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While reading the April issue of G&A, Patrick Sweeney's "Handgunning" column, "Strike, Restrike, Lucky Strike," indicates that it is possible for a striker-action pistol to have restrike capability. This is confusing to me, as my understanding of a striker-action pistol is that the slide must be racked in order for it to partially cock the striker, with the trigger being pulled fully cocking and then releasing the striker onto the primer. Indeed, my Ruger LCP must have the slide racked In order for the pistol to fire. Once the trigger is pulled, there will be no "restrike" possible; pulling the trigger does nothing. Also, I am confused by the barrel-length dimensions of pistols. In my mind, a shooting tube consists of a chamber and the barrel. How can we include the chamber length as part of the total barrel length, especially when the cartridge lengths vary according to caliber?

Steve B.

Fort Worth, Texas

Don't wander too far into the weeds on this. The important detail is not whether a given striker-using pistol, or traditional double action, has restrike. The important issues are: Do you want it, do you need it, and how do you manage it? As for pistol barrel-length measurement, it is a great example of "That's the way it has always been done. " We measure the overall length of the barrel, including chamber, because it is easy. Also, we measure revolver barrels without the cylinder because it is easy. Trying to measure the barrel as only the portion of the tube that is rifled would require either elaborate measuring tools or lots of estimation. At least this way, we all know exactly what we mean when we say a barrel is a certain length. In today's world, clarity should not be discounted.

--R Sweeney

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Author:B., Steve
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Date:Jul 17, 2015
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