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Condensed matter research advances.


Condensed matter research advances.

Ed. by Peter E. Berkenhaus.

Nova Science Publishers


139 pages




As one of the most dynamic in physics, this field of study has yielded significant findings in diverse fields, ranging from superfluidity and magnetism to properties of materials including semiconductors, polymers and carbon nanotubes. Here the contributors of these seven articles present their findings and offer reviews in such studies as a molecular dynamic description of clusters in strong fields (a simple model in which core and covalence electron are treated at the same level as Coulomb interacting particles), extended universality in a statistical mechanical model (in a specific family of systems), a unified scaling picture for a metal-insulator phenomena in two dimensions, phase transitions and hysteresis in a system of two coupled magnetic nanoparticles, recent advances in electronic and vibration studies of carbon nanotubes using fullerenes, effects of apical oxygen ordering, and geometric effects and magnetic phases in quantum rings. References are generally up to date.

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