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Strong, durable construction. Low material cost. Easy maintenance. Safety. Energy efficiency.

The 1997 Concrete Concepts Show Homes at the NAHB Show in Houston confirmed what the commercial sector has known for decades: concrete provides all of these benefits, and many more.

The show homes - a collective effort of various industry leaders and generous contributions from product manufacturers across the country - reflect the surge in concrete's popularity for residential construction. Where other homebuilding systems fail, concrete is succeeding by offering improved quality and unprecedented customer satisfaction.

Masonry: A Proven Performer

Concrete masonry techniques and materials represent one of the most proven, economical building systems available for residential construction today, and Concrete Concepts Home #5112 Pocahontas is just one fine example. Using the conventional method of block construction, concrete masonry units simplified the building process with easy-to-use, uniform pieces.

Concrete masonry's modular nature was important in a project where flexibility was imperative, as it is so often in residential construction. Changes in floor plans or wall heights are easily accommodated with this type of system, and details such as corners and ares are easily laid out. Coupled with low material cost and straight-forward construction, these benefits have made concrete masonry a long-standing favorite in the building community.

"Building with concrete block is no problem for me or my crew," Bumpass says. "And the confidence we have in concrete's strength and durability translates to consumer home buyers as well. Concrete homes require much less maintenance, provide excellent thermal benefits, and provide superior soundproofing."

Concrete masonry is not only available in standard grey block. A variety of architectural units are available, including attractive colored, split faced, burnished and scored units. Stucco, paint, masonry veneers and even different cladding and finish systems can be used, so working with concrete masonry is a creative option for all types of home designs.

Insulating Concrete Forms: Building In Savings

The most striking thing about #5106 Pocahontas in Houston is actually the least visible. Built using insulating concrete forms (ICFs), poured-in-place concrete is hidden within the walls of the home. To cast the walls, workers pumped concrete between two panels of polystyrene foam. These foam panels served as the form during construction. Now hardened, the concrete acts as the insulation in the finished walls.

"One key aspect to using ICFs is that the savings we see as a builder is also seen by the homeowner through substantially reduced energy bills," says builder Andy Perlman of A. Lexis Homes. "That gives us credibility, and an added marketing advantage."

This increase in utility savings is an integral part of ICFs' popularity. For the builder, installing smaller, less expensive HVAC units is possible because homes built with ICFs have two continuous layers of insulation with no breaks. This provides superior insulation, but also a very low air infiltration rate. In addition,the mass of the walls evens out temperature swings. For the homeowner, that means a more comfortable home and more predictable heating and cooling costs.

Lightweight, extremely durable and systematic, the ICFs contributed to a very easy construction process for the show home.

"Building this home was easy," says Perlman. "After our experience building last year's Concrete Concepts Home, we knew that using ICFs meant no leftover scrap, easy installation of floor and roof joists, and a very systematic building process. Our crew really enjoyed working with the ICF system, which made the project practically painless."

Efficiency Without A Generic Appearance

A Craftsman-style home with plenty of extras (including a playroom and a separate exercise room with a service entrance to the garage), this is the perfect home for a young couple with children.

"The floor plan offers flexibility as the needs of the family change," says Perlman. "The design features a lower level master bedroom and lots of volume ceilings - features today's home buyers love, but that could pose heating and cooling problems. Because we built with ICFs, those problems were avoided."

Multiple roof lines and varying textures on the exterior create plenty of curb appeal, and were easily accommodated with the ICF walls.

Aerated Concrete Makes Its Mark

Concrete Concepts Show Home #5110 Pocahontas, a traditional French Country-style home, illustrates another type of concrete technology: precast autoclaved aerated concrete (PAAC). A combination of sand, cement, lime, and a special expanding agent, aerated concrete can take the form of blocks or panels. These lightweight units, only one-fifth the weight of normal concrete, can be sawed, drilled, or nailed with traditional carpentry tools. And because they are manufactured in construction units, jumbo wall units and panels, time savings are substantial.

For the Concrete Concepts Home, aerated concrete's ease of use helped make the construction process particularly efficient, but then an educational twist was added. To help builders learn about this technology, which has been successfully used for more than 50 years around the world and introduced to the United States just a few years ago, the home was left unfinished with partially exposed walls. In this way, visitors to the home were able to view the Hebel aerated concrete system first-hand, and in various stages of construction.

"If you plan ahead with mechanicals, aerated concrete is very easy to work with," says builder Gary Bumpass. "The quality is very high, and homes built this way will withstand an unbelievable amount of wind, so it's especially appropriate for builders who are challenged by questionable weather patterns, or simply customers who demand a stronger home."

Strength and Performance

Construction crews one third the size of a traditional team, weeks shaved off of construction time, and all of the cost savings associated with aerated concrete are reasons enough for builders to use it. But perhaps the most compelling reason to build with aerated concrete is the quality this type of system brings to every job.

Due to its high insulating properties, aerated concrete outperforms traditional stud frame construction with superior energy efficiency. It is a non-toxic, inorganic, virtually fireproof building material that provides exceptional soundproofing. And unlike some traditional materials, it does not rot, rust, corrode or warp. Plus, the solid walls are an uninviting home to pests and rodents. In short, aerated concrete offers unquestionable durability.


Part of the reason for the increase in popularity of concrete building systems is the overwhelming support of leading building product manufacturers around the world. Recognizing that concrete provides versatility, quality and efficiency to the building community, these savvy companies have generously offered their support and products as sponsors of the 1997 Concrete Concepts Show Homes.


Designed and handcrafted in Italy and available from Broan, Best by Broan range hoods are recognized worldwide for their sophisticated styling and beautiful finishes, making them a striking addition to any kitchen. Hoods are available in several different finishes and accent trims. Call 1-800-558-1711 for more information.


BROCK DECK and TRIPLE CROWN[R] Fence add beauty to any home or property with long-lasting, easy-care vinyl decks, fences, and railings. Unique BROCK DECK CLIP-STRIP[R] System and TRIPLE CROWN's Rail Lock System securely fasten the deck and fence components. Deck planks are slip resistant and require no staining or sealing.


ABTco's non-wood PrimeMoulding[TM] is a cost-competitive alternative to finger-jointed pine. The Canterbury[R] Moulding System includes large decorative profiles with intricately designed accessories that recreate old-world craftsmanship. Unlike wood, both are available in consistent lengths, and have no knots or gouges. ABTco's high-quality enamel primer allows a consistent finish with any good latex or oil-based paint. No sanding, priming, or sealing is required. For more information call 1-800-521-4250.


JBL Home Entertainment featured a home theater audio system in one of this year's Concrete Concepts Homes, using their top-of-the-line Kardon A/V receiver. Model AVR80 is a $1,600, 375 watt, THX certified unit and is Dolby Digital AC-3 ready. Unique features include output for whole house audio amplifier and learning remote control for consolidation of all audio and video remote controls.


Fieldbrook Vinyl Siding creates the appearance of real wood by combining multi-colored tones in a naturally random pattern. The siding is a cost-effective, color saturated, vinyl panel that will not dent, rot, or peel. Available in three different profiles and three colors: beige, gray, and rosewood.


The Frigidaire Gallery Professional Series[TM] dual-fuel slide-in range with a gas-on-glass cooktop and a convection oven, offers the convenience of convection baking with the efficiency of gas cooking. A stainless steel, 1.1 cubic-foot, 850 watt, Over-The-Range Microwave is a new option, featuring a turntable with on/off control and the flexibility to change from round to rectangular cookware. Call 1-800-FRIGIDAIRE for more information or visit the company's Web site at


UltraSlate[TM] by GAF Materials Corp. is a super premium fiber-cement roofing shingle for use on homes where quality, stylish, non-combustible, and maintenance-free materials are specified. Affordable and beautiful, UltraSlate roofing is available in five different pre-packaged blends, and durable enough to withstand 80 mph wind gusts.


STEPS[TM] Laminated Flooring offers a beautiful appearance along with exceptional performance. With the warm look of American wood-grains, STEPS offers durability, easy maintenance, and unlimited design possibilities making it suitable for most applications. STEPS is easy to clean and maintain, is hygienic, is colorfast and is resistant to spills, stains, burns, chemicals, and impacts. This attractive flooring boasts universal appeal and enhances the look of any room. Call 1-800-663-4176 for more information.


Hy-Lite Block Windows combine the beauty of glass block with the ease of standard window installation - now in an operable window.

Constructed of lightweight acrylic blocks, Hy-Lite windows install in minutes. Available in fixed, casement, and awning window styles. Call 1-800-827-3691 for more information or visit the company's Web site at


Hoover's CVS Model S5675 central vacuum unit features a textured steel tank, a three-stage bypass motor, and an 8.4 gallon receptacle. Its six layer polyester cartridge filter traps dirt and dust, allowing for a quiet, dust-free cleaning - perfect for allergy sufferers. Model S5675 comes in attractive forest green.


Shenandoah Maple Sunset is a new addition to Harris-Tarkett's Longstrip American Collection of prefinished laminated hardwood flooring. The golden tone highlights the distinctive maple graining and lends a warm, inviting look to any home. Harris-Tarkett's UltraBrite[TM] no-wax polyurethane wearlayer assures a tough, yet easy-care finish. Call 1-800-642-7816 for more information.


Majestic's SuperHEARTH[TM] Series offers three of the largest factory-built fireplaces in the industry. The aptly named SuperHEARTH fireplaces add traditional beauty and a custom-built masonry look, plus the convenience of modern technology. They feature durable, refractory-lined fireboxes for an authentic appearance and tapered sides to deflect heat back into the room. Standard features include built-in flue dampers and black wire mesh fire screens with solid brass pulls. Tempered, bi-fold glass doors and outside air combustion kits are optional.


Leviton Manufacturing Co. is proud to introduce a line of Decora[R] Electronic Timing Wall Switches for lighting and appliances. Featuring timed intervals ranging from two minutes to 12 hours, all models have four preset buttons and an Off button, plus LED's that indicate time remaining. The new switches are easy-to-install in a standard electrical wallbox and are UL listed. Available in ivory, white, or almond and accept standard Decora wallplates or Decora Plus[R] Screwless Wallplates.


Dryvit's Weatherlastic[TM] finishes, used on the 1997 Concrete Concepts Homes, are 100 percent acrylic and elastomeric coatings which provide a beautiful and durable protective finish. Weatherlastic finishes, featuring Dirt Pickup Resistant technology for easy maintenance, come in a wide variety of colors and textures to fit any home style or design.


The Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher employs new motor technology and a European pump for better cleaning, improved loading flexibility, and quieter and more economical operation. Alternating spray arms gently clean dishes using only six gallons of water in normal wash cycles, requiring less energy to heat the water and 40 percent less detergent. Call 1-800-FRIGIDAIRE for more information or visit the company's Web site at


Compared with conventional wood sliders, the Stanley floor-to-ceiling mirrored closet doors used in one of the 1997 Concrete Concepts Homes can save you money in both labor and materials. The easy-to-install doors are profitable upgrades that create lighter, brighter, and more stylish rooms.


New Gold Bond[R] 1/4[inches] High Flex gypsum wallboard saves time and money on curves. For tight radius construction such as curved walls, stairways, arches, and columns, High Flex eliminates the usual on-the-job scoring, wetting, and plaster finishing of standard drywall. Visit the company's Web site at


Boral Lifetile[R] concrete roofing products offer an extensive selection of colors, blends, and profiles. Whether the home is a custom design, a tract model, or a remodeling project, there is a combination to complement any architectural style. Boral also offers a lightweight product, Trulite[R] concrete roofing. The products come with a limited lifetime and 15 year hail damage warranty.


Sherwin-Williams A-100 Latex Flat paint, with a 10-year warranty, covers two of the 1997 Concrete Concepts Homes. The wall paint, Classic 99[R] Interior Latex Flat, is durable, easy-to-apply, and offers one-coat hiding. Interior trim is painted with ProClassic[R] Interior Waterborne Enamel, which offers the benefits of traditional oil-based enamel without the solvent odor, slow drying, or yellowing associated with semi-gloss and gloss finishes.


One of the highlights of the 1997 Concrete Concepts Homes is the FS Fixed Skylight from Velux. The Model FS visually expands and brightens the interior with abundant natural light. New features include redesigned cladding for a sleeker appearance and faster installation, and adjustable mounting brackets for quick fit with any roofing material.


Pella Corporation's quality wood windows - including the Architect Series[R], Designer Series[R], and ProLine[R] product lines, offer advanced energy-efficient designs which allow maximum visible light to enter the home, while keeping harmful rays at bay.


Sterling Plumbing Group, Inc., a Kohler Company, manufactures a complete line of plumbing products. Decorative faucets, composite and stainless steel sinks, tub/shower doors, toilets, and bathing fixtures. Call 1-800-STERLING for more information.


Bold and beautiful, 8[feet] tall entry doors make a big impression. With Therma-Tru's superior fiberglass technology, you get the look and feel of wood without wood's disadvantages. The 8[feet] Fiber-Classic[R] entry door measures up to durability and energy efficiency and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.


Overhead Door Corporation's 394 Series premium insulated garage door features advanced sandwich construction which offers energy efficiency, quiet operation, superior strength, and a finished appearance inside the garage. The exterior face of the door is embossed with a woodgrain texture offering the appearance of a contemporary flush design. The 394 Series' solid polystyrene insulation core offers an R-Value of 9.83, and is laminated to the interior and exterior skins with a special, hot-melt urethane bonding agent.


Master Lock door hardware combines elegance and style with security and durability. Their hardware features ball-bearing locking with a massive inner chassis for maximum protection, exclusive hands-free mounting, and a unique, keyed-alike design allowing cylinders to be changed so they match Kwikset. Schlage, Weiser, National or Dexter products. For superior resistance to tarnishing and pitting, Master Lock handlesets feature Durashine[TM] finish and a 10-year finish warranty.


Integrity[TM] Windows from Marvin Windows & Doors incorporate a revolutionary composite material called Ultrex[TM]. Using an innovative, high-tech process, Marvin created a product that's solid, stable, and reliable. Ultrex serves as the exterior shield on every Integrity window, and it's more than a thin covering - Ultrex is an actual structural component providing strength and durability.


The new Pella[R] ProLine[R] tilt-wash double-hung allows both sashes to tilt without removal for easy cleaning. Unlike other tilt-wash windows, ProLine windows require no extra tools, plastic holders, latches or catches to operate. Plus, ProLine windows meet all NWWDA DP 30 requirements with a .25 cfm/sf air infiltration rate and an exceptional 1.90 R-value on its standard window.


Sony's DSS receiver brings digital picture and sound right into the home. It has a 32-bit microprocessor allowing you to quickly navigate through 200 channels, and the exclusive Express Navigator on-screen menu system lets you surf through channels easily. One-button record lets you set up to 10 events to record on the SVHS VCR with the touch of a finger.


Cedarlite is a realistic, natural looking shake roof replacement tile composed of a lightweight aggregate cement augmented by a space-age polymer. The tiles produced are light and extraordinarily durable, and their dense molecular structure sheds water easily. The tiles are Class A fire rated. Call 1-800-571-TILE for more information.


Wayne-Dalton's new Quantum garage door openers bring security and safety to homeowners, and simplified installation to installers. With smart features such as rolling access codes and automatic self-monitoring for reliable operation, Quantum openers are designed to be an integral and trustworthy part of the whole house. And for installers, wireless photo eyes eliminate the need to run unsightly wires from the bottom of the garage door to the opener.


Pella Corporation offers a variety of quality wood doors - including the Architect Series[R], Designer Series[R], and PraLine[R] doors - which feature a unique three-point locking system (head, sill, and jamb) that offers enhanced security and performance. In addition, Pella's "between-the-glass-options" allow for wood grilles, pleated shades, or mini-blinds secured between panes of insulated glass for greater energy efficiency and convenience.


Universal-Rundle's Calamante Whirlpool offers builders big value without sacrificing high style. The Builder Series whirlpool comes standard with 3/4 HP motor, multidirectional jets, chrome jets and trim, and a 3-year warranty. It also includes a factory installed on/off switch with "Quiet-Air-Control."


TEMCO's Peninsula top-vent gas fireplace offers flush face construction for wide decorating flexibility. The view is improved with a stunning new log set that captures the look of freshly split firewood. These signature TEMCO advantages, along with convenience features like push-button ignition and optional hand held remote control, make TEMCO fireplaces the leader in specialty gas fireplaces.


Combine Sony's video components with the sophisticated sound delivered by the ES audio line, and programming comes to life. Sony ES components have set the benchmark for uncompromising home audio quality, innovation, and advancement. The ES MegaStorage CD player, MiniDisc unit, and Sony's most advanced VisionTouch A/V receiver with wireless one-button remote control combine for imposing audio power and crystal clear sound delivered through Sony's premier M-Series speakers.


Durable, colorfast Cultured Stone[R] looks like stone, feels like stone, and is cast using molds made from stone. The ingredients are Portland cement, natural aggregates, and iron oxide colors. This manufactured stone is lighter than full-thickness natural stone, and installs for a fraction of the cost.


The revolutionary Thermotite garage door from Wayne-Dalton is perfect for today's safety and environmentally conscious society. Thermotite's patented WayneGard design can prevent fingers from being accidentally caught between sections, and its 1[inch] of polyurethane foam adds great insulation and strength. With safety, insulation, durability, low maintenance, great colors, and stylish window designs - the Thermotite garage door by Wayne-Dalton can be a highlight of the homes you build for years to come.


A precision tongue and groove system gives New Traditional Plank a true square-edge custom look in a prefinished, glue- or nail-down natural oak flooring. The 3[inches] wide x 1/2[inches] thick flooring features engineered laminated construction with a 1/6[inches] wear surface - the thickest in the industry. Available in six colors, New Traditional Plank is backed by Robbins' Premium Limited Guarantee.


Specializing in embossed and dentil designs, Ornamental[R] Mouldings offers architecturally correct, stain-grade decorative wood mouldings. Ornamental proudly sponsors a 1997 Concrete Concepts Home, featuring Colonial linear mouldings from the Period Style program. Tudor, Victorian, Federal, and Georgian decor options are also available in cornice, chair rail, and baseboard combinations.


Sony's 53[inches] Videoscope XBR television integrates a truly great picture into just about any wall in your home. Its cabinet fits flush against the wall for a smooth, built-in look, and custom framing blueprints are available. The TV delivers a crisp, clear, detailed picture from digital video sources wired into the home.


The National Concrete Masonry Association offers a variety of publications to help builders familiarize themselves with concrete masonry.

Home Designs, Vol. 1, brings together some of the best home plans available featuring solid concrete masonry designs by award-winning designer Jim Zirkel of Home Design Services. This issue contains 46 unique home plans ranging in size from 1,450 sq. ft. to 4,500 sq. ft., and helps builders visualize the many different styles concrete masonry can accommodate. Single copy price: $15.00.

Building with Block features 25 plans by architects Quincy, Johnson, Baretta. These homes range in size from 1,500 sq. ft. to 4,000 sq. ft. and offer unique layouts for the production builder as well as custom home builder. Single copy price: $10.00.


Learning to build with insulating concrete forms is easier than you might expect - with this 5-Part Video Training series from the Portland Cement Association. This easy-to-follow series helps you master the skills you need to build beautiful and marketable homes. Design, Planning, Setting Forms, Placing Concrete and Utilities and Finishes are all discussed in an informative, comprehensive format.


For more than 50 years, Hebel aerated concrete has been the structural building material of choice for tens of thousands of homes and commercial buildings throughout the world. Hebel offers a complete constructions solution for the entire home and commercial building that is energy efficient, fire and pest resistant, and is easy to use.

For more informations about building with Hebel aerated concrete, access the Hebel Web site at or contract Hebel in the following areas:

GA, FL, AL, SC (800) 99HEBEL Texas (888) 88HEBEL Other Markets (800) 35HEBEL

A Competitive Advantage

Concrete provides a real marketing edge for builders. Today's home buyers are more educated about materials, and more concerned about the durability and efficiency of their home. And they are looking for builders who offer real value.

"Perhaps the biggest benefit to builders working with concrete systems is the ability to really set themselves apart from their competition." - DAN LAEMONT, MARKETING DIRECTOR, PRINGLE DEVELOPMENT

"We think the new concrete technology is very promising as a marketing tool as well as a way to build homes. We've had a lot of interest from the industry and from prospective customers." - ANDREW PERLMAN, A LEXIS HOMES

"I came down to Florida from the north to build wood frame houses, but I soon discovered that my customers preffered the strength, performance, and versatility of concrete." - FRED SCHAUB, MORRISON HOMES

Consumer Value and Buyer Appeal

With new and innovative choices offering a variety of colors and textures - designed to provide both structural integrity and natural beauty - concrete products provide almost endless design possibilities. From traditional to prairie to California contemporary, concrete is at home in any style.

* Architectural Variety and Design Flexibility

* Strong and Safe

* Applications Throughout the Home-Inside and Out

* Inexpensive Material Costs

Fast and Easy Construction

With each of the three concrete home building systems used in the 1997 Concrete Concepts Show Homes, time and money were saved. How? Easy-to-use insulating concrete forms, aerated concrete panels,and concrete masonry block each provide a level of efficiency not found on a traditional stick-built site.

"Instead of having 10 or 12 laborers putting up a small wall. (with concrete forming systems) we could use three or four to put up a large section of wall and decrease the time we would normally spend."


"There are no special tools, and a very short learning curve. Combined with their inherently systematic, modular design,concrete forms, block, and panels allow quick and easy home building." - DR. PETER VANDERWERF, BOSTON UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR AND FORMER NAHB RESEARCH CENTER STAFFER.

"When we got started (using ICFs) we weren't sure what to expect, but I was very pleased with the ease of construction and common-sense approach of the ICF system." - BILL GOTSDINER, GOTSDINER ARCHITECTS

Energy Efficient

Concrete's inherent ability to heat up and cool down slowly, which even out peak heating and cooling loads, keeps home more comfortable and energy cost lower. In addition, concrete walls are naturally airtight, without the added expense of housewrap.

* Concrete keeps homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

* Many local utility companies offer builders special incentives for homes that meet energy savings standard

* Built-in insulations means less standard insulation has to be purchased and installed

Minimal Waste

Concrete simplifies the construction process. By minimizing the number of different components necessary to build a home, concrete can be used on an "as needed" basis, eliminating the amount of disposal waste. There is less sheathing, less insulation, and less contribution overall to the traditionally wasteful construction process of frequent replacement and disposal.

* Lower overhead/costs for disposal

* Faster, more efficient site clean-up

* Less extraneous scrap for landfills; friendlier to the environment

Sound Barrier

With more and more home theaters, smaller yards, and bounce-back kids living at home, one of the most marketable aspects of a home built with concrete is the acoustical benefits it will provide. With less noise infiltration from outside the home, as well as room-to-room within the home, privacy is enhanced considerably.

"One hotel we were building had acoustical requirements higher than that of its competitors. Aerated concrete responded to these requirements with superior performance, and the client was very pleased."


"When you're in one bedroom in a home built with concrete walls, it's very hard to hear what else is going on in the house."


Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured locally from common and abundant raw materials, concrete has demonstrably less impact on the environment than virtually any other building material.

* Completely inert and non-toxic, even if exposed to fire

* Generates no pollutants in the manufacturing process

* Totally recyclable and increasingly composed of recycled materials as aggregate

* Replacing wood framing for walls and floors with concrete products can save up to 17.5 trees during the construction of one single-family home

(Source: NAHB Research Center and PCA market research.)

Mechanical and Finishes Easy to Complete

Part of ensuring an efficient, building project is choosing methods that are easily adopted by all of the subcontractors Involved. Concrete wall systems accommodate the demands of plumbers, electricians, carpenters engineers and builders alike.

"I make a point of integrating tradespeople into my design team. When a mason helps with design decisions, it almost always results in better craft. And I rely on concrete for much of my work."


"Concrete is easy to build with and integrate with other home building systems. Wood roof and floor trusses are easily tied to masonry walls. Concrete masonry can be left exposed or drywall can be attached with furring strips. Electrical wiring is easily run between the furring, and plumbing generally is kept away from exterior walls."


The Future of the Home Building Industry

Dwindling natural resources and a desire for improved building methods have sent pioneering home builders on a search for the "perfect" basic building material. Their search, more and more often, is leading them to concrete.

With ever-increasing choices in architectural design details, color schemes, textures, price ranges and construction methods, concrete is already the most widely used building material in the world. And with concrete wall applications earning a reputation as a fast, profitable, easy and environmentally responsible way to build, the future promises to bring about even more advances in the technology.

As the role of concrete becomes increasingly more vital to the building community, the need for builders skilled in concrete building systems grows proportionally. Those builders who take advantage of this opportunity will benefit with increased marketability, more efficient building practices, and a more profitable business.

For more information about concrete and the specific building systems used in the 1997 Concrete Concepts Show Homes, contact the Portland Cement Association.

Proud Sponsors of the 1997 Concrete Concepts Show Homes

ABT Company BHK of America Boral Lifetile Inc. Broan Mfg., Inc. Brock Deck Dryvit Systems Frigidaire GAF Harris-Tarkett Hoover Company Hy-Lite Block Windows Integrity Windows & Doors from Marvin JBL Home Entertainment Leviton Majestic Products Co. Master Lock Monier Roofing National Gypsum Overhead Door Corporation Pella Corporation Robbins Hardwood Flooring Sherwin Williams Sony Stanley Sterling Plumbing Group Stone Products Corporation Temco Fireplace Products Therma-Tru Universal-Rundle Velux America Wayne-Dalton Corporation


Alladin Light Lift, Inc. Alumax-Magnolia Division American Society of Interior Designers American Standard, Inc. AMICO ASKO, Inc. Bessler Stairway Company Bomanite Corporation Bradford White Corp. California Closet Company Cangelosi Marble & Granite Capitol Cement Company The Celotex Corporation Chaparral Steel Copper Development Assn., Inc. Culligan Water Conditioning Delta Metal Products Devoe Paint Featherlite Building Products Corporation Fibermesh G.E. Lighting Gulf Coast Concrete & Stabilized Materials Halo Hebel USA Hilti, Inc. Houston Home & Living Magazine Houston Shell & Concrete Company Hunter Douglas Window Fashions IsoKern Fireplace Kool Ply Company, Inc. Lighting, Inc. Lightolier Lite-Form International L.M. Scofield Company Masland Carpets Materials Marketing Meadows Steel Products N.T. Dixie Pacific National Propane Gas Assn. NuTone Organizers Direct Original Concrete Pumping Service Owens-Corning Pavestone Pinehurst Doors Pioneer Concrete of Texas, Inc. Powers Steel and Wire Research Products Royal Mahogany Schlage Lock Company Simply Smart Simpson Strong-Tie Southdown, Inc. State Industries, Inc. Stone Marketing International Sub-Zero Surevoid Products TerraDek Lighting, Inc. Texas Industries, Inc. Texas Intelligence Systems Thermador Trim-Tex, Inc. Webb/C.W. Ohio Weyerhaeuser Woodmode Cabinetry, Inc. W.R. Grace


Portland Cement Association 5420 Old Orchard Road Skokie, IL 60077 Phone (847) 966-6200 Fax (847) 966-9781

National Concrete Masonry Association 2302 Horse Pen Road Herndon, Virginia 20171 Phone (703) 713-1900 Fax (703) 713-1910

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association 900 Spring Street Silver Spring, MD 20910 Phone (301) 587-1400 Fax (301) 585-4219

Hebel USA 2408 Mount Vernon Road Atlanta, GA 30338 Phone (770) 394-5546 Fax (770) 394-5564

Insulating Concrete Form Association 960 Harlem Avenue Suite 1128 Glenview, IL 60025 Phone (847) 657-9730 Fax (847) 657-9728
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