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Computer use for/by inmates.

In 1999, the last year Corrections Compendium queried the field on the use of computers within departments of correction, agencies primarily reported using computers for administrative purposes--intercommunications between various sections of the central office or between the central office and outlying facilities. In fact, it was noted that a main concern involving computers was whether there would be Y2K repercussions as the century turned over. Ten years later, the use of computers has expanded significantly, as indicated by the current survey. Respondents comprised 49 U.S. correctional systems and five Canadian provinces.

Applications Impacting Inmates

Each of the reporting U.S. systems, except Hawaii, Iowa, Nebraska and Nevada, use computers to employ inmate educational programs, as do all five reporting provinces in Canada. And 36 reporting U.S. systems handle inmate health issues via telemedicine. Tennessee uses telemedicine currently in five facilities for infectious disease consultations, and it is developing a proposal to expand the use and to purchase appropriate equipment. In Canada, telemedicine is an option in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Within prison industries operations, 38 reporting U.S. systems use computers in a variety of ways. Many of the systems noted printing and computer-aided graphic design, from processing orders to tracking jobs through the shops to shipping. Kansas also uses computers to convert microfilm to digital imaging. Maryland uses computers for internal shop monitoring, and Montana and Texas use computers for license plate production.

Call centers operate via computer in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and Tennessee. There are no computer applications indicated in the reporting Canadian provinces.

Computers are used for court arraignments in 28 of the reporting U.S. systems and four in Canada. Although court arraignments via computer take place sparingly in Louisiana, there are few court use restrictions indicated by other states, for example: board hearings at only one Arizona facility; limited to two counties in Oregon; and used if requested by judges for security reasons in New Mexico. Newfoundland in Canada limits computer use to such events as pleas, but not for trials.

Parole hearings are another application for video/computer use noted by 32 reporting U.S. systems, but no reporting Canadian systems. Reasons for its use include initial and technical parole violation hearings in Maryland; for life-sentenced offenders in Minnesota; clearing the backlog of cases in remote areas of New Mexico; and for out-of-state contract inmates in Vermont.

Video visitation is an option in 10 reporting U.S. systems and is pending in five additional systems. Arizona makes its use available for long-distance visits; Iowa permits the use in the women's prison for those assigned to noncontact visits; Kansas allows it only for inmates in segregation; and New Mexico considers its use as a way to highlight children's visits.

Applications Being Used by Inmates

Inmates have personal computers available to them in nine reporting U.S. systems: California, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Access is restricted to word processing in Kansas, for legal purposes by federal detainees in Maryland, and for all inmates in Manitoba and Newfoundland, Canada.

Sending or receiving e-marls is not permitted in the reporting Canadian systems, but allowed in six reporting U.S. systems, with some applicable restrictions. For example, Michigan inmates are allowed to receive e-mails, but not send them.

Time limits apply to the use of computers, which are available primarily during classtime. Recreation time is open to inmates in Maine, who may use computers for up to three hours; five hours is available for federal detainees in Maryland to use for legal purposes.

Access to the Internet is denied in all but four reporting jurisdictions. Connecticut allows it at the Job Center; Kansas permits it in the law library; use is allowed when highly supervised in Hawaii; and inmates within 45 days of release in Louisiana may use it to access job opportunities. Tracking personal accounts is likewise denied in all but six systems; it is restricted to minimum-security levels in Kansas. And in no instances are inmates permitted to use computers to order personal supplies (e.g., toilet paper, drawing materials, etc.).

Restrictions in Facility Law Libraries

There is no computer usage permitted in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas or Utah. Inmates elsewhere are allowed to research law library information in a variety of ways, ranging from established time restrictions to CDROM searches; and as stated earlier, access to the Internet is overall not permitted.

Violations Attributable to Computer Use

The respondents were asked to note any incidents of rule violations within the past year and, generally, there were few major infracations identified. In Georgia, inmates produced contraband and/or make-shift weapons from "cannibalized" computer parts; one escape was aided through e-mail use in Indiana; gambling tickets were created in Louisiana; and one inmate broke into a South Carolina facility computer case to steal a fan motor needed to make a tattoo gun.

One Decade From Now

Ten years from now, there is no doubt that computers will have further developed and be used for far more purposes than this survey identifies in managing the affairs of offenders within correctional facilities. There appear to be no limitations or decrease in their use.

For information on surveys featured in this or past issues of Corrections Compendium, contact Cece Hill, CEGA Services Inc., P.O. Box 81826, Lincoln, NE 68501; (402) 420-0602.

Table 1: Uses for Inmates


ALABAMA           Yes               No

ALASKA            Yes               Yes

ARIZONA           Yes               Yes

ARKANSAS          Yes               Yes

CALIFORNIA        Yes               Yes

COLORADO          Yes               Yes

CONNECTICUT       Yes               No

DELAWARE          Yes               Yes

FLORIDA           Yes               No

GEORGIA           Yes               Yes

HAWAII            No                No

IDAHO             Yes               Yes

ILLINOIS          No response

INDIANA           Yes               Yes

IOWA              No                Yes

KANSAS            Yes               Yes

KENTUCKY          Yes               Yes

LOUISIANA         Yes               Yes

MAINE             Yes               Yes

MARYLAND          Yes               Yes

MASSACHUSETTS     Yes               No

MICHIGAN          Yes               Yes

MINNESOTA         Yes               No

MISSISSIPPI       Yes               No

MISSOURI          Yes               No

MONTANA           Yes               Yes

NEBRASKA          No                No

NEVADA            No                No

NEW HAMPSHIRE     Yes               No

NEW JERSEY        Yes               Yes

NEW MEXICO        Yes               Yes

NEW YORK          Yes               Yes

NORTH CAROLINA    Yes               Yes

NORTH DAKOTA      Yes               Yes

OHIO              Yes               Yes

OKLAHOMA          Yes               Yes

OREGON            Yes               Yes

PENNSYLVANIA      Yes               Yes

RHODE ISLAND      Yes               No

SOUTH CAROLINA    Yes               Yes

SOUTH DAKOTA      Yes               Yes

TENNESSEE         Yes               Yes (2)

TEXAS             Yes               Yes

UTAH              Yes               Yes

VERMONT           Yes               No

VIRGINIA          Yes               Yes

WASHINGTON        Yes               Yes

WEST VIRGINIA     Yes               Yes

WISCONSIN         Yes               Yes

WYOMING           Yes               Yes


MANITOBA          Yes               No

NEW BRUNSWICK     Yes               No

NEWFOUNDLAND      Yes               Yes

NOVA SCOTIA       Yes               Yes

ONTARIO           Yes               No


ALABAMA           No

ALASKA            No

ARIZONA           Yes; connected to central office accounting

ARKANSAS          Yes; printing industries

CALIFORNIA        Yes; computer-aided design blueprints and for
                  order processing

COLORADO          Yes; call center (for initial work orders)
                  and for a vocational  program

CONNECTICUT       Yes; an internal network for Correctional

DELAWARE          Yes; printing and graphic design

FLORIDA           Yes; managed by a private corporation for the

GEORGIA           Yes; graphic design

HAWAII            Yes, internal use for tracking print jobs

IDAHO             Yes; Not identified


INDIANA           Yes; printing and graphic design

IOWA              Yes; print shop, sign shop, embroidery, etc.

KANSAS            Yes; graphic design, computer-aided design
                  and microfilm conversion to digital imaging

KENTUCKY          Yes; printing

LOUISIANA         Yes; printing and silkscreen shops

MAINE             No

MARYLAND          Yes; design unit, data entry business units,
                  printing, embroidery, wood furniture,
                  mailing/distribution control, internal shop


MICHIGAN          No

MINNESOTA         Yes; graphic design in one print shop and
                  computer-aided design for metal fabrication


MISSOURI          Yes; computer-aided drafting, computer
                  repair, clerical, etc.

MONTANA           Yes; graphic design, computer-aided design,
                  auto repair and license plate production

NEBRASKA          No

NEVADA            Yes; computer-aided

NEW HAMPSHIRE     Yes; Web page design, certain data
                  process-ing contracts, and hardware

NEW JERSEY        No

NEW MEXICO        Yes; call center, data entry, receiving
                  graphic design files in the print shop

NEW YORK          Yes

NORTH CAROLINA    Yes; sign design


OHIO              Yes; graphic design, marketing,
                  videography and production

OKLAHOMA          Yes; data entry and digital imaging

OREGON            Yes; call centers, computer-aided design
                  and manufacturing, and video production



SOUTH CAROLINA    Yes; graphic design and printing

SOUTH DAKOTA      Yes; data entry and scanning services for
                  other state agencies, Braille unit, printing,

TENNESSEE         Yes; call centers and data entry operations

TEXAS             Yes; license plate production, graphic
                  design for stickers, computer-aided design,
                  and highway sign cutting

UTAH              Yes; graphic design and data entry for state
                  health department

VERMONT           Yes; graphic design and silk screen design

VIRGINIA          Yes; computer-aided design and dental

WASHINGTON        Yes; printing and computer-aided design

WEST VIRGINIA     Yes; desktop publishing

WISCONSIN         Yes; unspecified

WYOMING           Yes; graphic design and printing job layout


MANITOBA          No




ONTARIO           No

SYSTEM            COURT             COURT USE
                  ARRAIGNMENTS      RESTRICTIONS

ALABAMA           No                N/A

ALASKA            Yes               No

ARIZONA           Yes               Board hearings
                                    at only one

ARKANSAS          No                N/A

CALIFORNIA        No                N/A

COLORADO          Yes               No

CONNECTICUT       Yes               No

DELAWARE          Yes               No

FLORIDA           No                N/A

GEORGIA           No                N/A

HAWAII            Yes               No

IDAHO             No                N/A


INDIANA           No                N/A

IOWA              No                N/A

KANSAS            No                N/A

KENTUCKY          No                N/A

LOUISIANA         Yes               No

MAINE             Yes               No

MARYLAND          No                N/A

MASSACHUSETTS     Yes               No

MICHIGAN          Yes               No

MINNESOTA         No                N/A

MISSISSIPPI       Yes               No

MISSOURI          Yes               No

MONTANA           Yes               No

NEBRASKA          No                N/A

NEVADA            Yes               No

NEW HAMPSHIRE     Yes, with most    No
                  state courts

NEW JERSEY        Yes               No

NEW MEXICO        Yes; if           N/A
                  requested by
                  judges for

NEW YORK          Yes               No

NORTH CAROLINA    No                N/A

NORTH DAKOTA      No                N/A

OHIO              No                N/A

OKLAHOMA          No                N/A

OREGON            Yes               No, but limited
                                    to two counties

PENNSYLVANIA      Yes               Not specified

RHODE ISLAND      Yes               No

SOUTH CAROLINA    Yes               No

SOUTH DAKOTA      No                N/A

TENNESSEE         Yes               No

TEXAS             No                N/A

UTAH              Yes               No

VERMONT           Yes               No

VIRGINIA          Yes               No

WASHINGTON        No                N/A

WEST VIRGINIA     No                N/A

WISCONSIN         Yes               No

WYOMING           Yes               No


MANITOBA          Yes               No

NEW BRUNSWICK     Yes               No

NEWFOUNDLAND      Yes               No, but limited
                                    to pleas, etc,
                                    but not for

NOVA SCOTIA       No                N/A

ONTARIO           Yes               No

SYSTEM            PAROLE            VIDEO
                  HEARINGS          VISITATIONS

ALABAMA           No                No

ALASKA            No                Pending

ARIZONA           No                Yes; long-
                                    distance visits
                                    limited to 30
                                    minutes per

ARKANSAS          No                No

CALIFORNIA                          No, but being

COLORADO          Yes               No

CONNECTICUT       Yes, with         Pending
                  equipment in
                  all facilities

DELAWARE          Unknown           No

FLORIDA           No                No

GEORGIA           No                No

HAWAII            Yes               Yes

IDAHO             Yes               No


INDIANA           No                No

IOWA              Yes               Yes; noncontact
                                    visits only in
                                    the women's

KANSAS            Yes               Yes; only for
                                    inmates in

KENTUCKY          Yes               No

LOUISIANA         Yes               No

MAINE             N/A               No

MARYLAND          Yes; initial      No
                  and technical
                  parole violation

MASSACHUSETTS     Yes               No

MICHIGAN          Yes               No; currently

MINNESOTA         Yes;              Yes;
                  "supervised       state-custody
                  release"          inmates only
                  revocations for   and for
                  state-custody     noncontact
                  inmates; also     visits
                  used for
                  offenders (1)

MISSISSIPPI       Yes               No

MISSOURI          No                No

MONTANA           Yes               No

NEBRASKA          No                No

NEVADA            Yes               No

NEW HAMPSHIRE     Yes, only for     No
                  Concord prison

NEW JERSEY        Yes               No

NEW MEXICO        Yes; clearing     Yes; for
                  backlog in        families in
                  remote areas      remote areas
                                    and for

NEW YORK          Determined by     Yes
                  the Division of

NORTH CAROLINA    No                Yes; one pilot
                                    site in

NORTH DAKOTA      Yes               No

OHIO              Yes; limited      No

OKLAHOMA          Yes               No

OREGON            Yes; used for     Yes, but
                  inmates outside   infrastructure
                  the Salem area    not currently
                                    in place

PENNSYLVANIA      Yes               Yes

RHODE ISLAND      No                No

SOUTH CAROLINA    Yes               No

SOUTH DAKOTA      Yes               No

TENNESSEE         Yes               Pending for use
                                    in one facility

TEXAS             Yes; for remote   No
                  areas; not used
                  for all inmates
                  and not for

UTAH              No                No

VERMONT           Yes; for          Yes

VIRGINIA          Yes               No

WASHINGTON        No                No

WEST VIRGINIA     Yes               No

WISCONSIN         Yes               Yes; limited

WYOMING           No                No


MANITOBA          No                No

NEW BRUNSWICK     No                No

NEWFOUNDLAND      No                Pending

NOVA SCOTIA       No                No

ONTARIO           No                No

(1) MINNESOTA: Reviews are conducted on life-sentenced offenders to
determine eligibility for parole after he or she has served the
minimum number of required years (currently, 30 years).

(2) TENNESSEE: Telemedicine is used in five facilities for infectious
disease consultation; currently, a proposal is being developed to
expand the use and for purchasing equipment.


Table 2: Uses by Inmates


ALABAMA                 No                No                N/A

ALASKA                  No                No                N/A

ARIZONA                 No                No                N/A

ARKANSAS                No                No                N/A

CALIFORNIA              Yes               No                N/A

COLORADO                No                No                N/A

CONNECTICUT             Yes               No                N/A

DELAWARE                No                No                N/A

FLORIDA                 No                No                N/A

GEORGIA                 No                No                N/A

HAWAII                  No                No                N/A

IDAHO                   No                No                N/A

ILLINOIS          No response

INDIANA                 No                Yes             Yes (4)

IOWA                    Yes         Yes; pilot        Review of
                                    stage of          certain words
                                    o-Mail            and tracking

KANSAS            Yes; for word       No; pending           N/A
                  processing at
                  some facilities

KENTUCKY                No                Yes         Yes; by
                                                      mailroom staff

LOUISIANA               No          Yes; pilot        Review of
                                    program only in   certain words
                                    one facility

MAINE             Yes; Limited            No                N/A

MARYLAND          Yes; for legal          No                N/A
                  purposes by
                  detainees only

MASSACHUSETTS           No                No                N/A

MICHIGAN                No          Yes; receive      Review of

MINNESOTA               No                No                N/A

MISSISSIPPI             No                No                N/A

MISSOURI                No                No                N/A

MONTANA                 No                No                N/A

NEBRASKA                No                No                N/A

NEVADA                  No                No                N/A

NEW HAMPSHIRE           No                No                N/A

NEW JERSEY              No                No                N/A

NEW MEXICO              No                No                N/A

NEW YORK                No                No                N/A

NORTH CAROLINA          No                No                N/A

NORTH DAKOTA            No                Yes         Screening
                                                      within JPay
                                                      contract *

OHIO                    No            No; pending           N/A

OKLAHOMA                No                No                N/A

OREGON                  No              Yes (7)       Filters and
                                                      byname, topic,

PENNSYLVANIA            No                No                N/A

RHODE ISLAND            No                No                N/A

SOUTH CAROLINA          No                No                N/A

SOUTH DAKOTA            No                No                N/A

TENNESSEE               No                No                N/A

TEXAS                   No                No                N/A

UTAH                    Yes               No                N/A

VERMONT                 No                No                N/A

VIRGINIA                No                No                N/A

WASHINGTON              Yes               No                N/A

WEST VIRGINIA           No                No                N/A

WISCONSIN               No                No                N/A

WYOMING                 Yes               No                N/A


MANITOBA                Yes               No                N/A

NEW BRUNSWICK           No                No                N/A

NEWFOUNDLAND            Yes               No                N/A

NOVA SCOTIA             No                No                N/A

ONTARIO                 No                No                N/A

                      PROGRAM                            INTERNET

ALABAMA           Not specified     Only during             No

ALASKA                  Yes               N/A               No

ARIZONA                 Yes         Only during             No

ARKANSAS                Yes               N/A               No

CALIFORNIA              Yes         Based on course         No
                                    activities or
                                    on job

COLORADO                Yes         Thirty minutes          No

CONNECTICUT             Yes         Only during       Yes, while at
                                    class or while    the Job Center
                                    at the Job        (1)

DELAWARE                Yes         Two hours               No
                                    during class

FLORIDA                 Yes         Likely in law         No (2)

GEORGIA                 Yes         Varies by type          No
                                    of program

HAWAII                  Yes         Only during           Yes (3)

IDAHO                   Yes         Only during             No


INDIANA                 Yes               N/A               No

IOWA                    Yes         Not specified           No

KANSAS                  Yes               N/A         Limited to law
                                                      library, only

KENTUCKY                Yes         Only during             No

LOUISIANA               Yes         One to three          Yes (5)
                                    hours for

MAINE                   Yes         recreation              No
                                    Three hours
                                    during time

MARYLAND                No          Five hours              No
                                    time for
                                    detainees only

MASSACHUSETTS           Yes         Course work             No
                                    only; legal

MICHIGAN                No                N/A               No

MINNESOTA               Yes         Only During             No

MISSISSIPPI             Yes               N/A               No

MISSOURI                Yes               N/A               No

MONTANA                 Yes             Varies              No

NEBRASKA                Yes         Not specified           No

NEVADA                  No                N/A               No

NEW HAMPSHIRE           Yes         Only during             No
                                    class or
                                    library time

NEW JERSEY              Yes             Varies              No

NEW MEXICO              Yes         Not specified           No

NEW YORK                Yes             Varies              No

NORTH CAROLINA          Yes         Consistent with         No
                                    the approved
                                    course code

NORTH DAKOTA            Yes         Not specified           No

OHIO                    Yes               N/A               No

OKLAHOMA                Yes               N/A               No

OREGON                  Yes         During class            No
                                    only, one or
                                    more times per

PENNSYLVANIA            Yes          Not specified          No

RHODE ISLAND      Yes; via a         Not specified          No

SOUTH CAROLINA          Yes               N/A               No

SOUTH DAKOTA            Yes          Not specified          No

TENNESSEE         Yes; literacy/        Varies              No

TEXAS                   Yes               N/A               No

UTAH                    Yes         Based on                No
                                    custody level

VERMONT                 Yes          Not specified          No

VIRGINIA                Yes               WA                No

WASHINGTON              Yes             Unknown             No

WEST VIRGINIA           Yes         No limits               No
                                    have been

WISCONSIN               Yes         Not specified           No

WYOMING                 Yes         Varies by               No
                                    facility; one
                                    to three hours
                                    per day


MANITOBA                Yes         Based on                No
                                    at various

NEW BRUNSWICK           No                N/A               No

NEWFOUNDLAND            No                N/A               No

NOVA SCOTIA             No                N/A               No

ONTARIO                 Yes               N/A               No

                   PERMITTED TO      PERMITTED TO
                     ACCOUNTS          SUPPLIES

ALABAMA                 No                No

ALASKA                  No                No

ARIZONA                 No                No

ARKANSAS                No                No

CALIFORNIA              No                No

COLORADO                No                No

CONNECTICUT             No                No

DELAWARE                No                No

FLORIDA                 No                No

GEORGIA                 No                No

HAWAII                  No                No

IDAHO                   No                No


INDIANA           Yes; JPay               No
                  monitoring *

IOWA              Yes; restricted         No
                  to minimum-
                  security levels

KANSAS            Yes; only         Not specified

KENTUCKY          Yes; only from          No

LOUISIANA               No                No

MAINE                   No                No

MARYLAND                No                No

MASSACHUSETTS           No                No

MICHIGAN                No                No

MINNESOTA             No (6)              No

MISSISSIPPI             No                No

MISSOURI          Yes; from               No

MONTANA                 No                No

NEBRASKA                No                No

NEVADA                  No                No

NEW HAMPSHIRE     No; kiosks              No
                  are planned

NEW JERSEY              No                No

NEW MEXICO              No                No

NEW YORK                No                No

NORTH CAROLINA          No                No

NORTH DAKOTA            No                No

OHIO                    No                No

OKLAHOMA                No                No

OREGON              No; pending       No; pending

PENNSYLVANIA            No                No

RHODE ISLAND            No                No

SOUTH CAROLINA          No                No

SOUTH DAKOTA            No                No

TENNESSEE               No                No

TEXAS                   No                No

UTAH                    No                No

VERMONT                 No                No

VIRGINIA                No                No

WASHINGTON              Yes               No

WEST VIRGINIA           No                No

WISCONSIN               No                No

WYOMING                 No                No


MANITOBA                No                No

NEW BRUNSWICK           No                No

NEWFOUNDLAND            No                No

NOVA SCOTIA             No                No

ONTARIO                 No                No

(1) CONNECTICUT: The Internet can be used to access the Department
of Labor while at the Job Center; other sites are blocked, but can
be opened on a case-by-case basis after a review.

(2) FLORIDA: Access to the Internet may be permitted within the prison
industries programs, under staff supervision.

(3) HAWAII: Firewalls are installed and the education administrator
may give approval for use.

(4) INDIANA: Kiosks are available, specifically designed to transmit
and receive e-mails from approved recipients/senders; all e-mails are
automatically saved and usage is monitored.

(5) LOUISIANA: Under the direct supervision of designated correctional
staff, only offenders who are within 45 days of release may access a
link to the Louisiana Workforce Commission's Web site to complete a
real-time job resume.

(6) MINNESOTA: Via an electronic card-swiping system, inmates may
access their account balance, but not by computer or Internet access.

(7) OREGON: A pilot program with a third-party vendor is operating at
two remote institutions; citizens may send e-mails, which are printed
for inmates, or inmates may compose a message to be sent
electronically to their families.

* JPay is a private company that provides e-commerce solutions to
correctional institutions.


Table 3: Law Library Availability/Incidents of Violations

                     WITHIN LAW LIBRARY          WITHIN PAST YEAR

ALABAMA           Stand-alone models for     Yes; not specified
                  use in gathering
                  information/sources only

ALASKA            The library is a closed,   No
                  online system through
                  Citrix and Lexis/Nexis

ARIZONA           No usage                   N/A

ARKANSAS          Read-only CDs              No

CALIFORNIA        Kiosk-based systems for    Not specified

COLORADO          No usage                   N/A

CONNECTICUT       The department does not    Yes, but due to an
                  maintain a law library,    ongoing investigation
                  but inmates have access    the details may not be
                  to computerized legal      shared; the incidents
                  information within the     involve a system that is
                  general library;           not part of the
                  available via              department network.
                  Lexis/Nexis but not
                  accessed from the

DELAWARE          No Internet access         No

FLORIDA           All correctional           Yes; most involve the
                  facilities housing more    use of inmate-work
                  than 500 inmates have      computers for personal
                  law libraries with         use, such as preparing
                  collections largely        personal or other
                  computer-based (on DVDs,   inmates' legal
                  not online); a word        documents, legal mail,
                  processing service is      and/or general mail.
                  available, but only
                  assigned clerks may
                  perform the function.

GEORGIA           Available, but not         Inmates have written
                  specked                    password protection,
                                             locking staff out of
                                             computers for monitoring
                                             purposes; however, there
                                             have been incidents of
                                             producing contraband
                                             and/or make-shift
                                             weapons from
                                             "cannibalized" computer

HAWAII            Kiosks are provided with   Yes; at times, inmates
                  relevant law-related       have been able to
                  material.                  manipulate the system to
                                             access games, etc.

IDAHO             No usage                   Yes, but fairly minor,
                                             such as using
                                             educational computers
                                             for personal use i.e.,
                                             personal letters, etc.

ILLINOIS          No response

INDIANA           Available for reference    One escape aided through
                  material only and to       e-mail usage; however,
                  conduct job searches       the offender was caught
                  under supervision          because of information
                                             gathered from those

IOWA              Used for typing and        Yes; not working and
                  CD-ROM searches            playing games or for
                                             personal use in some job

KANSAS            Limited to accessing       No
                  Lexis/Nexis only

KENTUCKY          Available, but not         Isolated incidents
                  specified                  attempting to access the
                                             Internet or to store
                                             personal documents on
                                             hard drives

LOUISIANA         Internet access is not     Internal issues: two,
                  allowed to connect to      making gambling tickets;
                  the law library resource   three, pornographic
                  services; law library      material was found; two,
                  information is stored      burning music CDs; and
                  locally on the library     two, accessing an
                  computer or a dedicated    instructor's computer
                  services and not on the
                  department's network.

MAINE             A closed system            No
                  available for three
                  hours During recreation

MARYLAND          No access to the           No

MASSACHUSETTS     No access to the           No

MICHIGAN          Only inmates who work as   Minor misuse for
                  legal assistant clerks     personal gain
                  may access stand-alone

MINNESOTA         Available for accessing    No
                  reference and other
                  books on CD-ROM, not the

MISSISSIPPI       No usage                   N/A

MISSOURI          May access law material    Minor misuse on work
                  only; all print            computers for personal
                  capabilities are           usage
                  controlled by the

MONTANA           Restricted to legal        Yes, various policy
                  documents only and         violations
                  research materials
                  provided by the

NEBRASKA          Information is available   No
                  only in the law library
                  and the system is not

NEVADA            No access to the           No
                  Internet; dedicated to
                  Thompson, Westlaw, Case
                  law applications only;
                  information loaded via
                  CD-ROM by library
                  supervisor only

NEW HAMPSHIRE     Direct Internet            No
                  connection to
                  Lexis/Nexis for research
                  and available for word
                  processing, spreadsheets
                  or other written reports

NEW JERSEY        Designated for legal use   Yes, creating
                  only and not accessible    unauthorized documents;
                  to the Internet            attempting unauthorized
                                             use of the equipment;
                                             attempting to access the

NEW MEXICO        No usage                   An inmate acquired a
                                             staff member's password
                                             and accessed the
                                             Internet on the staff
                                             member's computer.

NEW YORK          No access to the           Attempts to use
                  Internet; documents may    inappropriately (e.g.,
                  not be saved; and no       producing documents,
                  disks or thumb drives ma   etc.
                  be used.

NORTH CAROLINA    No usage                   N/A

NORTH DAKOTA      No access to the           No
                  Internet; Lexis/Nexis

OHIO              No access to the           No
                  Internet; all law books
                  are computer-based

OKLAHOMA          No access to the           Unauthorized use of
                  Internet; resource         staff computers
                  material is computerized

OREGON            Communicating with one     A death row inmate
                  another is not             hacked into the inmate
                  permitted; legal           network and was hiding
                  applications are           files within the
                  networked.                 network.

PENNSYLVANIA      Yes, but not specified     Not specified

RHODE ISLAND      All use is monitored by    No
                  the librarian.

SOUTH CAROLINA    Stand-alone computers      An inmate broke into a
                  are available; staff       case to steal a fan
                  monitor the usage and      motor to make a tattoo
                  quarterly updates are      gun
                  sent by the vendor to
                  the staff for updates
                  via portable disks.

SOUTH DAKOTA      No usage                   N/A

TENNESSEE         Allowed access to          Accessed a state server
                  applicable legal           used in the correctional
                  information/               industries data plant
                  publications (e.g.,
                  Black's Law Dictionary)

TEXAS             No usage                   N/A

UTAH              No usage                   Unauthorized access to
                                             the Internet

VERMONT           All software is internal   Not specified
                  with no Internet access.

VIRGINIA          Allowed to use available   Alleged download of
                  disks for research         music onto a media
                                             player by an inmate
                                             assigned to a computer
                                             for his job; currently
                                             under investigation

WASHINGTON        Not specified              Unknown

WEST VIRGINIA     Permitted to use law       No
                  content converted to

WISCONSIN         Access to legal            Yes, but not specified
                  information via

WYOMING           Allowed to use legal       Forging documents;
                  research software only     attempting to bypass
                                             computer security
                                             policies; printing
                                             documents over page
                                             limit; recording
                                             disallowed materials
                                             onto CDs


MANITOBA          There is a growing         Small number of
                  frequency to have          incidents of
                  inmates retain laptops     disassembling computers
                  in their possession to     to make tattoo guns,
                  view disclosure            homebrew "bugs," etc.
                  materials relating to
                  their trials; strict
                  rules apply.

NEW BRUNSWICK     No usage                   N/A

NEWFOUNDLAND      No usage                   N/A

NOVA SCOTIA       No usage                   N/A

ONTARIO           No usage                   N/A
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