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Computer-related occupations in the revised 'Dictionary of Occupational Titles.'

Computer occupations have their own division in the 1991 revision of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). Division 03 includes computer-related occupations within the professional, technical, and managerial category. New definitions were also written and existing definitions were modified for computer-related occupations in other categories.

Workers in occupations defined in the new division use computers and computer languages to design and solve problems in business, science, engineering, and other fields. These are jobs described in the new division in the DOT. The division has five occupational groups:

* 030 Occupations in Systems Analysis and Programming

* 031 Occupations in Data Communications and Networks

* 032 Occupations in Computer Systems User Support

* 033 Occupations in Computer Systems Technical Support

* 039 Computer-Related Occupations, n.e.c.

The newly created division contains definitions for occupations in the professional and technical category. New difinitions were also written, and existing definitions were modified, for occupations in other categories. These occupations are considered computer-related because of their department staffing patterns and work activity. For example, the clerical and sales category, contains such occupations as computer operator, tape librarian, and computer scheduler. Some DOT occupations, such as project leader, technical writer, consultant, and training representative, are often found in a company's management information systems (MIS) department, the department that oversees the company's computer operations. However, these occupations are not confined to working with computers and therefore were not included with the other occupations in Division 03.

The following list of occupations will assist users in finding computer-related occupations throughout the DOT. The Dictionary (1991) contains complete definitions and characteristics ratings--including Standard Vocational Preparation time (SVP) and General Educational Development factors (GED)--for each occupation. The GED factors are Reasoning (R), math (M), and language (L) development.

03 Computer-Related Occupations

This division includes occupations concerned with the application of computers and computer language and the use of the computer in the design and solution of business, scientific, engineering, and other technical problems. This division does not include occupations, such as accounting, stock broker, and secretary, in which computers are used as aids. Occupations concerned with the mathematical statement of problems for solution by computers are included in Group 020. Occupations concerned with the application of electronics and the principles of engineering to design and develop computing equipment are included in Group 003. Occupations concerned with writing user instructions for computer application programs are included in Group 131. Occupations concerned with training workers to use new or modified information processing procedures are included in Group 166. Occupations concerned with operating and monitoring computers are included in Group 213.

030 Occupations in systems analysis and programming.

This group includes occupations concerned with the analysis and evaluation of procedures and processes to design a sequence of steps for processing data by a computer. These activities may require the conversion of a sequence of steps into a computer language code that will be processed by the computer. Included are testing, locating and correcting program errors, enhancing, maintaining, and executing the coded instructions.

030.062-010 Software engineer (professional and kindred)

030.162-010 Computer programmer (professional and kindred) alternate titles: Applications programmer, programmer, business

030.162-014 Programmer-analyst (professional and kindred) Alternate title: Applications analyst-programmer

030.162-018 Programmer, engineering and scientific (professional and kindred).

030.162-012 Systems programmer (professional and kindred).

030.167-010 Chief, computer programmer (professional and kindred)

Alternate title: Coordinator, computer programming

030.167-014 Systems analyst (professional and kindred).

031 Occupations in data communications and networks

This group includes occupations concerned with the evaluation of data communications and network hardware and software, cordinating data communications activities, and the transmission and reception of data or information sent electronically. It includes providing support to users of data communications. Occupations concerned with installing, maintaining, and repairing data communications equipment are included in Group 823.

031.132-010 Supervisor, network control operators (any industry).

Alternate title: Data communications technician supervisor

031.262-014 Network control operator (any industry).

031.262-010 Data communications analyst (professional and kindred).

032 Occupations in computer systems user support

This group includes occupations concerned with investigating, resolving, and explaining computer-related problems to users of computer systems. Occupations concerned with support for data communications users are included in Group 031.

032.132-010 User support analyst supervisor (professional and kindred).

Alternate title: Help desk supervisor

032.262-010 User support analyst (professional and kindred).

Alternate titles: Customer service representative; end user consultant; help desk representative; information center specialist; office automation analyst

033 Occupations in computer systems technical support

This group includes occupations concerned with providing technical support for computer systems, rather than to users of computer systems. It includes the development, installation, and maintenance of computer operating systems software.

033.162-010 Computer security coordinator (professional and kindred).

Alternate titles: Data security coordinator; information security coordinator

033.162-014 Data recovery planner (professional and kindred).

Alternate title: Disaster recovery coordinator

033.162-018 Technical support specialist (professional and kindred).

Alternate titles: Project development coordinator; technical operations specialist

033.167-010 Computer systems hardware analyst (professional and kindred).

Alternate titles: Computer systems engineer; methods analyst, data processing; information processing engineer

033.262-010 Quality assurance analyst (professional and kindred).

033.362-010 Computer security specialist (professional and kindred).

039 Computer-related occupations, n.e.c.

This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with computers.

039.162-010 Data base administrator (professional and kindred).

039.162-014 Data base design analyst (professional and kindred).

039.264-010 Microcomputer support specialist (professional and kindred).

The following titles are classified under professional, technical, and managerial occupations:

160.162-010 Auditor, data processing (professional and kindred).

Alternate title: Auditor, information systems

169.167-010 Manager, data processing (professional and kindred).

Alternate titles: Director, data processing; director, management information systems

169.167-082 Manager, computer operations (professional and kindred).

The following titles are classified under clerical and sales occupations:

203.582-054 Data entry clerk (clerical).

Alternate title: Data entry operator

206.367-018 Tape librarian (clerical).

213.132-010 Supervisor, computer operations (clerical).

Alternate titles: Chief console operator; supervisor, data processing

213.362-010 Computer operator (clerical).

213.382-010 Computer-peripheral-equipment operator (clerical).

221.362-010 Computer processing scheduler (clerical).

The following title is classified under structural work occupations:

823.261-010 Data communications technician (any industry).

Lea Behnkendorf is an Occupational Analyst in the Michigan Occupational Analysis Field Center. The article incorporates research conducted by the Michigan Occupational Analysis Field Center staff, Thomas Kearney, Manager.
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