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Confused about Israel.

I was glad to see that our General Assembly confirmed its support for Israel and our acceptance of Jews. However, in the August issue of Israel & Christians Today I read of the World Council of Churches declaring the Jewish State "a sin," and reaffirming "replacement" theology at their recent conference in Volos, Greece, and condemned Israel's stand against the Palestinians. Were we Presbyterians a part of that? The article I read appalls me, if as a Christian church we are denying Israel's right to exist. Can someone clarify this for me?


Editor's reply: First, one has to realize that the publication is a lobbying instrument of Christians for Israel International a Dutch-based Christian-Zionist organization. Many of its beliefs are incompatible with those of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Secondly, the article in question is not fair news reporting, it is a polemic. The accompanying unidentified photo of a man looking at swastikas has absolutely nothing to do with the Volos conference. It also deliberately misquotes. Neither the WCC nor the conference declared Israel a sin. The WCC does regard the occupation of Palestine as a sin. That is no doubt a controversial position, but hugely different than the allegation. As for replacement theology, there is no evidence of this. The word "chosen" does not even appear in the conference report Links are provided on our website.

Correction: It is the church's pension plan, not the operating budget that will need a $3-million increase in contributions by June 2013, as stated in a January news story. The Pension and Benefits Board will be discussing the issue. We apologize for the mistake.

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Date:Feb 1, 2012
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