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Comuniq Introduces ``The UltimateIP SMAS H.323'' High-Density Subsystem for VoIP and IP Gateway Equipment.

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CT EXPO Spring 2000


Another addition to The UltimateIP product family delivers

VoIP signal processing services and H.323/PSTN call control

services on The UltimateIP quad span E1/T1 PMC module

Comuniq, Inc. introduced another addition to The Ultimate IP product family: The UltimateIP(TM)Streaming Media Application Server (SMAS) H.323 subsystem.

The platform is designed for manufacturers and integrators of VoIP and IP Gateway equipment for customer premises or network equipment.

The UltimateIP SMAS H.323 platform seamlessly integrates Comuniq's suite of VoIP signal processing and protocol software with Comuniq's UltimateIP E1/T1 resource board for PCI and cPCI systems.

The product, result of the Hughes Software Systems (HSS) partnerhsip, uses HSS's Protoquick H.323 protocol software to deliver VoIP signal processing and protocol signaling services to applications built on Comuniq's open Streaming Media API (SMAPI). SMAPI delivers services to applications on multiple target architectures and operating system environments.

The software operates with The UltimateIP SMAS E1/T1 quad span PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) - which delivers up to 120 x 64 kbps channels capacity of IP-switched multimedia (voice, video and data) in a single PMC Module. The PMC module operates in either a PCI or cPCI architecture. The Ultimate SMAS H.323 subsystem supports \Windows NT, Solaris and Linux Operating Systems.

The UltimateIP SMAS SS7 subsystem continues Comuniq's tradition of delivering products with a highly flexible, standards-based, scaleable architecture; an open API to ease application integration; engineering services for delivering solutions customized to individual customer needs.

HSS ProtoQuick H.323 signaling stack is V2 compliant and has been proven for interoperability with industry standard VoIP products.

Now Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), System Integrators (SIs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) can bring to market VoIP or H.323-based products faster and more profitably than ever before.

Lou D'Alo, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Comuniq, Inc, said "While it is true that The UltimateIP SMAS H.323 is the world's smallest VoIP and IP Gateway solution, it offers other equally compelling benefits to our customers. In these early stages of the emerging VoIP market, our customers need to quickly prototype and validate their product ideas, and bring the winners to market as fast as possible. Comuniq's partnership with Hughes Software Systems not only brings this powerful VoIP subsystem to the market, but combines it with design, consulting, integration and support engineering services that allow us to help our customers bring their winning ideas to market faster than ever before."

C P Murali - Director - Business Development, Hughes Software Systems Ltd "HSS ProtoQuick H.323 building blocks combined with the Communiq Ultimate IP SMAS platform effectively achieves our twin goal of delivering high quality product and significantly cutting down the time to market for our customers"

About Comuniq, Inc.

Comuniq, Inc. markets a family of high-density, high-performance, flexible, scalable and affordable communications solutions to equipment manufacturers, system integrators and value-added resellers. Comuniq's flagship product family, The UltimateIP(TM), is a standards-based, open-systems platform using an industry-standard PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) form factor. The UltimateIP software portfolio includes modules for signal processing (G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, G.165, Fax, Modem, DTMF, R1/R2, etc.,) and access protocols (H.323, SS7, ISDN, MFC R1/R2, etc.) The UltimateIP hardware uses native-IP packet switching technology to deliver Multimedia Voice, Video and Data over the industry-standard PCI or (Compact PCI) bus.

Comuniq designs, manufactures and markets its products worldwide through locations in the USA, Norway, France, and Asia.

About Hughes Software Systems

Hughes Software Systems Ltd.,(, is a subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems (HNS), a Hughes Electronics company. HSS offers a broad range of communications related software services, products and solutions. HSS is a leading supplier of ProtoQuick(TM)series of portable protocol stacks like SS7, INAP, B-SS7, V5.2, VB5, GR-303, ISDN, H.323, ATM, FR and Inter-working products, built around its Advanced Architecture for Protocol Engineering (AAPE(TM)). Its IntelliQuick(TM)series of Mediation devices and Intelligent Peripherals has won wide acclaim among manufacturers and vendors of Intelligent Networks. HSS recently released its MultiQuick(TM) series of VoIP solutions for gateway and gatekeeper built around MGCP/MEGACO, SIGTRAN, H.323 standards. In addition to these products, more than 50% of HSS revenues comes from providing software development services to OEMs, telcos and system integrators.

HSS delivers its products and professional services via its development facilities and Sales & Marketing offices located in the USA, India, and UK. HSS is also represented in major countries of South America, Europe and Asia through its Business partners.
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