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Point Control Co. has released Smart-CAM Production Turning V7.0 and Smart-CAM Advanced Turning V3.0 programs. They were developed to help reduce the programming time for all types of turning operations, from two-axis lathes to multi-axis machines, such as four-axis lathes and mill/turn centers. Circle #861

CIM-Tech's Router-CIM 4.1 can create 100% machine-ready NC code and includes a customized post processor containing the G & M codes for the end user's specific CNC router. The software features automatic lead-in and lead-out, spoil board and engraving routines. Cuter-comp, feed rate, spindle speed, piggy-back spindle and work offsets are all fully implemented, according to the company. Circle #862

NC Microproduct's NC Polaris Version 4.0 provides woodworkers with the ability to machine 3-D surfaces in AutoCAD Release 11. The ADS implementation supports multiple tangent or non-tangent AutoCAD surfaces with full gouge avoidance. It also includes a new automatic nesting extension for optimizing part placement and machining time. Circle #863

Actek offers the Model #DRO400 CNC controller packages for two- through 4-axis applications. These units are optimized for milling machinery and large X-Y table control applications such as routing and glue applicator situations. They can be run on a customer's DOS compatible system. Circle #864

Hanks & Assoc. Inc. and Operations Control Inc. have released the Go-Pro "A," a PC-based manufacturing information system specifically designed for the wood products industry. GO-PRO "A" contains machine loading, shop floor control, order tracking, raw material inventory and costing modules. Circle #865

The Drill-Mate program from Pattern Systems International creates drilling and routing instructions for custom-sized parts. The user can automatically change the position of all machining relative to a predetermined point. Drill-Mate uses parametric design which allows the drilling template to be resized once the part size and thickness are given, the company adds. A template log keeps track of programs. Circle #866

SCMI's offers three programming systems for NC routers. RoutoCAM is an automatic part program generating system well suited for companies that have already adopted or intend to adopt CAD. Routopath is an automatic programming terminal mode which defines and completely controls part programs of SCMI NC routers working straight from an undimensioned component drawing or sample. Digiedit is a text editor for writing a parts program at an office desk with a file system at disposal where part programs in machine language are stored for ready use. Circle #867

The Computerized Set-up Processing Cell from Cywood Technologies Inc. can control the setup of up to four machines, even different types of machines. It also can be adapted onto older machines. It consists of an IBM-compatible computer, two or more 12-channel multiplexers, several motors and encoders, mechanical devices to tie into the electronics and software. Circle #868

Neocom Microspecialists offers Digit software that can trace a picture and create CNC code for a variety of automated routers. While the program is being drawn, the system displays the developing outline on the screen, along with the CNC needed to produce paper drawing on wood. Circle #869


JB Systems Inc. says its Mainsaver computerized maintenance management information system contains an inventory reconciliation process that allows for accurate inventory control. The system provides a straightforward six-step method to identify, count and adjust on-hand quantities of spare parts. Circle #870

Keytrix Systems offers Optimizer/2001, a new panel-cutting optimizer software. It supports Giben, Scheer, Holzma, SCMI and other panel saws. Keytrix has also expanded its estimating and detailing programs for custom casework and millwork. Circle #871

The Real Time Production Monitoring System from Integrated Solutions provides a way to access current production status on the case goods plant floor. The four system modules include a parts database, cut production monitor, time and attendance, graphical bill out and a machine level schedule. Circle #872

The Waste Inventory Tracking System from Environmental Resource Center helps the user: determine which wastes are currently classified as hazardous; understand the manifesting, labeling and record-keeping requirements needed to stay in compliance; and track waste accumulation and minimization. Circle #873


Kitchen image is a new CAD program for designing kitchens. It was designed for the Macintosh computer. Macdraw and PictureBook are the required software to accompany Kitchen Image. Updates will be free for six months. Circle #874

Cabnetworks from CabnetWare Inc. is a full color, on-screen design program for commercial casework, the company says. It allows users to create architecturally detailed drawings of floor plans, elevations, 3-D perspectives, X-sections, joint details, etc. Estimates, change orders and job costing reports are all generated automatically from a room design and cutlists come in three different formats. Circle #875

P.C. Work's Cabinet Builder assists manufacturers in the drawing and piece billing of custom casework. It draws faceframe or frameless, as well as fully parametric elevations, cross sections and plan details. It generates a cutlist that can be sorted or combined. Cabinet Builder works with AutoCAD and downloads to CNC machinery. Circle #876

Golden Ware Inc. offers software for drawing floor plans, elevations and perspectives, as well as for price quoting and generating cutlists. Circle #877

The new Wood Master software is for use with Danckaert's Celaschi tenoners and profilers to help increase flexible manufacturing capabilities. Running in such divergent operating environments as DOS and UNIX, Wood Master is suitable for use by both custom and volume manufacturers who desire the ability to operate just-in-time. For example, worklist structuring for on-off order production and CAD/CAM capabilities for machine program generation are available. Circle #878

Mid-Ohio Systems offers the version 1.0 Opti-Cut, an optimization and nesting software package, develop by Datatech International. It is a stand-alone automatic nesting system that can optimize the cutting requirements of rectangular shapes for shearing-type operations. Each job can consist of up to 50 different rectangular pieces of varying quantities. Opti-Cut will determine the optimum placement of the parts on up to six different blank sizes in order to uses as little material as possible. Circle #879

Cabinet Vision Inc. has introduced a shop floor computer display network called "The Paperless Shop." Computer terminals enclosed in special dust-proof cabinets are placed at each work station throughout the shop. Cutlists and drawings for the current job are displayed for each operator. A light pen device is used by each operator to check off completed parts and communicate with the shop foreman. Circle #880
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