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Coogan's duff at all this chastity stuff!

Be wary of Roman Catholic priests doubling as psychotherapists who offer to mend your womanising ways. Ferrari-driving TV comic Steve Coogan has discovered that such cures don't last.

I have to reveal that Coogan is at it again - a year after placing himself in the hands of just such a holy man who had supposedly helped him renounce sex.

The brilliant but troubled performer behind Knowing Me Knowing You's Alan Partridge has fallen for that most comely of TV presenters, Jenny Powell - last seen adding zest to Jason Orange's life.

This might well come as a shock to Anna Cole, mother of Coogan's baby daughter Claire, and with whom he was reportedly trying to patch things up.

Anna, a London solicitor, forgave Coogan when he took up with Nancy Sorrell, the leggy dancer he seduced when she worked on his spoof news show, The Day Today.

Nancy memor-ably revealed that in one moment of passion he had thrown pounds 5,000 worth of pounds 10 notes on his bed and told her "Lie on them, Go on, lie on them."

But Anna drew the line when Katrina Russell, a record company receptionist let it be known that he is "a red hot lover who likes me to wear high heels in bed".

Coogan lost both the plot and softly-spoken Anna at that point. She had put up with much during their years together but being cheated on as she awaited the birth of their child was a step too far.

And Anna will appreciate the irony in this - the night Coogan fell for Jenny, the Wheel of Fortune hostess was herself eyeing Manchester United star David Beckham, who turned instead to Spice Girl Victoria Adams.

If things had turned out differently Coogan might have found himself playing reserve!


PARKINSON'S disease may have robbed Muhammed Ali of the power of speech, but the former world boxing champion is going back on the road to lecture about his life and career. At least he will put in the appearances, and his wife at his side will do all the talking. His agent Barry Frank tells me from New York: "He's very active and we are setting up a tour for him. I'm not going to reveal specific figures but you can take it he's a million-dollars-a-year man all over again."

IAN Botham is the latest celebrity to join the list of those who serve the Sultan of Brunei. Following in the footsteps of Elton John and Michael Jackson, Botham has taken to flying East whenever the Sultan calls. Reports from the East maintain that Botham picks up around pounds 200,000 for coaching the Sultan's younger son the finer points of cricket.

ALREADY signed up for a re-make of Alfred Hitchcock's classic, Rear Window, severely paralysed actor Christopher Reeve may also star in a revival of Raymond Burr's TV detective, Ironside. The former Superman will make a cameo appearance in the movie Superman Lives.

DURAN Duran are favourite to record the soundtrack for a new James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies. The band's previous 007 venture, A View To A Kill, was the most successful ever Bond theme.

THE things they say: Singer Rosemary Clooney swears that when she met the Pope, he sneezed, she said, "Bless you," and he retorted, "No, that's what I say."


I HOPE this won't cause too much trouble between Prince Andrew and his new love, the Koo Stark look-alike Henriette Peace, but the budding romance did not deter him from phoning old flame CC Beaudette while in San Francisco.

They used to enjoy intimate weekends at Edith Foxwell's country nest, Sherston in Wiltshire, 20 years ago. Lady Edith (sadly, now dead) said the affair was so passionate she believed they would marry. The Queen thought differently, exclaiming, "Like hell." She was well aware that, Prince Philip had been keen on CC's mama, Corbina Beaudette, prior to marrying her. But did Andrew discuss romantic memories when he called her from the British Embassy in San Fransisco?

"I'd rather not talk about it," she told me. "Prince Andrew may no longer be married but I am. I have a lovely baby and I'm very happy thank you."


ALTHOUGH Jerry Hall is as yet undecided about where her fourth baby will be born, I can pinpoint where it was almost certainly conceived - the Texan town of Shafter. Mick took Jerry there following another period of infidelity. "Mick and Jerry seemed very loving towards each other," says Edward Renteria, a waiter who served them at Mando's Drive Inn. "When they left he had his arm round her shoulders." And now she's pregnant...
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Hutchins, Chris
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 15, 1997
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