medical Management

University of Southern California


* Devena Alston-Johnson, MD, MMM

* Patrick Garrett, MD, MMM, CPE

* Russell Gonnering, MD, CPHQ, MMM, FACS

* Franklin Moser, MD, MMM

* Okechukwu Ojogho, MD, MMM

* James Sowards, MD, MMM, FACEP

* Harry Stoller, MD, MMM

* William Stover, MD, MMM

Online Professional MBA

University of Massachusetts Amherst

* Noriaki Aoki, MD, MBA, MS, PhD, CPE, FJSIM

* Robert Bernasek, MD, MBA

* John Boyes, MD, MBA

* Patrick Cawley, MD, MBA

* Steve Chinn, DPM, MBA

* Thomas Covert, MD, MBA, CPE

* Charles Harkness, DO, MBA, CPE

* Walead Latif, DO, MBA

* Ziad Mirza, MD, MBA, CPE

* Jerome O'Neil, MD, MBA, CPE

* Eladio Pereira, MD, MBA

* Adrian Perez-Maldonado, MD, MBA

* Anthony Pinevich, MD, MBA

* Iyad Sabbagh, MD, MBA

* Ashish Shah, MD, MBA

* Val Slayton, MD, MBA

* Romuald Slota, MD, MMM, MBA

* Kenneth Snow, MD, MBA

* Peter Tsivis, MD, MBA

* Mitsuyasu Watanabe, MD, MPH, MBA, PhD

* Daniel Wehner, MD, MBA, FACEP

* Thomas Weisman, MD, MBA, MS, CPE
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Publication:Physician Executive
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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