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Never Can I Write of Damascus. Book review Oct 1, 2016 315
Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial? Book review Nov 1, 2014 346
The Church of Mercy. Book review Aug 1, 2014 328
Have faith in science. Column May 1, 2014 663
Sole cleansing. Apr 1, 2014 723
Breaking ranks. Mar 1, 2014 694
Should we hold hands during the Lord's Prayer? Mar 1, 2014 485
The sick call. Feb 1, 2014 718
It's time to separate church and state marriages the church should focus on marriage as a sacrament and leave civil marriages to a local judge. Feb 1, 2014 1783
A host of problems. Dec 1, 2013 714
The right woman for the job. Nov 1, 2013 673
Don't fear the climb. Oct 1, 2013 706
Work ethics. Sep 1, 2013 675
Believe it or not. Column Aug 1, 2013 698
An Oscar for the poor. Jul 1, 2013 685
The secret death of bees. Jun 1, 2013 695
Ear to the ground. May 1, 2013 680
Famous last words. Apr 1, 2013 679
Not Less Than Everything. Apr 1, 2013 314
Back to the drawinng board. Essay Mar 1, 2013 711
Access denied. Feb 1, 2013 695
God willing? Jan 1, 2013 711
Advance bishop. Dec 1, 2012 654
Death becomes us. Nov 1, 2012 679
Golden jubilee. Editorial Oct 1, 2012 466
The devil in the details. Column Oct 1, 2012 705
Guilt by disassociation: the human cost of the war on terror burdens those who fight it. Column Sep 1, 2012 679
Women on a mission. Aug 1, 2012 668
My friend the abuser. Column Jul 1, 2012 711
Look who's talking. Column Jun 1, 2012 678
Tunnel vision. May 1, 2012 620
Coal mountain. Apr 1, 2012 454
Kids these days ... Apr 1, 2012 677
Be quiet. Apr 1, 2012 980
Stay of execution. Jan 31, 2012 653
A good fit? Dec 24, 2011 624
Where did the new Mass translations come from? Dec 1, 2011 501
You're cut off: new rules in two dioceses make communion from the cup an endangered species. Nov 22, 2011 715
Put faith in your vote: Election Day shouldn't be a time to leave our faith at home. Nov 1, 2011 790
Road tripped: life's unexpected twists and turns need time to reveal the lessons they offer. Column Oct 1, 2011 757
War and peace. Column Sep 1, 2011 478
Veggie tales: much like Merton and de Mello, peas, carrots, and beans make great spiritual masters. Sep 1, 2011 722
The buck stops where? The biggest question in the sex abuse crisis is why some bishops still have their jobs. Aug 1, 2011 789
Women and children last: would we so willingly cut programs for the poor if we knew them by name? Editorial Jul 1, 2011 762
Bad call: the U.S. bishops' recent action against a popular theologian has some Catholics crying foul.. Jun 1, 2011 750
The more things change. May 1, 2011 443
Blessed are you: how do we honor a pope whose complexities are still fresh in our memory? May 1, 2011 704
Jesus loves me ... this I know, for Vacation Bible School told me so. When school's out for the summer, the real learning begins--from the Baptists. May 1, 2011 1654
Boxed in: lent is a good time to ask whether the stuff we hold on to is actually holding us back. Editorial Apr 1, 2011 788
Judgment call: a bishop's authority cannot replace the graced conscience of the baptized. Mar 1, 2011 771
Change we can believe in: church teaching is the same always and everywhere--except when it isn't. Feb 1, 2011 778
The Greatest Prayer. Feb 1, 2011 343
Working women. Jan 1, 2011 461
Dig in: it's OK if you don't like beets. There's a dish for every taste on the Catholic table. Jan 1, 2011 755
Mass disruption: the new translation of the liturgy will speak volumes about the church that prays it. Column Dec 1, 2010 756
America the anxious: only our better angels can guide us to interreligious understanding. Column Nov 1, 2010 731
Shelf life. Column Oct 1, 2010 495
Will the center hold? The church as we know it won't last if its broad middle begins to shrink. Column Oct 1, 2010 727
Problem children: mother Earth can't take much more of her human offspring's hell-raising. Sep 1, 2010 811
Pastoral discretion advised: law must always be tempered by mercy if justice is to be truly served. Aug 1, 2010 709
Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years. Book review Aug 1, 2010 338
Say what? Editorial Jul 1, 2010 460
Take your time: for everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 748
Too true to school: the sex abuse crisis should teach us that it takes more than a seminary to raise a priest. Jun 1, 2010 794
Can church teaching change? Jun 1, 2010 505
Don't forget the flowers: bad news about the church can be a good opportunity to remember why we're here in the first place. May 1, 2010 752
What's your sign? Though the cross reigns over Good Friday, Easter's mystery needs a symbol of its own. Apr 1, 2010 761
Making poverty personal. Mar 1, 2010 467
Certifiably catholic: our place in the church isn't determined by politics or policy. Mar 1, 2010 736
To eternity and beyond! Forget about terrestrial matters for a moment and think outside the blue planet. Column Feb 1, 2010 725
The Future Church. Book review Feb 1, 2010 311
Mind the gap: which path do we choose when the twain of experience and church teaching don't meet? Jan 1, 2010 773
How similar are Catholics and Anglicans? Jan 1, 2010 516
Season's greetings: if we're going to invite disaffected Catholics to come on home, let's also warm up the welcome they're likely to receive. Dec 1, 2009 737
Mass instruction: opponents of the modern liturgy could use a history lesson, says this scholar of the church's prayer. Overall, the liturgical reform has been a great success: an interview with Father Robert Taft, S.J. Interview Dec 1, 2009 3493
Use your inside voice: the high pitch of pro-life advocacy could heed some old-fashioned parental guidance. Nov 1, 2009 723
Marriage of convenience: Catholics should find a way to welcome couples whose paths to the altar don't go straight down the center aisle. Column Oct 1, 2009 710
Priests off the pedestal: a holy-card priest is not the best patron to lead 21st-century ministers into the future. Sep 1, 2009 827
Welcome center: the first step to unity among the People of the Book is to gather in one place and sit down at one table: an interview with Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, S.J. Interview Sep 1, 2009 2920
Mass movements. Aug 1, 2009 502
Non-parishable goods: the value of a faith community can't be crunched on a balance sheet. Column Aug 1, 2009 689
Above and beyond the call: U.S. women religious deserve better than the nunsense of a Vatican investigation. Jul 1, 2009 768
The road to Damascus. Column Jun 1, 2009 468
Commencement duress: Catholics shouldn't let single-issue politics deprive us of our hard-won place at the heart of America's democracy. Jun 1, 2009 654
Watch your steps: mass could use the hard dose of reality offered by those recovering from addiction. Column May 1, 2009 818
Someone old, someone new: cradle Catholics and those new to the faith can be a match made in heaven. Apr 1, 2009 708
Who are the Lefebvrites, and are they Catholic? Apr 1, 2009 438
Job search. Mar 1, 2009 450
Fast break: Lent is a good time to call time-out on our First World feeding frenzy. Mar 1, 2009 782
Proceed with caution: now is not the time to rush World War II's pope to a place among the beatified. Feb 1, 2009 734
Positively pro-life: Catholics must focus on the battle for hearts and minds to be successful in the effort to end abortion. Jan 1, 2009 661
Morality check: the global fight against HIV and AIDS requires all the means at our disposal. Dec 1, 2008 696
The real lives of the saints: they may look sweet on holy cards, but the Catholic cloud of witnesses contains plenty of thunder. Nov 1, 2008 698
All in favor? There's more democracy in the church than you might think. Editorial Oct 1, 2008 735
A more perfect communion: Christians can manage to be the one church of Christ without agreeing on everything. Sep 1, 2008 643
Reading God's mind. Aug 1, 2008 465
Gag order: pumping up priesthood at the expense of lay ministry is no way to renew the church. Aug 1, 2008 746
Bring 'em on: Catholic institutions should play host to this year's electoral contests. Jul 1, 2008 673
Verbatim. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 120
Vienna--Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna suggested that the church could reappraise its restrictions on divorced and remarried Catholics, including admitting them to Communion. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 89

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