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In Pahang, Myanmar worker crushed to death by falling concrete slab, two others injured. Sep 27, 2022 155
Investigation on the Feasibility of Different Semicircular Bend Methods for Asphalt Concrete. An, Xijie; Zhang, Yangpeng; Li, Lili; Guo, Qinglin Sep 23, 2022 4822
Experimental Study on Compressive and Flexural Performances of Polypropylene Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. Wei, Yimeng; Qin, Yuan; Chai, Junrui; Xu, Chengyong; Zhang, Yue; Zhang, Xianwei Report Sep 23, 2022 8510
Compressive Strength Prediction of Self-Compacting Concrete-A Bat Optimization Algorithm Based ANNs. Andalib, Amir; Aminnejad, Babak; Lork, Alireza Sep 22, 2022 6393
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Sep 20, 2022 8055
Cyclic Behavior of Retrofitted Low- and High-Strength Concrete Scaled Bridge Piers under Quasistatic Loading. Hafiz, Muhammad Khalid; Khan, Qaiser-uz-Zaman; Ahmad, Sohaib Sep 19, 2022 5965
Global precast concrete market set to hit $189bn by 2028. Sep 15, 2022 266
Potential Assessment of E-Waste Plastic in Metakaolin Based Geopolymer Using Petrography Image Analysis. Verma, Parth; Dhurvey, Priyanka; Sundramurthy, Venkatesa Prabhu Sep 14, 2022 4490
Sustainable Concrete Columns with GGBS and Industrial Sand: A Comparative Study on Destructive and Nondestructive Tests on Damaged Columns Strengthened with GFRP Jacketing. Gunarani, G. I.; Karthikeyan, B.; Priyadharshini, A.; Selvaraj, Senthil Kumaran; Jose, S; Vincent He Sep 10, 2022 5156
Fears grow for gaunt Vladimir Putin foe as he is shut away in 'concrete kennel'; The chief opposition leader against Vladimir Putin has set he was locked in a "concrete kennel" in a penal colony. Alexei Navalny has been behind bars for over 600 days and has been shown looking frail. By, Will Stewart & Benjamin Lynch Sep 8, 2022 494
Application of Cement-Based Composite Nanomaterials in Prefabricated Thin-Wall Light Steel Structure Composite Wall. Chen, Xiaoxu; He, Huatuo; Huo, Lingzhao; Chen, Zhaorong Sep 8, 2022 6113
Comparison and Analysis of Several Clustering Algorithms for Pavement Crack Segmentation Guided by Computational Intelligence. Wang, Dan; Zhang, Zaijun; Zhou, Jincheng; Zhang, Benfei; Li, Mingjiang Sep 3, 2022 8037
Calculation of Cracks in Partially Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams with BFRP Bars. Shen, Wei; Chen, Shengping; Zhang, Jianbo Sep 2, 2022 7790
Eye Candy: Exploring the first completely cast-in-place concrete home in Sarasota. Doleatto, Kim Sep 1, 2022 725
Design of Structural Concrete with Bone China Fine Aggregate Using Statistical Approach. Gour, Chandra Prakash; Dhurvey, Priyanka; Shaik, Nagaraju Aug 31, 2022 5483
Stiffness Calculation for Negative Moment Region of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams considering the Influence of Cracking and Interface Slip. Cao, Wenlong; Bu, Jianqing; Zhao, Cunbao; Wang, Xueyan; Zhang, Liping; Zhang, Jiren Aug 28, 2022 4828
Fracture Properties of Recycled Concrete Reinforced with Nanosilica and Steel Fibers. Wang, Yonggui; Zhang, Xuetong Aug 26, 2022 6374
DepEd urged to set 'concrete targets' to address learning loss, deficiencies in education. Aug 25, 2022 637
Gang of youths vandalise parked car by throwing cement slabs through windows; The group of youngsters surrounded the cars in Dunfermline with one brazenly standing on the roof while another threw a concrete slab threw the already smashed windscreen. By, Laura Sharman Aug 18, 2022 347
Variation Pattern of the Stress-Strain Curve of Concrete under Multifactor Coupling. Xie, Haijian; Lv, Henglin Aug 18, 2022 4892
The Simplified Analytical Algorithm to the Time Effect of the Simple-Supported Steel and Concrete Composite Beam. Yao, Kai-cheng; Zhou, Dong-hua; He, Yingcheng; Wu, Shilong Aug 17, 2022 5863
Review of cement industry in Pakistan. S. KAMAL HAYDER KAZMI Aug 14, 2022 947
CSCEC-built Alamein New City Downtown Towers Project holds the launching ceremony for foundation slab concrete pouring of the Iconic Tower. Aug 12, 2022 327
Concrete Surface Crack Recognition Based on Coordinate Attention Neural Networks. Zhang, Yuhao; Wang, Zhongwei Aug 11, 2022 4376
Fly Ash/Silica Fume Coral Concrete with Modified Polypropylene Fiber for Sustainable Building Construction. Wang, Bo; Shi, Wenhao; Wu, Qing; Xi, Xun; Yang, Shangtong Aug 9, 2022 8158
Pouring concrete to the 2nd reactor in El-Dabaa nuclear plant set to be in November: official. Egypt Today staff Aug 8, 2022 232
Shear Strength Model for Reinforced Concrete Corner Joints Based on Soft Computing Techniques. Tariq, Moiz; Khan, Azam; Ullah, Asad; Waseem, Muhammad; Nasir, Hassan; Jamil, Irfan Aug 4, 2022 8700
Using Recycled Concrete Powder, Waste Glass Powder, and Plastic Powder to Improve the Mechanical Properties of Compacted Concrete: Cement Elimination Approach. Najaf, Erfan; Abbasi, Hassan Aug 3, 2022 6001
Part of Rama II highway blocked to remove loose concrete slabs of flyover. Aug 3, 2022 163
Durability of Marine Concretes with Nanoparticles under Combined Action of Bending Load and Salt Spray Erosion. Maohua, Zhang; Zhengyi, Lv; Jiyin, Cui; Zenong, Tian; Zhiyi, Li Aug 2, 2022 7319
Compressive Strength Prediction of Alkali-Activated Slag Concretes by Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Alternating Conditional Expectation (ACE). Qin, Xiaoyu; Ma, Qianmin; Guo, Rongxin; Song, Zhigang; Lin, Zhiwei; Zhou, Haoxue Aug 2, 2022 10986
Effectiveness Evaluation of Shredded Waste Expanded Polystyrene on the Properties of Binder and Asphalt Concrete. Akter, Rocksana; Raja, Rain Man Aug 1, 2022 4254
Standards Development for Cement and Concrete for Use in Additive Construction. Aug 1, 2022 201
Mechanical Property Test and Finite Element Simulation Analysis of KH-560 Coupling Agent-Modified PVA Rubber Concrete. Li, Lijuan; Wang, Weijian; Xu, Zhijun; Niu, Zijuan; Li, Xiaoyang; Wang, Qian Jul 26, 2022 7384
Churachandpur's first Cement Concrete Road dismantled. Jul 23, 2022 241
Keeping concrete cool in the Middle East. Gavin Davids Jul 22, 2022 932
Keeping concrete cool in the Middle East. Gavin Davids Jul 22, 2022 948
Egypt announces start of concrete casting work for 1st nuclear unit at Dabaa plant. Egypt Today staff Jul 21, 2022 400
Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Steel-Concrete Composite Track Beam of Straddle Monorail with Cluster-Distributed Studs. Zhou, Shuai; Yu, Peng; Nie, Jianguo Jul 15, 2022 7426
Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Coffee Husk Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement on Concrete Properties. Gedefaw, Asmamaw; Worku Yifru, Begashaw; Endale, Solomon Asrat; Habtegebreal, Betelhem Tilahun; Yehu Jul 15, 2022 6719
Bacterial Performance in Crack Healing and its Role in Creating Sustainable Construction. Alemu, Digafe; Demiss, Wubetie; Korsa, Gamachis Jul 7, 2022 6736
Prediction Model of the Coring Asphalt Pavement Performance through Response Surface Methodology. Shaffie, Ekarizan; Jaya, Ramadhansyah Putra; Ahmad, Juraidah; Arshad, Ahmad Kamil; Zihan, Mohd Afiq; Jul 6, 2022 9997
Effect of Aeolian Sand Powder Addition on Frost Resistance of Concrete Pavement. Zhao, Ou; Deng, Xuefeng Jul 4, 2022 4731
Severed head of husband whose wife poisoned herself found set in concrete inside barrel; The gruesome discovery of Ivan Stojanovic's head came as police in Veliko Trnanje, Serbia, carried out a search of his wife Biljana's family home on the day of her funeral. By, Lee Bullen Jul 1, 2022 515
Coatings and Low-carbon Cement Technology. Scarborough, Victoria Jul 1, 2022 612
Optimization of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Blast-Furnace Slag Compositions. Zhitkovsky, Vadim; Dvorkin, Leonid; Ribakov, Yuri Jun 30, 2022 5645
Numerical Investigation of Textile Reinforced Cement Structural Stay-in-Place Formwork Designed as Beam-Column Joint Shear Reinforcement. Desta, Negasa; Getachew, Kabtamu; Geresu, Daba Jun 30, 2022 10480
Hydraulic Performance of Pervious Concrete Based on Small Size Aggregates. Mulu, Arega; Jacob, Preeti; Dwarakish, G. S. Jun 28, 2022 6359
Structural Assembly Analysis of Concrete Buildings with Intelligent Finite Element Analysis. Zhu, Kun; Zhang, Yan; Meng, Xianyue; Ma, Zaiyong Jun 25, 2022 5901
Analysis of Lightweight Polystyrene Foam Concrete Flat Slabs under Fire Condition. Alzara, Majed; Riad, Magdy; AbdelMongy, Mohamed; Farouk, Mohamed A.; Yosri, Ahmed M.; Moubarak, Ahme Jun 22, 2022 4885
A Study on Using Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Shear and Flexural Enhancement of Reinforced Concrete Beams. Kassa, Hibretu Kaske; Melesse, Getinet; Yabasa, Gashahun Report Jun 22, 2022 5261
Thermal Conductivity of Thermally Insulated Concretes in a Nuclear Safety Vessel of Reactor Vault: Experimental Interpretation. Anish, M.; Arunkumar, T.; Jayaprabakar, J.; Al Obaid, Sami; Alfarraj, Saleh; Raj, M. M.; Belay, Asse Jun 21, 2022 6718
Deep Learning-Based Crack Monitoring for Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC). Wu, Dongling; Zhang, Hongxiang; Yang, Yiying Jun 15, 2022 4856
Research on the Effect of Curing Temperature, Steel Fiber, and Admixture Content on Concrete Performance Based on Orthogonal Test in Cold Region. Zhu, Z. G.; Hou, K. P.; Sun, H. F.; Cheng, Y.; Yang, B. J.; Sun, W. Jun 14, 2022 6695
Optimization of River Sand with Spent Garnet Sand in Concrete Using RSM and R Programming Packages. Murugadoss, Jayaraju Raja; Balasubramaniam, Nachimuthu; Gokulan, Ravindiran; Rajesh, Kanta Naga; Sre Jun 13, 2022 4543
IoT-Based Intelligent System for Internal Crack Detection in Building Blocks. Babu, J. Chinna; Kumar, M. Sandeep; Jayagopal, Prabhu; Sathishkumar, V. E.; Rajendran, Sukumar; Kuma Jun 13, 2022 5112
The Improvement of Automated Crack Segmentation on Concrete Pavement with Graph Network. Chen, Jiang; Yuan, Ye; Lang, Hong; Ding, Shuo; Lu, Jian John Jun 11, 2022 6108
Study on Durability of Concrete under Alkali-Aggregate Reaction. Hei, Mingchang; Fayou, A.; Jia, Xiong; Peng, Wenbin; Yin, Chuan Jun 9, 2022 7564
Fresh, Mechanical, and Microstructural Properties Investigation on the Combined Effect of Biomedical Waste Incinerator Ash and Bagasse Ash for High-Strength Concrete. Girma, Menker; Asteray, Belachew May 31, 2022 8326
Research on Dynamic Compressive Performance of Polypropylene Fiber-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete under Freeze-Thaw Environment. Zhao, Jingshuo; Yang, Xiaolin; Fan, Jiang; Gao, Shiwu; Ma, Hongwei May 30, 2022 5740
Effects of Coarse and Fine Crushed Clay Brick Content on the Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete and the Microscopic Mechanism. Chang, Jin; Luo, Shi-lin; Ailifeila, Aierken; Chong, Lin-lin; Jiang, Jian-qing May 29, 2022 5677
Effect of Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) Internal Curing Agent on Carbonation Resistance and Hydration Performance of Cement Concrete. Xu, Jieting; Qin, Xiao; Huang, Zhenying; Lin, Yongkang; Li, Ben; Xie, Zhengzhuan May 29, 2022 6294
Mechanical Analysis of Preventing Reflection Cracks Based on Stress Absorbing Layer. Han, Lingjie; Zhang, Shihao; Zhang, Zhengqi; Gao, Taotao May 28, 2022 5749
Experimental Study and Microscopic Analysis on Frost Resistance of Iron Ore Tailings Recycled Aggregate Concrete. Gong, Li; Gong, Xuelei; Liang, Ying; Jia, Zhiyuan; Li, Yiqiang May 28, 2022 8079
Cyclic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connection Using Numerical Simulation. Kenea, Goshu; Feyissa, Alemu May 25, 2022 5663
Study on High-Temperature Behavior of Coal Gangue-Based Geopolymer Concrete Beams. Zhang, Daming; Xu, Jiaqing; Sun, Fangjin; Xu, Zhonghao May 24, 2022 5948
Experimental Investigation of Concrete Characteristics Strength with Partial Replacement of Cement by Hybrid Coffee Husk and Sugarcane Bagasse Ash. Tarekegn, Muliye; Getachew, Kabtamu; Kenea, Goshu May 24, 2022 7114
Corrie star lifts lid on awkward half-naked Tyrone scenes after brutal wet cement fight; Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs and Phill Whittaker are set to get covered in wet concrete mix after the pair get into a scuffle amid their love rivalry over Fiz Stape. By, Rebecca Cook May 23, 2022 535
Life Prediction of Iron Ore Tailings Concrete under Freeze-Thaw Cycle Based on Weibull Distribution. Han, Jie; Fu, Chun; Liu, Songyang; Li, Haijun; Wang, Lunan; Sun, Hai; Wu, Haotian May 23, 2022 6442
Behavior of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) Slab-on-Grade under Impact Loading. Tekleab, Essetemariam; Wondimu, Temesgen May 19, 2022 6969
Modelling of Modulus of Elasticity of Low-Calcium-Based Geopolymer Concrete Using Regression Analysis. Khalaf, Ali A.; Kopecskó, Katalin May 19, 2022 6735
Vice President: Bulgaria Cannot Agree to North Macedonia's Start of EU Accession Talks Unless Guarantees Are Set Out in Concrete Document. May 15, 2022 281
Numerical Analysis of Flexural Behavior of Prestressed Steel-Concrete Continuous Composite Beams Based on BP Neural Network. Du, Huanhuan; Pan, Jianyou; Shen, Huaxun; Dong, Jie May 10, 2022 5335
Meso-Analysis of Recycled Coarse Aggregate Self-Compacting Concrete on the Basis of Random Aggregate Model. Gao, Songpu; Liu, Qing; Han, Fengxia; Guo, Zhongyan; Yang, Jianping; Ren, Jianwei May 9, 2022 7290
Model Construction and Simulation Study on Bending Performance of Strengthened RC Beam in Externally Prestressing Industrial Reclaimed Steel Wire. Li, Yan; Li, Dong-yi; Tian, Yu-yang Report May 5, 2022 8413
Influence of Distribution Modulus on the Compressive Strength of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete with Coarse Aggregate (UHPC-CA). Yu, Zhihui; Wu, Lishan; Zhang, Cong; Bangi, Toshiyuki Apr 30, 2022 6180
Effect of Agricultural Crop Wastes as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete Production. Zerihun, Behailu; Yehualaw, Mitiku Damtie; Vo, Duy-Hai Apr 28, 2022 19331
Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene: Steel Fiber Concrete and Loading Characteristics of Shaft Lining. Qin, Bendong; Li, Shuo; Guo, Jiaqi; Liu, Shaofeng; Liu, Xiliang; Lai, Yongbiao; Li, Hailiang Apr 25, 2022 9832
Statistics and Analysis of the Relationship between Strength and Age of Coral Concrete. Liang, Bo; Rao, Lan; Zheng, Yun Apr 25, 2022 7986
A systematic review study on different kinds of interlocking concrete blocks designs and properties. Aswad, Ahmad; Yilmaz, Mahmut Cem; Ismail, Salah Haj Apr 22, 2022 5008
Predicting the Time-dependent Mechanics of Concrete Based on a Multiscale Model. Wang, Shijun; Du, Changqing; Gu, Mingqing; Pan, Chunlin; Tong, Teng Report Apr 20, 2022 5696
An Experimental Study on the Strength and Crack Healing Performance of E. coli Bacteria-Induced Microbial Concrete. Islam, Md. Mahfuzul; Hoque, Nusrat; Islam, Moinul; Ibney Gias, Imteaz Report Apr 15, 2022 6209
Axial Compression Test and Bearing Capacity Analysis of Biaxial Prestressed Angle Steel Plate Fully Wrapped Reinforced Concrete Short Column. Ren, Zhenhua; Zeng, Xiantao; Shen, Yaqian; Huang, Huanlin Apr 9, 2022 8957
Prediction of Long-Term Prestress Loss and Crack Resistance Analysis of Corroded Prestressed Concrete Box-Girder Bridges. Yang, Yiming; Tang, Huang; Mao, Yu; Wang, Xinzhong Apr 9, 2022 9325
Strengthening of fire damaged reinforced beams by using ferro cement. Amin, Al; Tamal, Shorup Chowdhury; Bari, A.K.M. Fayzul; Mazumder, Milan; Hasan, Ariful Apr 8, 2022 2585
Investigation on the Effect of Geometric Parameter on Reinforced Concrete Exterior Shear Wall-Slab Connection Using Finite Element Analysis. Hamicha, Aman; Kenea, Goshu Mar 31, 2022 7447
Cement, concrete industry launches net-zero accelerators across the world. Daily News Egypt Mar 31, 2022 447
Cement, concrete industry launches net-zero accelerators across the world. Mar 31, 2022 433
An Experimental Study on the Lateral Stress of Composite Steel Wall Structure by Using Self-Compacting Concrete. Wu, Wei; Li, Xiaozhao; Kadaei, Samireh Mar 29, 2022 5862
Experimental Study on Axial Compression Performance of 7A04 High Strength Aluminum Alloy Circular Tube Concrete Short Column. Zhang, Zuo-Jin; Han, Feng-Xia; Liu, Qing Report Mar 29, 2022 7086
Experimental Study on the Size Effect on the Probability Distribution of Concrete Compressive Strength. Zhai, Youcheng Mar 28, 2022 7796
Load Transfer Efficiency Analysis and Void Evaluation of Composite Pavement Cement Concrete Slab. Li, Hao; Fang, Naren; Wang, Xuancang; Fang, Yang; Li, Xianghang; Li, Chao; Ding, Siyin Mar 27, 2022 9275
Influence of Multistage Target Temperature and Cyclic Loading/Unloading on the Permeability of Polypropylene Fiber Concrete. Cen, Peishan; Wei, Erjian; Tian, Kunyun Mar 25, 2022 7077
Durability Performance of Concrete with Fly Ash as Fine Aggregate Eroded by Chloride Salt. Mao, Mingjie; Ai, Qingyi; Zhang, Dongsheng; Li, Sen; Li, Jiabin Mar 25, 2022 6948
Corrosion Zones of Rebar in High-Volume Fly-Ash Concrete through Potentiodynamic Study in Concrete Powder Solution Extracts: A Sustainable Construction Approach. Kumar, Manish; Kujur, Jitu; Chatterjee, Rajeshwari; Chattopadhyaya, Somnath; Sharma, Shubham; Dwived Mar 24, 2022 6936
Predicting Compressive Strength of Concrete Containing Industrial Waste Materials: Novel and Hybrid Machine Learning Model. Hameed, Mohammed Majeed; Abed, Mustafa Abbas; Al-Ansari, Nadhir; Alomar, Mohamed Khalid Mar 23, 2022 13063
The Effect of Fines and Temperature on the Mode I Fracture Characteristics of the Frozen Sand. Hwang, Bumsik; Cho, Wanjei Mar 23, 2022 6929
Bending Performance of Precast Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Exterior Wallboard with a Concealed Rib Sandwich Structure. Li, Congqi; Ma, Xinwei; Yang, Ying; Omar, Ahmed Ahmad; Wu, Hao; Qian, Lei Mar 22, 2022 6710
Characterization of PVA Fiber-Reinforced Pervious Concrete with Blended Recycled Ceramic Aggregates and Natural Aggregate. Xiao, Qidan; Feng, Liuyang; Xia, Yapei; Xu, Fandong Mar 22, 2022 6482
Damac completes Dubai tower roof slab concrete work. Mar 17, 2022 257
Fuming residents resort to using 'rock-filled trollies to reserve parking spaces'; Drivers fed up with searching for parking spaces near their homes have resorted to leaving supermarket trollies filled with rocks and concrete slabs in roads. By, Antony Thrower Mar 16, 2022 462
Metaheuristic Approach to Resolve the Real-World Problem of Binder in Concrete by Synthesizing Natural Iron-Rich Binder System Using Chemical Activation. Xavier, C. S. Belarmin; Rahim, A. Abdul Report Mar 16, 2022 7098
Effect of Curing Time on the Surface Permeability of Concrete with a Large Amount of Mineral Admixtures. Liu, Zhenguo; Liu, Guorong; Zhang, Guosheng Mar 15, 2022 5102
Comprehensive Test and Evaluation Analysis of Permeable Concrete (PC) Clogging by Using Steel Slag. Yang, Cao; Shah, Ismail; Jing, Wang; Khan, Nauman; Jing, Li Mar 8, 2022 9843
Liam Manning instilling Pep Guardiola principles at MK Dons after setting Declan Rice on way; He spent a year in Belgium fine-tuning his craft, but now Manning is mixing it with the big beasts in League One -and Milton Keynes' concrete cows are proving harder to crack than most. By, Mike Walters Mar 4, 2022 664
Intelligent Crack Detection and Quantification in the Concrete Bridge: A Deep Learning-Assisted Image Processing Approach. Yu, Licun; He, Shuanhai; Liu, Xiaosong; Jiang, Shuqing; Xiang, Shuiying Mar 3, 2022 7533
Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Beams. Chong, K.; Suryanto, B.; Tambusay, A.; Suprobo, P. Mar 1, 2022 6480
Fake cement promo: Stakeholders seek concrete action from DIL. Feb 25, 2022 420
Labour demands urgent action as black mums four times likely to suffer miscarriage; In the Commons, Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities Kemi Badenoch said the Government had launched a vision for women's health to solve ethnic disparities in maternal care. But concrete steps have not been set out. By, Aletha Adu Medical condition overview Feb 23, 2022 515
World Leaders Set To Discuss Concrete Actions To Ensure Human-Centred Recovery From COVID-19 Pandemic. Feb 22, 2022 250
Mechanism Analysis of the Influence of Freeze-Thaw on the Damage and Debonding Evolution of Sandstone-Concrete Interface. Shen, Yanjun; Luo, Tao; Wei, Xin; Li, Xueting; Jin, Long; Wen, Liangdong; Peng, Hui Feb 15, 2022 7067
Comparative Analysis of Selected Concrete Mix Design Methods Based on Cost-Effectiveness. Demissew, Abebe Feb 15, 2022 5714
Experimental Study on Application Performance of Foamed Concrete Prepared Based on a New Composite Foaming Agent. Qiu, Youqiang; Zhang, Liujun; Chen, Yashao; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Feng Report Feb 10, 2022 9078
Qanbar first to trial CO2-injected concrete mix in Kingdom. Feb 9, 2022 629
Qanbar Ready Mix launches green concrete at Ras Al Khair. Feb 9, 2022 649
Investigating Trends and Costs Associated with Designing Concrete Mixes Using Different Methods by Computer Programs. Abdul Qader, Mohammed; Ibrahim, Ahmed; Alaidaros, Al-Badr; Abdulkareem, Abdul Kareem; Alwuayl, Abdul Feb 6, 2022 6117
A Comparative Analysis by Experimental Investigations on Normal and Ground Ultrafine Mineral Admixtures in Arresting Permeation in High-Strength Concrete. Karthikeyan, B.; Selvaraj, Senthil Kumaran; Dhinakaran, G.; Sundaramali, G.; Muthuswamy, Natarajan; Feb 2, 2022 6457
Partial Replacement of Cement by Waste Paper Pulp Ash and Its Effect on Concrete Properties. Mitikie, Bahiru Bewket; Waldtsadik, Daniel Tekalign Feb 1, 2022 7841
Improved Hybrid Model for Predicting Concrete Crack Openings Based on Chaos Theory. Xu, Yao; Huang, Yaoying; Xu, Xiaofeng; Xiao, Fang Report Jan 31, 2022 7198
Energy Evolution Characteristics and Performance Parameter Degradation of Rubber-Mixed Concrete in Sulfate Attack Environment. Chen, Xiu-ling Jan 30, 2022 5331
BRIDLEWAY 'VANDALISM' Repairing Snowdonia pathway with concrete and gravel upsets walkers. HARRI EVANS Daily Post Reporter Jan 26, 2022 735
Self-Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Beam Bending with Carbon Nanofiber Polyurethane Composite. Yang, Nan; Yang, Xiaolei Jan 22, 2022 7275
Mechanical and Durability Studies on Ficus exasperata Leaf Ash Concrete. Elango, K. S.; Prabu, B.; Sathish, S.; Karthick, Alagar; Sampathkumar, V.; Kumar, Sanjeev; Mohanavel Jan 20, 2022 5494
Temperature Field of Concrete Cured in Winter Conditions Using Thermal Control Measures. Shi, Tuo; Deng, Chunlin; Zhao, Jiaqi; Ding, Pingxiang; Fan, Zhihong Jan 18, 2022 4380
Analysis of the Coupling Effect of Thermal and Traffic Loads on Cement Concrete Pavement with Voids Repaired with Polymer Grout. Cui, Can; Lu, Qing; Guo, Chengchao; Wang, Fuming Jan 13, 2022 9002
Force-Deformation Study on Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slab Incorporating Waste Paper. Praburanganathan, S.; Sudharsan, N.; Bharath Simha Reddy, Yeddula; Naga Dheeraj Kumar Reddy, Chukka; Report Jan 12, 2022 4571
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 11, 2022 7708
Durability Prediction Method of Concrete Soil Based on Deep Belief Network. Tian, Xiao; Zhu, Niankun Jan 6, 2022 4689
Influence of Steel Fiber on Durability Performance of Concrete under Freeze-Thaw Cycles. Li, Dong; Guo, Qing; Liu, Shi Dec 30, 2021 6926
Experimental Investigation on Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement with Bamboo Leaf Ash on Concrete Property. Abebaw, Gashaw; Bewket, Bahiru; Getahun, Shumet Dec 28, 2021 5885
Durability Evaluation of Concrete Bridges Based on the Theory of Matter Element Extension--Entropy Weight Method--Unascertained Measure. Li, Qing-fu; Yu, Ying-qiao Report Dec 27, 2021 8320
Study on the Optimal Prestress Level of RC Beams Reinforced with SMA Bars. Yang, Zeying; Cheng, Zhengquan; Wang, Tianmin; Sun, Yinglin; Wang, Chenghe; Qu, Jianbo; Zhang, Da Dec 22, 2021 3763
Reflection Crack Analysis of Asphalt Overlay on Cement Concrete Pavement Based on XFEM. Li, Qiang; Chen, Zhixiang; Luo, Shaohui Dec 20, 2021 6367
An Impact-Echo Experimental Approach for Detecting Concrete Structural Faults. Yang, Ya-xun; Chai, Wen-hao; Liu, De-chuang; Zhang, Wei-de; Lu, Jia-cheng; Yang, Zhi-kui Report Dec 20, 2021 4168
Greenery set to transform concrete-jungle square. Dec 18, 2021 236
Experimental Study and Numerical Analysis on Impact Resistance of Civil Air Defense Engineering Shear Wall. Shi, Chenglong; Zhang, Jigang; Zhang, Junbo; Shao, Feng; Zhang, Yicong; Zhang, Menglin Dec 17, 2021 7911
Tests Research on Grouting Materials of Waste-Concrete-Powder Cement for Goaf Ground Improvement. Dun, Zhilin; Wang, Mengqi; Ren, Lianwei; Dun, Zhiyuan Dec 17, 2021 6363
Effects of GO/Al[sub.2]O[sub.3] and Al[sub.2]O[sub.3] Nanoparticles on Concrete Durability against High Temperature, Freeze-Thaw Cycles, and Acidic Environments. Saliani, Mehdi; Honarbakhsh, Amin; Zhiani, Rahele; Movahedifar, Seyed Mojtaba; Motavalizadehkakhky, Dec 13, 2021 5896
Concrete Spalling Severity Classification Using Image Texture Analysis and a Novel Jellyfish Search Optimized Machine Learning Approach. Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Huynh, Thanh-Canh; Tran, Van-Duc Dec 10, 2021 10885
Mechanical Properties of Full-Scale Prestressed Concrete Beams with Thin Slab after Exposure to Actual Fire. Hao, Chaowei; Chen, Yanjiang; Tang, Yu; Wang, Laiyong Dec 10, 2021 6691
Numerical Study on the Entrance Effect of Penetration into Concrete Targets. Yang, Huawei; Luo, Ji-wei; Zhang, Jie; Zhang, Pei-wen Report Dec 9, 2021 6096
Influence of Precast Member Corbels on Seismic Performance of Precast Beam-Slab-Column Joints. Liu, Hongtao; Kong, Pengchao; Ye, Taoping Dec 6, 2021 8065
Efficacy of Natural Zeolite and Metakaolin as Partial Alternatives to Cement in Fresh and Hardened High Strength Concrete. Gowram, Iswarya; M, Beulah; Sudhir, MR; Mohan, Mothi Krishna; Jain, Deekshith Dec 3, 2021 6192
Advances and New Challenges for Recycled Aggregate Concrete. Guimarães, A. S.; Delgado, J. M. P. Q.; Černý, Robert; de Lima, A. G. Barbosa Dec 3, 2021 945
A Comparative Study on the Thermal Conductivity of Concrete with Coal Bottom Ash under Different Drying Conditions. Yang, In-Hwan; Park, Jihun; Kim, Kyoung-Chul; Yoo, Sung-Won Report Dec 2, 2021 7241
Concrete Knowledge: Make a statement with a stylish firepit made of cement. Doleatto, Kim Dec 1, 2021 758
Mechanical Properties of Concrete Incorporating Rice Husk Ash and Wheat Straw Ash as Ternary Cementitious Material. Bheel, Naraindas; Awoyera, Paul; Shar, Irfan Ali; Sohu, Samiullah; Abbasi, Suhail Ahmed; Krishna Pra Nov 29, 2021 6949
Crack-Considered Elastic Net Monitoring Model of Concrete Dam Displacement. Zhang, Jiingmei; Gu, Chongshi Nov 11, 2021 6145
Experimental Study on Special Testing Strength Curve for Compressive Strength Evaluation by Rebound Method. Yuan, Wei; Yang, Renfeng; Yu, Jianyou; Han, Xiujie Nov 3, 2021 5952
Concrete is the world's 3rd largest CO2 emitter. Oct 19, 2021 640
Experimental Study on the Novel Interface Bond Behavior between Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Common Concrete through 3D-DIC. Yuan, Yujie; Li, Ming; Alquraishi, Abduqader S. S.; Sun, Hongye Report Oct 18, 2021 10874
SA bans use of imported cement on government projects. Oct 13, 2021 769
Pozzolanic Effect on the Hydration Heat of Cements Incorporating Fly Ash, Obsidian, and Slag Additives. Ustabas, Ilker; Erdogdu, Sakir; Omur, Ihsan; Yilmaz, Erol Oct 8, 2021 6628
Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Characteristics of Dam Concrete Based on Fuzzy Set. Jianyin, Fang; Ke, Liu; Faning, Dang; Shutian, Li Oct 4, 2021 4871
Prediction of Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete Based on Support Vector Machine and Modified Cuckoo Algorithm. Zhang, Daming; Sun, Fangjin; Liu, Tiantian Sep 26, 2021 7659
Hammerman, Ilana. A Small Door Set in Concrete: One Woman's Story of Challenging Borders in Israel/Palestine. Tuschling, Lina Sep 22, 2021 758
Building material shortage caused by Brexit and Covid pandemic sends prices soaring; The costs of everything from wood and steel to cement and concrete rose last month at the second fastest rate in the 24-year history of a survey that measures it. By, Graham Hiscott Sep 6, 2021 261
Comprehensive Investigation on the Potential of Fly Ash from New Source as Construction Material. Antoni; Hartono, F.; Tanuwijaya, S.; Wijaya, K.; Vianthi, A.; Hardjito, D. Sep 1, 2021 7372
Mathematical and Numerical Calculation of the Interlayer Slip of a Two-Layer Glued Beam. Doumia, Benoît; Sanda Abo, Omarou; Nwagoum Tuwa, Peguy Roussel; Woafo, Paul Report Aug 12, 2021 5460
Freeze-Thaw Splitting Strength Analysis of PAC Based on the Gray-Markov Model. Yu, Baoyang; Sun, Zongguang; Qi, Lin Aug 6, 2021 5988
An XFEM-Based Analysis of Concrete Face Cracking in Rockfill Dams. Zhou, Binpeng; Chai, Junrui; Wang, Jing; Zhou, Heng; Wen, Lifeng Report Jul 30, 2021 6319
Temperature Field Online Reconstruction for In-Service Concrete Arch Dam Based on Limited Temperature Observation Data Using AdaBoost-ANN Algorithm. Chen, Zhuoyan; Zheng, Dongjian; Li, Jiqiong; Wu, Xin; Qiu, Jianchun Report Jul 23, 2021 6635
Experimental Study on Lightweight Precast Composite Slab of High-Titanium Heavy-Slag Concrete. Sun, Jinkun; Yi Man Li, Rita; Jotikasthira, Nuttapong; Li, Kui; Zeng, Liyun Report Jul 14, 2021 8859
A 3D FEM Mesoscale Numerical Analysis of Concrete Tensile Strength Behaviour. Guo, Chao; Lu, Zhengran Jul 14, 2021 7857
Effect of Low Atmospheric Pressure on Bubble Stability of Air-Entrained Concrete. Li, Xuefeng; Yang, Pengyu Report Jul 8, 2021 4245
Development and present status of seismic evaluation and seismic retrofit of existing reinforced concrete buildings in Japan. Okada, Tsuneo Jul 1, 2021 11821
ANALYTICAL MODEL FOR THE PREDICTION OF THE ELASTIC RESPONSE OF CURVED T-STUBS. Mudrov, Andrej; Jaspart, Jean-Pierre; Corman, Adrien; Sapalas, Antanas Jul 1, 2021 3922
Dangote Group's investment in 10 sub-Saharan countries driving socio-economic devt. Jun 22, 2021 975
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 22, 2021 7936
Why Do We Need Green Cement? Vedant J. Jun 22, 2021 583
Looking to AGGREGATES to Improve Pavement Sustainability: FHWA is conducting research, developing tools, and gathering data to improve how aggregate materials are sourced, planned, and used in sustainable pavement construction and maintenance. Meininger, Richard; Dylla, Heather; Youtcheff, Jack Jun 22, 2021 3691
Self-healing concrete that fills own cracks with CO2 created, says report. Jun 16, 2021 359
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 15, 2021 6761
Three eco champions have launched a brick revolution in Jedburgh; A revolutionary plastic brick developed in Jedburgh by three eco champions is threatening to make concrete and cement obsolete. Jun 4, 2021 557
Let's hand the concrete areas over to nature; PLAN TO GET PEOPLE TO SET UP VEG PATCHES BY FRONT DOORS. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter Jun 2, 2021 514
Concrete 1960s buildings in Sheffield city centre set to be replaced by modern tower - see the pictures; This eye-catching building could become the latest office block to grace Sheffield city centre. Lucy Ashton, Local Democracy Reporter Jun 1, 2021 529
Nondestructive Approach for Complex-Shaped Cracks in Concrete Structures by Electromagnetic Waves with FDTD Technique. Sener, Ummu S.; Eker, Sebahattin Jun 1, 2021 7741
Set in concrete: In a first, Kabul builds $5m road via tough terrain to access China. Sayed Salahuddin May 23, 2021 828
Concrete slabs block travellers from fields; FORMER 'TEMPORARY STOP' IS OFF LIMITS FOR TRAVELLERS. MILES O'LEARY @ph_milesoleary May 22, 2021 327
Prefabricated Concrete Component Geometry Deviation Statistical Analysis. Luo, Xiaoyong; Long, Hao; Dong, Shuang; Wu, Jingyi Report May 19, 2021 6242
Huge concrete slab falls off lorry onto A64 Regent Street Flyover in Leeds during bridge demolition work; A large concrete structure has fallen off a trailer onto the A64 Regent Street Flyover. Abbey Maclure May 15, 2021 267
What's special about concrete? Meet the Sheffield society championing modernist buildings; The average Brit used to know where he or she stood on architecture. On the one hand, nice traditional buildings; on the other, modernist 'carbuncles'. But it's strange how the years can change things around. Concrete slabs and glass blocks, once seen as the scourge of our cities, might now be on the verge of being cool. Rob Hawley May 13, 2021 1195
Furious homeowner slams council after garden paved over to make communal patio; Will Howell, a performance manager in the building industry, owns a flat at a block of council-owned homes in Heath Way, Shard End Birmingham -and lost his private garden to make room for a huge concrete slab patio. By, Mark Cardwell & Abigail O'Leary May 11, 2021 852
Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Distribution in Reservoir of Concrete Gravity Dam under Vertical Vibration Using an Analytical Solution. Pasbani Khiavi, Majid; Sari, Ali Report May 7, 2021 5469
Numerical Study on the Fracture Properties of Concrete Shield Tunnel Lining Segments. Tian, Longgang; Wang, Xiao; Cheng, Ziling Apr 24, 2021 5044
A Crack Identification Method for Concrete Structures Using Improved U-Net Convolutional Neural Networks. Qiao, Wenting; Zhang, Hongwei; Zhu, Fei; Wu, Qiande Report Apr 22, 2021 6845
Concrete poetry: The Frick Collection takes up temporary residence in more minimalist settings. Kahn, Eve M. Apr 1, 2021 1135
Dynamic Modeling and CAE Cosimulation Method for Heavy-Duty Concrete Spreader. Zhang, Shiying; Zhang, Ke; Song, Bo; Yu, Wenda; Li, Dong Report Mar 30, 2021 5201
Influence of the ITZ Thickness on the Damage Performance of Recycled Concrete. Xu, Fuwei; Tian, Bin; Xu, Gang Mar 25, 2021 4734
Application of Extreme Gradient Boosting Based on Grey Relation Analysis for Prediction of Compressive Strength of Concrete. Cui, Liyun; Chen, Peiyuan; Wang, Liang; Li, Jin; Ling, Hao Mar 18, 2021 8136
Behavior of the T-Shaped Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns after Elevated Temperature. Liu, Xianglong; Zhang, Jicheng; Lu, Hailin; Guan, Ning; Xiao, Jiahao; Du, Guofeng Report Mar 16, 2021 8435
Variable Selection from Image Texture Feature for Automatic Classification of Concrete Surface Voids. Zhao, Ziting; Liu, Tong; Zhao, Xudong Mar 8, 2021 5066
Machine Learning-Based Modeling with Optimization Algorithm for Predicting Mechanical Properties of Sustainable Concrete. Shah, Muhammad Izhar; Memon, Shazim Ali; Khan Niazi, Muhammad Sohaib; Amin, Muhammad Nasir; Aslam, F Mar 4, 2021 8653
Effect of Thermal Parameters on Hydration Heat Temperature and Thermal Stress of Mass Concrete. Zhao, Yuqin; Li, Gaosheng; Fan, Caixia; Pang, Wentai; Wang, Yongtao Mar 3, 2021 7978
The Utilization of Milk as a Catalyst Material in Enzyme-Mediated Calcite Precipitation (EMCP) for Crack-Healing in Concrete. Ihsani, Z.M.; Putra, H.V Mar 1, 2021 4096
LOOK: Ifugao gravel road is now paved concrete. Feb 28, 2021 180
Turkish firm sets up Libya's largest concrete factory. Feb 22, 2021 219
A Variational Principle for the Steady-State Heat Transfer Process in a Rigid Continuous Mixture. Saldanha da Gama, Rogério M. Feb 22, 2021 4292
Multifractal Analysis and Compressive Strength Prediction for Concrete through Acoustic Emission Parameters. Lv, Zhiqiang; Jiang, Annan; Jin, Jiaxu; Lv, Xiangfeng Feb 12, 2021 8709
SigmaRoc launches UK's first cement-free concrete block. Feb 12, 2021 279
SigmaRoc 'on track' after announcing UK's first cement-free concrete block product. Feb 12, 2021 174
Using Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Predict the Fracture Energy of Concrete Beams. Xiao, Qinghua; Li, Congming; Lei, Shengxiang; Han, Xiangyu; Chen, Qiaofeng; Qiu, Zemin; Sun, Biao Feb 11, 2021 7135
Modeling the Failure Pattern of Prenotched Recycled Aggregate Concrete Using FEM on Complementary Energy Principle. Wang, Yao; Zong, Gang; Liu, Juan; Wu, Chunyang; Xu, Minyao; Zhao, Jing Report Feb 8, 2021 9288
Where Do Vapor Barriers Go in Parking Garages? Lstiburek, Joseph W. Feb 1, 2021 2014
Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Negative Flexural Behavior of Steel-UHPC Composite Beams. Liu, Xinhua; Zhang, Jianren; Cheng, Zihan; Ye, Meng Jan 31, 2021 7487
Compressive Strength of Fly-Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete by Gene Expression Programming and Random Forest. Khan, Mohsin Ali; Memon, Shazim Ali; Farooq, Furqan; Javed, Muhammad Faisal; Aslam, Fahid; Alyousef, Jan 30, 2021 9813
Grey Prediction Model for Drying Shrinkage of Cement Concrete Made from Recycled Coarse Aggregate Containing Superabsorbent Polymers. Zhang, Jinbao; Li, Song; Zhai, Jiahui Report Jan 29, 2021 4073
Effects of Sudden Temperature Drop on Stress at Rapidly Repaired Bonding Interface of Pavement. Wang, Le-fan; Xing-zhong, Weng; Li, Ye; Liang, Le; Li, Wan Report Jan 4, 2021 3709
Modeling of Concrete-Frozen Soil Interface from Direct Shear Test Results. Xiong, Meng; He, Pengfei; Mu, Yanhu; Na, Xinlei Report Jan 4, 2021 4728
Prefabricated Concrete Component Geometry Deviation Statistical Analysis. Luo, Xiaoyong; Long, Hao; Dong, Shuang; Wu, Jingyi Report Jan 1, 2021 6243
Prediction Compressive Strength of Concrete Containing GGBFS using Random Forest Model. Mai, Hai-Van Thi; Nguyen, Thuy-Anh; Ly, Hai-Bang; Tran, Van Quan Jan 1, 2021 5681
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Bearing Behavior of Curved Continuous Twin I-Girder Composite Bridge with Precast Concrete Slab. Shen, Chuandong; Song, Yifan; Yan, Lei; Li, Yuan; Ma, Xiaowei; He, Shuanhai; Han, Xiaodong Jan 1, 2021 7696
Incineration of Textile Sludge for Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete Production: A Case of Ethiopian Textile Industries. Kasaw, Esubalew; Adane, Zelalem; Gebino, Gemeda; Assefa, Nakachew; Kechi, Abera; Alemu, Ketema Jan 1, 2021 4489
Study on Engineering Performance of Green Porous Sponge Ecological Concrete. Sun, Xiao Jan 1, 2021 4841
Experimental Study on the Effect of Expansive Agent on the Durability of Concrete in Civil Air Defense Engineering. Zhang, Junbo; Zhang, Jigang; Xiao, Weiwei; Wang, Qianying; Shao, Feng Report Jan 1, 2021 3944
Research on Failure Characteristics of Concrete Three-Point Bending Beams with Preexisting Cracks in Different Positions Based on Numerical Simulation. Zhao, Liuqun; Zheng, Li; Qin, Hui; Geng, Tiesuo; Tan, Yonggang; Zhang, Zhe Jan 1, 2021 3761
Microstructural Features of Freezing and Thawing-Creep Damages for Concrete Mixed with Fly Ash. Li, Bing; Zhang, Lian-ying; Li, Ming; Pu, Hai; Ma, Chao; Qiu, Pei-tao Jan 1, 2021 4699
Size Effect on Recycled Concrete Strength and Its Prediction Model Using Standard Neutrosophic Number. Peng, X.; Yang, Q. W.; Qin, F. J. Jan 1, 2021 5488
A Critical Review on Effect of Nanomaterials on Workability and Mechanical Properties of High-Performance Concrete. Zhang, Peng; Wang, Lei; Wei, Hua; Wang, Juan Report Jan 1, 2021 14591
Mechanical Performance of Eco-Friendly Sandwich Wall with Rice Husk Recycled Concrete. Chen, Dingshi; Du, Maohua; Tian, Yubin; Du, Wenmiao Jan 1, 2021 7768
Shear Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened by External Vertical Prestressing Rebar. Li, Ying; Wu, Meizhong; Wang, Weiqi; Xue, Xingwei Jan 1, 2021 6543
Flexural Behavior of Innovative Posttensioned Composite Beams with Corrugated Steel Webs. Li, Xiang; Yang, Tao; Zhang, Yongbing; Zhang, Yun; Shen, Taosheng Jan 1, 2021 6304
Bond Deterioration of Corroded-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures Exposed to Severe Aggressive Marine Environment. Dacuan, Cecielle N.; Abellana, Virgilio Y. Jan 1, 2021 6782
Fragmentation Pattern and Removal Mechanism of Concrete Subjected to Abrasive Water Jet Impact. Liu, Jialiang; Zhu, Yujie; Xue, Yongzhi; Sun, Hao Jan 1, 2021 5053
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Frost Resistance of Desert Sand Concrete. Liu, Haifeng; Ma, Yingchang; Ma, Jurong; Yang, Weiwu; Che, Jialing Jan 1, 2021 6789
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Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Distribution in Reservoir of Concrete Gravity Dam under Vertical Vibration Using an Analytical Solution. Pasbani Khiavi, Majid; Sari, Ali Report Jan 1, 2021 5469
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Influence of Steel Slag-Superfine Blast Furnace Slag Composite Mineral Admixture on the Properties of Mortar and Concrete. Liu, Zhenguo; Huang, Zongxian Jan 1, 2021 5481
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Modeling of Tunnel Concrete Lining under Fire and Explosion Damage. Yang, Zhaopeng; Wang, Linbing; Gao, Zhifei Jan 1, 2021 7422
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Fracture Modeling of the Bi-Block Ballastless Track System Resulting from Early-Aged Relative Humidity during the Construction Process. Cao, Shihao; Hui, Wang; Zhai, Shufang; Hu, Kui; Chen, Yujing; Chen, Junqi Jan 1, 2021 7411
Field Validation for the Constructability of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Overlay. Kim, Jaehoon; Rith, Makara; Lee, Seung Woo; Kim, Young Kyu Jan 1, 2021 4539
Full-Scale Model Experimental Study of the Flexural Behavior of Hollow Slabs Strengthened by UHPC. Zhou, Jinzhi; Wen, Zihao; Mao, Weiqi; Zhong, Chuheng; Wang, Kangning; Zhou, Chenxu Report Jan 1, 2021 6953
Experimental Centrifuge Study of the Effects of Valley Topography on the Behavior of a Concrete Face Rockfill Dam. Tian, Chao; Zhang, Xuedong; Wen, Lifeng Report Jan 1, 2021 8287
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Response of the Flat Reinforced Concrete Floor Slab with Openings under Cyclic In-Plane Loading. Kalib, Eden Shukri; Shewalul, Yohannes Werkina Jan 1, 2021 3912
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New Anticracking Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Cement Material and Integrated Composite Technology with Lightweight Concrete Panels. Chen, Dong; Deng, Junjie; Cheng, Baoquan; Wang, Qiong; Zhao, Baojun Jan 1, 2021 8832
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Interface Bonding Properties between Nonwater Reaction Polyurethane Polymer Materials and Concrete. Zhang, Xijun; Wang, Chaojie; Tian, Han; Shi, Mingsheng Jan 1, 2021 5013
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Improving Heat Exchange Performance of Massive Concrete Using Annular Finned Cooling Pipes. Zhou, Lemu; Zhou, Fangyuan; Ge, Hanbin Jan 1, 2021 5183
A Study on the Flexural Behaviour of Geopolymer Lightweight Eco-Friendly Concrete Using Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate. Nithya, S.; Gunasekaran, K.; Sankar, G. Jan 1, 2021 8776
Determination of Bridge Prestress Loss under Fatigue Load Based on PSO-BP Neural Network. Wang, Yongguang Jan 1, 2021 5237
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Review on the Durability of Polypropylene Fibre-Reinforced Concrete. Liu, Yanzhu; Wang, Liang; Cao, Ke; Sun, Lei Jan 1, 2021 9657
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Temperature Control Technology for Construction of Jinsha River Bridge. Jin, Hui-Wu; Wang, Guo-An; Chen, Zhan-Ming Jan 1, 2021 5907
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