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Condom cards freebie leads to uproar.

A Valentine's safe sex campaign has been slammed for giving away free condoms in card shops.

Parties with rudely-named cocktails have also come under fire.

The Es-sensual Safer Sex Fortnight is targeting pubs, clubs and shops in the Aberdeen area around Valentine's Day.

Grampian Health Promotions have set up parties where punters can order a Slippery Nipple, Sex on the Beach or a Slow Comfortable Screw.

And greeting card shops will be handing out heart-shaped packets of condoms.

But Aberdeen councillor John Porter said: "Asking pubs to promote cocktails named after parts of women's anatomy is just going too far."

And Kirk minister Eric Foggitt said: "Providing free condoms to anyone is amoral and I am deeply concerned with any move which trivialises sex.

"Young people have to be given a positive view of sex and handing these out within no real context seems to be frivolous.

"There is a law in this country which states no-one under 16 is allowed to have a sexual relationship and handing out condoms in shops trivialises a very serious issue."

But Lorraine Manders, Safe Sex Campaign programme manager, said: "There is no law which prevents anyone of any age buying or receiving condoms."
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Author:Frew, Callum
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 12, 1998
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