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Computer multimedia application in soccer movement and sports teaching research.

1. Introduction

With the rapid development of science and technology and the deepening of education reform, computer multimedia technology as a modern teaching and training method, has been widely used in the practical teaching of various disciplines, and has played an important role, has made great achievements. Multimedia teaching, training is the use of multi body courseware, text, with the image, sound, animation and other means, to arouse students' interest in teaching and training methods (Dai, 2012; Kim, 2014). Teaching and training courseware mode is applied to the teaching of football, which will challenge the traditional single soccer teaching and model, and is also the development trend of the future. College football as a discipline should also be aware of the impact of multimedia technology on teaching, the traditional classroom teaching methods must be reformed to adapt to the development of the times (Hu, 2012; Jimenez, 2015). But football teaching is different from other subjects, mostly in the outdoors, the application of multimedia technology with the difficulty in teaching sports technique class now still adopts the traditional teaching method, infiltration of modern means of teaching is extremely slow, seriously hindered the reform of physical education in the process of modernization (Huang, 2014; Lino et al., 2016). Therefore, change the traditional teaching mode, the classroom video and multimedia courseware teaching combined with modern technology, the penetration in the teaching, through the experimental test to test its feasibility, in order to provide reference for the improvement of sports technique course (Sigala, 2012). The teaching and training content of basic technology in football is an important link in the football teaching and training of college physical education department (Krstev, 2014; Jian, 2015). The content of teaching and training effect is good or bad, directly affect the students' interest in football learning and technical mastery, as well as the follow-up of the effect of football tactics teaching and training. Therefore, the aim of this study is to enrich the network multimedia resources in China, and also to provide experience and reference for the teaching and training of large-scale soccer network and for the teaching and training of soccer.

2. Computer multimedia

2.1. Multimedia

The media is often referred to as the media, is often seen in daily life and work and the vocabulary used. As we often take the newspapers, radio, television and other news media. The newspaper called through the text, voice broadcast through television, through image and sound transmission of information. Information required by the media to spread. So 0 is the variety of information/media representation and dissemination of the carrier is the mediator between people's communication and exchange of ideas such as text, graphics, images, sound, animation, video and other media. Multimedia is belonging to a variety of media, but it is often closely linked with the computer, so the multimedia mainly refers to the diversification of computer information processing. Because the information processing procedures, processes or activities can be regarded as the media, computer, TV, etc. can be regarded as the tool of the multimedia. Therefore, broadly speaking, more the media is a field refers to all information processing techniques and methods related, including radio communication, household appliances, printing and publishing. In a narrow sense, it is the use of computer multimedia text, transfer graphics, images, sound, animation and video information collection.

* Sensory media: Refers to the direct role in the human sensory organs, help the media of human perception of its surroundings. It includes a variety of sounds from nature, human music and language for the exchange of text, also includes a variety of human use, static graphics, animation and other activities.

* Representation media: it is an intermediate media processing, storage and transmission media and feeling research out. It includes a variety of voice encoding, music, text encoding, image encoding and image encoding.

* Display media: used for converting media communication between electrical signal and sensory media, is essentially some input and output information of the tools and equipment. The media can be divided into two types: one is the input media, such as keyboard, mouse, camera, scanner, light pen, and a microphone; is the output media, such as a printer, display and the loudspeaker.

* Storage media: is a data carrier for storing information, for storing media, computer or other device to call at any time or store the data encoding files. Storage media tape, floppy disk, hard disk, disk and memory.

* Transmission media: for a transmission from the media said to another physical entity. Many types of transmission media, such as cable transmission line, twisted pair, coaxial cable and optical fiber, with wireless transmission of free space.

2.2. Characteristics of multimedia technology

The multimedia technology is multimedia computer technology, is a kind of information processing technology, refers to the text, graphics, images, sound, animation, video and other media information by computer digital acquisition will capture, compression decompression, editing, storage, processing, integration of technology in the form of individual or synthetic performance the essence. Thus, multimedia technology is a process and provides text, graph, and sound, like a variety of computer information system.

1. Diversity: The first computer is mainly used for calculation. With the popularization of computer, the computer can process information to gradually expand the scope of text and images, and these are the range of visual processing. With the development of multimedia technology, the computer can process is extended to auditory and tactile. As a result, the expression forms of multimedia information are varied, which breaks through the former single form of media expression.

2. Interactive: The interaction is our access and use of information initiative is the most important performance, learners can effectively control according to their own needs. In the early stage of a single text space when learning, is very difficult to control and intervention information. When the interaction is introduced, the activity itself as a kind of media information into the process of knowledge, the learner with the help of activities, they may obtain more information. No interactive multimedia works is any vitality. It is this interaction; the user can be faster and more efficient access to information.

3. Integration: The early technology in multimedia can be a single use, but it is difficult to have as big, because they are single, scattered, such as a single image, voice, interactive technology. The information space is not complete; the information organization will limit the information space, effective use of the limited information. Also, further demand the monotonicity of the information interaction method will limit the application. Therefore, the integration of multimedia is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is the multimedia technology to various media information organically simultaneously become a combination of multimedia information.

3. The application of multimedia in football teaching

3.1. Multimedia teaching

Multimedia teaching refers to the dissemination of information theory and the teaching process of design, implementation, and evaluation system of the educational process. With the development of science and technology, education has undergone profound changes, but also changes constantly learning theory and teaching theory, the application of multimedia teaching has a profound theoretical basis. The multimedia computer, the teaching content according to the order of the development of natural materials, in the form of multimedia image, vividly rendered. It can show the image of realistic graphics, images, animation, film, and can be equipped with the background sound and music moving, can make classroom teaching more vivid, vivid and efficient. The use of computer to demonstrate those who use language to express the teaching content change process complex can effectively make the students thinking and understanding, to the good teaching effect. The use of demonstration courseware, teachers can Enough to effectively play a leading role in controlling the progress of teaching, master the learning situation of students, also can avoid the hard copy the blackboard. This courseware can also be used for individual students to learn, play a certain role in accordance with their aptitude.

Simulation teaching mode, mainly refers to the use of computer simulation to some abstract theory content, or not easy to observe clearly, dangerous, difficult to operate, through 2D or 3D animation form, information processing and image output on the display screen on micro macro amplification, narrow, instant slow, short time to mobilize students to participate in a variety of senses, and make students obtain the dynamic image information, thus forming a distinct perceptual knowledge, to further the formation of the concept, the level of rational knowledge to lay the foundation of state. Simulation teaching is teaching a part of the process, than the traditional maps, models or video are more truly close to things look, and can be repeated, so more conducive to the students' understanding of knowledge, cultivate their ability of thinking in images.

Individual teaching mode, the main part is the use of computers instead of teachers, in accordance with the procedures of teaching principles and teaching approaches to design different levels of students according to their learning level, select the required learning content. Teachers should guide students to find ways to solve the problem, but also practical for students, carefully designed program, so that students can use the shortest time to find ways to solve problems, so as to help students form good learning quality and self-learning method, realize the individualized education goal. Interactive network teaching, which is a relying on computer network teaching model in teaching activities, students use the interactive function of the computer, first in the LAN with other users or local network server. For the exchange, if the content cannot meet the requirements, can further apply to the wide area network, and further the user or resource center to exchange information. This model can be easily monitored for all students, and to learn the results of the analysis, to understand the overall level of the students and individual differences, so as to adjust the teaching content.

3.2. The influence of multimedia technology on Football Teaching

The teaching content is the transmission of teaching information in the teaching process; students acquire knowledge, skills training, and the main source of development ability. Soccer theoretical teaching time is short, single teaching method; students in a relatively short period of time to master the theoretical knowledge of football there are great difficulties. How to make the students in the limited teaching time number can master a lot of theoretical knowledge, the traditional teaching mode has been unable to meet the needs of teaching, multimedia has map, text, sound, like with the characteristics, can provide the most ideal teaching environment, shows the superiority of the traditional teaching methods and incomparable, can solve the conventional teaching methods can not effectively solve the problem is, and effectively complement the development of conventional teaching methods, but can reflect the advantages of multimedia teaching in football theory teaching, depends largely on the teaching content Choice.

Should pay attention to the choice of teaching content, not all content is suitable or necessary for teaching by using multimedia technology. The teaching content should be based on teaching needs to decide, but also give full consideration to the advantages of multi-media teaching, overcome the shortcomings of traditional teaching. The difficulty of teaching content choice should be the focus of teaching, should be. The traditional media expression is not clear, or difficult to express with language can express clearly but very low efficiency, or some of our practical difficulties, through the multimedia technology for animation, demonstration of the content. And for some at a glance or other teaching media can be very simple, quick to let students master the content no need, the use of multimedia to teaching. The traditional teaching form of organization is based on class teaching, class teaching system mainly adopts the method of classroom teaching, teachers are teaching in Heart, the teaching content by teachers to choose a class, select the specific teaching methods and teaching schedule, teaching plan, teaching methods inherited is to teach, students always in a passive learning environment. The development and application of multimedia technology, will enable the teacher centered classroom teaching the form is broken, the teaching organization will develop centralized teaching form from the class teaching system for modern distance education, individual teaching and computer interactive network teaching and other forms of organization. Due to hardware limitations, the multimedia teaching football theory class now still can only use the form of classroom demonstration teaching.

4. Analysis of multimedia soccer courseware and action

4.1. Multimedia soccer courseware

According to the college football elective teaching outline, starting from the actual teaching objectives, need to better accomplish the task of teaching, the teaching aim and teaching key points of the design of multimedia courseware. The multimedia material preparation, material preparation is making a good courseware is an important step to, and should establish the courseware on the pictures. The image mainly refers to the use of football theory courseware interface in the pictures, photos and graphics. This part mainly has two sources: one is through the scanner to the needs of the football course in the picture after scanning the generated image file, and then treated with Photoshop, two is taken from the students teaching video game technology, excellent athletes in the video or download the good image, graphics, photography students from technical teaching, tactical exercises video interception of the video clip; or From the ready-made VCD or video clips, we use PowerPoint courseware production software, the material in accordance with the prior design of the organic combination, to produce the required Football Theory multimedia courseware.

* Scientific principle: Football Theory courseware presents teaching information must reflect scientific knowledge and modern science and technology, mainly reflected in: knowledge represented by the drawing must be scientific; the simulation animation must comply with the scientific principle; animation, graphics, real color to keep the objective things.

* Interactive principle: The interaction is an important feature of multimedia courseware is different from other forms of teaching, whether you need a computer courseware, will you need the content pushed to the front of you; you can control the speed. Many of the teaching process in football teaching is happening at the moment, however, in order to clarify the principle, action must, multimedia can completely be controlled. Suitable for the teachers and students of different, can slow down the speed of movement, also can accelerate the decomposition; cans action, but also continuous operation.

* Benefit principle: Benefit principle is in the multimedia courseware creation must adhere to the most important principle is the starting point and destination of the multimedia courseware creation. Modern educational technology can enhance the quality of education, but also can strengthen the exam oriented education, the guiding ideology of the multimedia courseware must be in order to improve the quality of education. The benefits of a wrong direction, a difference Trinidad, courseware do fine but also a failure of the courseware.

* Flexibility principle: Teachers can pause courseware presentation, when you don't need at any time to make the screen black, may need to call at any time; according to the need to play a repetition of content; the content can be arbitrary jump; freely on the screen painting, columns, writing or input Chinese characters, it is the teacher in the teaching process of the heart the operation of courseware.

* Interest principle: Interest is the internal motivation to learn a lesson. Therefore, in the courseware material, special attention should be paid to make the students interested, stimulate the curiosity of students, so that they are in active status. In the process of knowledge, not to increase the memory and associative memory components, to reduce the mechanical memory, make learning become more active and interesting.

4.2.Analysis on the action of Football Teaching

The multimedia set text, graphics, images, sound, animation, film and television information transmission means as a whole, has a strong sense of reality and expression, can stimulate students' interest in learning interest. As a kind of personality, plays a positive role in the process of people's understanding of it is positive thinking and active learning. Football Theory Teaching in the past, how many teachers, students learn how to complete, mainly teachers, students on the correct theory, understanding is not clear, should grasp the extent to which is not clear. But the multimedia teaching is different, it is intuitive, can be text, image, sound, vivid animation, network together function, can be illustrated, combining visual and use, can be difficult or complicated by slow motion Action and normal action let students see, hear, is conducive to creating a good situation, provide a realistic performance for teaching, and language expression can help students establish action representation and understand the action essentials as soon as possible, to help students master the correct concept of action. In the analysis on the technology of modern football, we will football a technical action mechanism through the multimedia teaching, action essentials by pictures, video and other ways to show to the students, and combined with the technical movement of elite athletes on the football action video was shot and students in the learning process of the video, through comparative analysis, is conducive to the students more intuitive understanding of the concept of action, to speed up the technology master the action.

Teachers arrange the teaching materials, application of teaching methods, improve teaching quality and teaching efficiency of the important factors, difficulties, one very important point is to highlight the teaching focus. The multimedia technology is to achieve this goal is the most effective means of multimedia teaching. There is a abstract theory image can be manifested in the key to solve the difficulties. Such as teaching materials, teaching practice, in football technique requires more training, the students had mastered the action structure, action essentials, and explain the principle of technical movements such as we must use the multimedia technology, we will need to grasp the key and difficult points out, or decomposition, or analysis. The students can not only understand and grasp the principle, and can visually see the specific demonstration, to correctly grasp the entire action, so as to successfully solve the difficulties focus on teaching, and cultivate students that ask Problems, analysis and problem solving skills.

5. Conclusions

Modern information technology has greatly expanded the boundaries of time and space of education; greatly improve students' learning interest, learning efficiency and subjective initiative. So that, multimedia technology as a modern educational technology in football theory teaching role is conditional. It only in some aspects than the traditional teaching method, but is not a panacea of course. It has many advantages, many defects can make up the traditional teaching method, but it also has its own defects, the use of multimedia technology in football theory teaching, due to the combination of audio-visual teaching, attracting the attention of students. The amount of information of the multimedia, transmission speed, some students only see the novelty of animation without thinking, to show the essence of animation, some students only take into account the sound that I forgot to look at the phenomenon, forget learning content, if used improperly, the transfer student's note differently The effect of the football theory teaching, therefore, the teacher cannot appear to rely too much on the phenomenon of teaching media in teaching.


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