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Concentrate some of your abundant [...].

Concentrate some of your abundant energy on your home be that those who live under your roof or re-painting the front room. Venus is moving, enough of the chitchat now get on with making things beautiful for you and yours.

As persuasive as your best 'could you just' look is it could do with some back up and happily your ruler Venus has that little trick sewn up from today. She is putting some smooth talking vibes your way, ask for a favour or two.

Now that your cash has had an injection of energy are you going to use it to earn or spend? Choice is your Gemini but you can't really have both, that would be just too easy, so are you having those shoes or paying off that card? Now that Venus is in your sign you're even more attractive than you were yesterday, see, you knew it when you looked in the mirror this morning, something different, something va-va-va-voom. Wow the crowds.

You can believe that someone has really changed, you can listen to excuses or you can get misty eyed when you remember how things used to be just don't be fooled without some hard evidence. Give something time.

A social time begins, that's if you want it to Virgo, on the upside you could meet new friends and influence people, on the downward side you might have to invest in a new cardigan. Worth the effort? I think it may be.

By being charming, fabulous and showing just how keen you are to do the job your boss can't fail to notice you. If he or she doesn't perhaps someone else would? Your ruling planet Venus wants you to succeed, amuse her.

It's easy to have an opinion, its way tougher to stand up and really stick your neck out when asked. Are you in the mood to have the debate Scorps or would you rather slink back into your safe place? Stand in the light Scorpio.

What I don't get is why some folks think they have a right to interfere in what's clearly a personal matter for you? Did you ask for their opinion or involved them in any way? Even if you did, nosey parker needs to step away today.

Love is in the air, haven't we said that before Capricorn? And even if it was, what did you do about it? Venus is chasing your love intent, time to say hello, farewell or I love the way your nose crinkles when you smile. Speak up.

A Monday morning and you're probably bemoaning the loss of the weekend but what if this Monday held something different? Venus helps you see things at work in a more positive light, or one person in particular perhaps? A boost to your social life is on it's way, are you ready to say yes to those invitations? Maybe you're too busy dealing with new things coming your way at work courtesy of Mercury and his offer of new projects, some effort required.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 4, 2011
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