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ConEd helps veterans cope.

"Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Plaza," the non-profit organization which maintains the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at 55 Water St., has secured a donation of computer equipment for use at the United Spinal Association's free computer clinics from ConEdison Solutions. The organization recently hosted a "dedication" ceremony at the plaza to celebrate the donation.

ConEdison Solutions donated 19 pieces of computer equipment, including laptops, monitors, hard drives and printers, for use in one of 12 clinics that the United Spinal Association operates. The clinics are used by injured veterans, including those with spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis, to learn basic computer skills like word processing and Internet surfing. In addition, veterans receive a computer to take home once they've completed the basic training course.

"This program is beneficial to injured veterans and helps them learn valuable skills upon their return from service," said Harry Bridgwood, chairman and president of the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Plaza. "I'm pleased to have facilitated this donation by leveraging my relationship with energy services company ConEdison Solutions. Their generous gift will help many injured vets get a fresh start."

The United Spinal Association, formerly known as Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association, opened its first computer clinic in 1997 at the Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, which is now used by 20 to 30 patients dally. Since then, the organization has opened 11 other clinics in New York, New Jersey, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. New York City clinics include the Bronx VA Hospital, Bronx VA Nursing Home, St. Albans VA Extended Care Facility in Queens and Manhattan VAMC MS Clinic.

"We rely solely on corporate donations for this computer equipment," said Peter Addesso, president of the United Spinal Association. "The clinics are so valuable to injured veterans because it gives them the tools to find places to live and job opportunities, and helps them return to the workforce with confidence. We thank ConEdison Solutions. Through this donation, the company will lead veterans to career success."
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