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Computer update supplement.

Computer Update Supplement

For one reason or another, several companies offering computer services did not receive coverage in MBA's January 22nd, 1990 Computer Update magazine section. To correct this, products and services offered by these companies are profiles here.

Data Processing Services

"We can design a system to solve the problems created by beer wholesaler's largest segment, the food chains," announced Bill Lynch, president of Data Processing Services. "Nowhere else can a beer wholesaler find a system with the flexibility to respond to the marketplace and still have the hardware fit their budget."

The Tampa, FL-based company reported over 20 years of experience in creating systems to provide control over wholesaler-provided "direct" items. DPS noted their system is particularly well-suited to assist wholesalers in responding to chain store requirements.

The DPS system can provide authorized item lists, individually negotiated prices, cents-off free goods quantity and mix/match deals. All promotion types can also be supported, DPS said.

"Pre-sell, tel-sell or spot-sell order processing can be mixed any way that is needed," Lynch stated, "with or without hand-held support, and DEX/UCS is available when required."

According to DPS, its system is written around the Oracle Relational Data Base and can run on PCs, multi-user PS/2s, IBM's RT and will soon run on the AS/400.

SIS offers "total solution"

Software Information Services, of Rocky Hill, CT has announced the availability of Total Solution, a one-source computerized system for brewers, bottlers, wholesalers and snack food distributors.

According to the company, Total solution provides a leasing program for hardware, software, customization of forms, technical support and maintenance. The one-source product ends the frustration of multiple calls to find solutions, SIS stated.

Applications available include SIS's SIXPAK (Version 4.0 now available) and SNAKPAK, user-friendly systems for total route management and marketing requirements for pre-sell and peddle wholesalers. These systems also utilize "on-line" network software systems linked to breweries. The AS/400 SIXPAK system will be completely AS/400 native as of January 1, 1990.

SIS's Total Control package also offers on-line diagnostic problem determination and immediate telephone resolutions of operational difficulties, technical support and system upgrades, the company reported.

Roadnet announces new

software enhancements

Roadnet Technologies, Inc., a United Parcel Service company, recently announced the introduction of the Driver Sale 4.2 Routing and Scheduling software. This latest version incorporates several refinements which make the system operate faster and with greater flexibility.

"While the pre-sale routing problem has been actively addressed, we have also recognized the need for a driver sale product," said Jeff Buckman, national sales and marketing manager. "These are two different types of delivery environments, each with its own distinct set of needs. This release exemplifies our continued commitment to the driver sale market."

The newly-released software will display up to a 12-week cycle for each driver. With this feature, the router can see the impact of a potential change on the whole cycle rather than just the specific week where the adjustment would be made.

"From a graphics standpoint," Buckman said, "the system will assign a unique color to each driver so that it is easier to view territory locations. At a glance, the router can determine imbalances in drivers' territories. The router can also color code sites by account types, time windows, size of delivery, frequency of delivery and open and close time."

The company noted on-screen displays can now be customized to help the router focus on the key decision-making factors by determining the order the data is to appear.

"The new release has the ability to assign priority status to key customers," Buckman said, "and then divide these accounts among the drivers. This feature will allow the system to give a more automatic answer. The priority status feature assists in determining how to balance loads from a sales volume standpoint so that no one driver is assigned too many or too few large accounts."

Norfolk Southern Message


In November, Norfolk Southern of Roanoke, VA announced the release of Version 3.2 of their Thoroughbred Quickfo software. According to Norfolk Southern, the new version has been enhanced considerably. New features include the ability to interline trace car movements on many major U.S. railroads, inquire on intermodal gate activity and assist in determining upcoming freight rate changes. The system also provides a directory of personnel. Familiarly known as TQ, the software package is free to Norfolk Southern.
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