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Confusion reigns.

Trying to make some sense of the September issue was impossible. We had the same-sex marriage motion passed by one vote after a reversal. Those who were not in favour decided to make a big show of it by walking out. It was like a child saying, "If you do not agree with me, I am taking my marbles and going home. Democracy does not count. My views are correct and everyone else is wrong."

Unfortunately, the dissenters live in Canada, and same-sex relationships are the law of the land. Maybe the dissenters would be happier moving to Texas. Seeing the face of Jordan Sandrock, before the second vote was taken, broke my heart. All this talk about love quickly went up in smoke.

The decision on assisted dying was mired in confusion (Report neutral on assisted dying issue, p. 1). Canon Eric Beresford, who wrote the Care of Dying report for the Anglican church, said that anyone who thinks [the church] is in favour of physician-assisted dying has "completely misread" the report.

This does not sound very neutral to me.

In reading both excellent articles, the main problem--in my humble opinion--is that the leadership is trying to please everyone, which is nonsensical. The confusion around the taking of votes, which wasn't even done correctly, added further anguish. I have never been to a synod, and hope I never do, because it sounds like an absolute horror.

Graham Wright

Victoria Beach, N.S.

Please explain

Over the years I have been reading the Anglican Journal and I'm wondering why there has never been an explanation of how the church moved from disapproval to moderated approval of same-sex marriages. This could have been done, and could be done, on a single page, by a single bishop or theologian. And the opposite could be expressed on another page. Instead, we are asked to go online and wade through a difficult exposition, which, though I am in agreement with it, I do not believe fits the bill.

Canon Gavin White

Fife, Scotland

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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Publication:Anglican Journal
Date:Nov 1, 2016
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