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Computer hardware.

IBM Corp. has announced the global expansion of its Asset Recovery Solutions (ARS) program. Previously available only in the Americas, customers throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia-Pacific regions will now have a secure, cost-effective way to retire the computer hardware they no longer need.

Building upon 20 years of experience in maximizing value from IBM hardware coming off of lease, ARS "extends this experience to any customer for both IBM and non-IBM IT assets, providing a wide range of options to help them realize the full value of their hardware investment," the company said in an announcement.

ARS capabilities include:

Cash for IT -- IBM Global Financing will buy back eligible assets based on current market values to put cash in customers' hands. Customers have the option of a fixed-price takeout, where IBM provides a set price, paid within 30 days of receipt of equipment. Or, IBM will sell returned equipment on customers' behalf via competitive bids, sharing the revenues upon completion of the sale.

No-Cost Option -- For customers with a minimum of 25 units in complete and good working order, IBM will pack, transport and manage disposition of assets, at no cost to the customer.

Data Overwrite -- IBM will clean hard file data from disk drives with a three-times overwrite process, making data virtually impossible to recover. This option meets U.S. Department of Defense 5220-22-m 3-pass standards. Other data overwrite levels are also available.

Logistics Services -- IBM offers a streamlined approach to removing, transporting and warehousing equipment on behalf of customers.

Items without recoverable value in the U.S., EMEA and Asia Pacific will be disposed of in accordance with applicable laws.

"Research shows that tracking, managing, controlling--and ultimately--retiring technology assets can add up to the single largest part of IT budgets," says Daniel H. Ransdell, general manager, IBM Global Asset Recovery Services. "Many customers do not realize that their surplus equipment can be remarketed. Nor are they fully aware of the risks of not retiring obsolete equipment properly."

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