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Computer resource: integrated software for the MacIntosh.

This software package offers Word Processing, Spelling, Thesaurus, Spreadsheet, Database, Charting Draw, Paint and Communications in a user friendly Macintosh format. Similar to Microsoft Works, Beagle-Works has potential for art teachers in curriculum organizing, desktop publishing, direct image creating and scanned image insertion. The pull-down menus make Beagle Works accessible to even the novice Mac user. This is not a postscript program which could limit the creative use of fonts. Minimum required equipment is a Macintosh Plus or later with at least one megabyte of RAM and a hard disk drive. Beagle Works is competively priced with other integrated programs, and has the advantage of a paint component.
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Author:Doornek, Dick
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Evaluation
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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