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Conditions (Vatican).

One must attend Mass or Benediction there; or make the Stations of the Cross, or say the Rosary, or spend some time by oneself or with a group in adoration and meditation. One must end with any approved profession of faith, such as the Apostles' Creed, and the Our Father, and a prayer to the Blessed Virgin. For those unable to travel, a confessor can give permission for alternative conditions.

2. Visiting someone in need or difficulty, perhaps someone who is ill, someone in prison, an elderly person, or someone who is handicapped, making a pilgrimage, as it were, to Christ present in them.

3. Doing penance as a sign of sorrow for sin. For example, giving up smoking for a day or more, or fasting for a day, and giving some money to the poor, to abandoned children, to young people in trouble, to the elderly who are in need, or to the homeless. Or one could give a suitable portion of one's personal free time to activities which are of benefit to the community, or some similar form of personal sacrifice. (If you are already doing these things, you could use them for the indulgence.)
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Title Annotation:criteria for indulgence eligibility
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Date:Apr 1, 2000
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