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Condoms, AIDS and Catholics.

Toronto -- The pressure to recommend condoms to fight AIDS is unrelenting. In a Catholic Register article by Michael Swan, Catholics are told that the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) has: a policy on AIDS (June 2003) of not funding programs which distribute condoms; a willingness to expand its work in Africa to help AIDS patients; the need to sign a new five-year contract with Canada's International Development Agency (CIDA) which in the current year provides one third of CCODP's $24 million budget.

The article does not comment on the problem. What problem? It is this: CIDA is a feminist-dominated agency run by foreign affairs bureaucracy headed at the moment by Aileen Carroll (an anti-family Catholic Liberal MP from Barrie, ON), which insists on pushing the so-called "reproductive technologies" (abortion, contraception, etc.).

According to reporter Swan, Dr. Katherine Rouleau, acting chief of Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital department of family and community medicine, stated that just saying no to condoms is a problem when the most successful African AIDS prevention programs have been based on the ABC principles--Abstinence, Be faithful, and if necessary use Condoms. "If you just eliminate the C, you create a dissonance with the reality," said Rouleau. Swan himself adds: "The teaching authority of the Church has never made an official statement for or against using condoms to prevent disease."


Both statements are incorrect. Scientific studies published in Studies in Family Planning (March 2004) and the British Medical Journal (April 10, 2004) state that there are no clear examples of a country that has turned back a generalized AIDS epidemic by means of condom promotion. The battle against AIDS in Uganda has had positive results because of the emphasis on abstinence supported by the Church.

As for condoms, the Church has condemned the use of contraceptives since the first century. As for its use to fight diseases, St. Paul warned the Romans that those who say "Let us do evil that good will result," are 'justly condemned." To fight AIDS with condoms is like fighting fire with oil. (John B. Shea, M.D.)
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Title Annotation:Canada
Author:Shea, John B.
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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