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Conference agenda. (Cover Story).

Sunday, Sept. 29

7 p.m.

* E-Quicksand: Avoiding the Latest Pitfalls in F-mail, Spain, Privacy and Performance Issues

Managing the electronic flow of information to minimize risks ranging from privacy to trademark piracy to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission violations.

Andrew Katz, member

Robert H. Hammesfahr, member

Cozen O'Connor

Monday, Sept. 30

7:45 a.m.

* Sampling the F-Potpourri An introduction to the conference, featuring various statistics on technology and the industry.

Paul C. Tinnirello, executive vice president, Information Services AM Best Go.

8 a.m.

* Technology as Change Agent

Keynote speaker Cecilia Claudio helped lead the tech revolution at Farmers Insurance Co. Recent large-scale information projects include Agency Dashboard, Operation Restore and Customer Relationship Management.

Cecilia Claudio, senior vice president and CIO Farmers Group Inc.

9 a.m.

* Out-of-the-Box Thinking Without Blue-Sky Technology American Skyline Insurance Co. had a unique chance to start fresh with new technology: That meant state-of-the-art computer systems, next-generation networks and wireless technology for claims filing, interoffice communications and customer service.

Earnest Hines, CEO

Michael Edwards, vice president, Information Technology American Skyline Insurance Co.

* Reinsurance E-Strategy The latest on electronic-transaction platforms, portals, client integration and partnerships.

Bill Ludwick, vice president American Re Derek Scannel Swiss Re Life & Health North America, Swiss Re

10 a.m.

* Cultivating the Financial Institution F-Distribution Market

How Internet-based insurance-banking distribution platforms are opening new distribution paths.

Lou Hensley, co-president Pivot

* Enabling the Agent/Broker

SalesLink, Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Co.'s Internet operation receives nearly 1 million hits a month, keeps tabs on its nationwide network of producers, handles most of its producer relations and is maintained without a large in-house tech staff.

Harry Stout, president

Mark Stone, vice president for corporate communications and e-business Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Co.

11 a.m.

* Making New Connections

For Mitchell International, being an online insurance aggregator means using electronic capabilities to link a disparate industry

Robert S. Bland, chairman & founder Inc.

Tony Aquila, executive vice president, Sales, Product Management and Marketing

Mitchell International

* Redefining the Insurance Supply Chain

Insurance is no different from other financial industries that are reinventing their processes through technology.

John Rubens, executive vice president and CIO

Matthew Flanagan, executive vice president

GRX Technologies

Kaj Ahlmann, chairman and CEO Inreon

1 p.m.

* Rebuilding From Within

John Kellington is a key member of an unusually tech-savvy management team (Dan Carmichael, former head of IVANS, is the new CEO) that is remaking Ohio Casualty into a 21st-century competitor. Kellington led the development of Ohio Casualty's new policy-processing system, improved the delivery of new applications and developed a comprehensive technology strategy.

John Kellington, chief technology officer

Ohio Casualty Group

2 p.m.

* Launching the Digital Insurer

Humana recently launched its first "digital" health plan in Memphis, Tenn. This is the story behind the rollout of Emphesys.

Dr. Jacque J. Sokolov, chairman and senior partner

Sokolov, Sokolov, Burgess

* Taking a Fresh Look at Reinsurance Technology can be a significant lever for growth in insurance and reinsurance. The key to keeping technology strategy vital is continuous evaluation and alignment. Are we investing strategically? Are we focused on the right priorities? Are we achieving our goals? It is vital that the industry develop a greater capacity to master data and harness it, so that we fully understand the risks we underwrite.

Ronald Pressman, president

GE Employers Reinsurance Corp. Alex Letts, CEO

RI3K Ltd.

3 p.m.

* Ending the Paper Chase

How Empire BlueCross/BlueShield turned to Web-based health-claims processing and adjudication to deliver dramatic savings in administrative time and costs. Getting there meant taking its enterprisewide business online to better serve each of its core constituent groups (brokers, members, providers and employers) via the Internet.

David B. Snow Jr., president and


Empire BlueCross/BlueShield

* Reinventing the Online Insurance Destination

Hartford is one of the nation's most innovative marketers, and InsWeb has been on an aggressive online evolution. Here's a look at where the needs of carriers and the abilities of aggregators intersect.

George Thacker, senior vice president

Hartford Insurance Group

Hussein A. Enan, chairman and CEO Ins Web Corp.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

8 a.m.

* Fresh Start: What It Means to Take a 300-Year-Old Brand Online

How the world's oldest insurance market is using the Internet to create a new-world risk market.

Ashok Gupta, CEO

9 a.m.

* Reaching Out: Building New Channels to Agents, Brokers and Small Businesses

Iroquois Group, a network of independent agents, explains its approach to building an online platform for agency business. Analyst Matthew Josefowicz of Celent Communications outlines new opportunities emerging in the small-business insurance market.

Laurie Branch, CEO

Iroquois Group

Matthew Josefowicz, analyst

Celent Communications

* Business Service Architecture: Evolution Meets Revolution

Carriers can use open Business Service Architecture to create a higher-productivity delivery system for its stakeholders. It is a revolutionary approach that improves current systems incrementally.

Joseph Jensen, executive vice president, Financial Services Group

Computer Sciences Corp.

10 a.m.

* It's a Jungle Out There: New Path to Competitive Success

How to integrate technology, adaptive systems and knowledge management into the insurance structure of the future.

Barry Rabkin, president

Market Insight Group Ltd.

David Bradford, executive vice president

Advisen Ltd.

* Putting the E in ROI

How companies are determining and measuring return on investment from e-business initiatives.

Linda Rossetti, founder and CEO eMaven Inc.

Michael Fillios, senior vice president, Customer Operations


11 a.m.

* Building a Virtual Insurer

For, the answer is to pursue a multifront strategy: online destination, online exchange, online tools and custom development.

Jim Satterfield, vice president Inc.

* The View From Microsoft

What the latest round of introductions means to insurers.

Kevin S. Kelly, managing director, Financial Services

Microsoft Corp.

1 p.m.

* The View From Big Blue

How the insurance-services world of the future is opening up and what technologies will enable insurers to capture tomorrow's clients.

William Pieroni, general manager, Global Insurance Industry


2 p.m.

* Enabling Profitable Producer Relationships

The highest ROI for most insurers today comes from enabling the core business processes with their producer channels (including agents, brokers, bankers and other channels). Deploying online technologies will lower the cost of producer processes while also enhancing the value being delivered.

Steven Landberg, managing director

Alpha Financial Services Consulting

3 p.m.

* Insurance 2.0

A special highly interactive session between panelists and attendees that caps two days of presentation and spotlights the next wave of technology challenges and issues that will increasingly dominate our industry.

Brian Madocks, senior vice president and general manager, Services Sector

SAP America Inc.

Charles Johnston

META Group
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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