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Conflict all around. (Review).

* Conflict Dynamics Profile, print, 2001, Eckerd College Management Development Institute (888-359-9906,, $160 per person. Other material: development guide.

In the field of career development, a vast landscape of individual instruments and profiles assesses everything from personality type to communication style and beyond. A growing number of these assessments are 360[degrees] instruments, In the area of conflict, a number of assessments are available, most notably the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, but no 3600 instrument was available until the creation of the Conflict Dynamics Profile.

The CDP resulted from the research of a group of professors at the Eckerd College Management Development Institute in St. Petersburg, FL. The CDP has been thoroughly tested for reliability and validity and is normed against a variety of organizations and industries, making it a sound instrument. The instrument uses a paper-and-pencil format with questions that are easy to understand and easy to complete. It would be nice, however, if the assessment had an Internet option for completing of the questionnaire. An online option could also speed scoring and feedback.

After the profile is scored, a personalized feedback report is prepared and presented as part of an instructor-led program or through one-on-one coaching. A course manual accompanies the feedback report and summarizes the steps employees can take to improve their conflict style.

The CDP focuses on behaviors, not attitudes or preferences. Therefore, it's especially useful in helping individuals understand how they manage and cope with conflict and how their actions are interpreted by others. It tells them what they actually do before, during, and after a conflict. From the list of constructive and destructive behaviors and "hot button" issues, an individual can select specific areas of improvement.

While the instrument and personalized feedback report cost just $160 per person, the overall program has additional costs such as certification of internal instructors or the use of independent career development consultants or programs.


The Conflict Dynamics Profile is specific, personal, and credible, but, most important, it provides actionable 360[degrees] feedback on how others perceive an individual's response to conflict. As part of a company's overall leadership or management development program, the COP is a useful tool. Currently, the profile is paper based; a web version might increase its utility.

John-Paul Morgante SPHR, is the Human Resource Manager for Morris Communications Corporation in Augusta, GA. His responsibilities include corporate training and development. Morris Communications ( is a privately held diversified media company, including newspaper and magazine publishing, book publishing and distribution, outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting, and computer services.
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Author:Morgante, John Paul
Publication:Training Media Review
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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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