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Computer monitoring cuts mine's down time.

Computer monitoring cuts mine's down time

The operations at Golden Giant Mine in Hemlo are being closely watched - by computers.

The mine's owner, Hemlo Gold Mines Ltd., is saving time and money by utilizing programmable logic controls (PLC) technology to monitor many of the mine's internal systems.

A computer system at the mine monitors the performance of the operation's stationary, pumping and hoisting systems through a data highway system to a surface facility. A computer at the surface provides personnel with a display of the systems' operational status.

The monitoring system helps company officials determine if any maintenance is required. The computer includes a diagnostic program which allows a technician at the surface to solve problems as they arise.

The price tag for installing the computer system was in the $200,000 range. The installation included the computer equipment, cables and networking ports in the underground facilities. The ports allow maintenance personnel to plug a personal computer directly into any of the underground systems.

Mine manager Frank Grebenc says the investment is paying off in reduced down time.

"From an operations point of view the more quickly you zero in on the problem, the faster you can solve it," he says.

The company's maintenance co-ordinator can monitor and diagnose the systems from his home at night through the use of a personal computer and telephone modem. Grebenc says this equipment facilitates a quick remedy to any problems which may arise after hours.

PHOTO : The internal operations of Golden Giant Mine, seen here, are being monitored by computers.
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Title Annotation:automation of operations at Golden Giant Mine in Hemlo
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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