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Computer hardware & software.

Computer hardware & software

This section contains CAD/CAM systems and software, networking software, and a variety of programming software.

Business-management system

Made 2 Manage [TM] is a business-management software system designed to help small manufacturers gain better control over production, costs, inventory, and product quality. Developed for shops of 25 to 150 people, it also can be used by larger companies.

The software networks PC-AT workstations, so information can be shared among system users. The open architecture employs a Novell LAN, linking a 286, 386, 486 family of workstations. Five-level passwords provide control of confidential information. The system includes executive overview, sales management, production management, financial management, and system maintenance. The software-productivity-tools section includes word processor, spreadsheet, database, and graph packages, as well as professional desktop publishing.

TekSyn Inc, Indianapolis, IN.

Eliminate punched tape

TAPE TWIN System combines hardware and software to eliminate punched tape for running--part programs from a tape reader or memory. Programs can be stored on floppy disks and then viewed, edited, erased, or listed on a printer.

The system transmits either ASCII (RS-358) or EIA (RS-244) signals. It's designed to connect output directly into the tape-reader-interface connector--without eliminating the ability to use the original tape reader.

ETM Services Inc, Port Chester, NY.

Integrated CAD/CAM system

STRIM 100 CAD/CAM system has modules for 2- and 3-D surface design, machining up to five axes, dynamic plastic-flow simulation, parameterized drafting, and finite-element modeling. The system supports standard translators.

Applications include auto-body design and styling, prototype development, and glass unfolding. System runs on standard hardware platforms.

Cisigraph Corp, Farmington Hills, MI.

Speed program development

Advanced manufacturing software for multiaxis machining and sheetmetal fabrication helps automate the product development cycle. Combines interactive graphics with nongraphic programming to accelerate NC program creation, editing, verification, and maintenance. Software works directly with part models from shared engineering database.

Intergraph Corp, Huntsville, AL.

Punch prior to laser

Optimation's new system exploits the best of both punch and laser machine processes. Parts are nested in a Just-In-Time environment, with both punch and laser tool paths on all parts. The output is split into the two NC processes. The result is the best of both processes are utilized with high throughput rates. Savings include material, labor, tooling, inventory, and cycle time.

Optimation Inc, Independence, MO.

CAM software

Mastercam offers a complete family of CAM software for 2-D and 3-D mills, lathes, wire EDMs, plasma cutters, and lasers.

New features include 255 levels, window masking, new font types, window chaining, multiple collapse-point spiral pocketing, and improved zig-zag pocketing.

The 3-D features include: sculptured surfaces, surface-trimming, surface-filleting, surface projections, surface-roughing, enhanced IGES, five-axis capabilities, single- or multiple-Coons patch, lofted surfaces, surface-filleting, surface intersection, trim surfaces, and machine surfaces with bull-nose, square cutter, or ball-end mills.

CNC Software Inc, Tolland, CT.

Color graphics control

Fagor's 8030 series numerical control has a 14" color screen, soft keys, complete alphanumeric keyboard, independent operator panel, and capability of controlling up to five axes. Decoded M-codes and a parametric interface allow the user to integrate M-code logic without a programmable logic controller.

The 8030 offers both isometric graphics (3D) and accurate graphics (X, Y, and Z dimensions). Isometric graphics give the operator a feel for the part, while accurate graphics verify the part program to 0.0001".

The 8030 is capable of controlling up to five axes in milling applications, plus machine spindle and handwheel. It can also control five axes in lathe applications.

Fagor Automation Corp, Elk Grove Village, IL.

Shop-floor tracking

Smart Shop On Trac [TM] delivers shop-floor data from up to 16 remote data-collection terminals. The terminals are linked in a network and accept keypad, bar code, and magnetic-stripe data.

The system employs extensive on-screen graphics to help management track productivity and trends. Three-dimensional bar charts and Gantt charts are used to identify work in process and employee activity. Pie charts show shop activity by job, operation, or employee. Displays can be frozen in time, or automatically updated as shop-floor entries are made.

System consists of a central controller attached to an IBM PC that continuously polls remote terminals. It feeds the shop-floor information to a sophisticated data-collection and analysis package. Up to 15 additional terminals can be added to the network.

Smart Shop Software Inc, Paso Robles, CA.

Process-planning software

New L-APP software is a process-planning tool employing advanced icon graphics to mimimize mathematical calculation. Built-in artificial intelligence helps reduce engineering and NC programming costs. Features include automatically set clamping position, automatic program-machining procedure, automatic arrangement of machining sequence, automatic determination of cutting range, automatic selection of cutting tools, automatic set-cutting considition, automatic simulation of tooling path, automatic calculated machining time, and automatic generation of NC program.

KNW Co, Buena Park, CA.

DNC network

Versa-Net-II-HS is a high-speed DNC system designed to support a network of up to 32 machine tools, integrating NC and CNC machine-tool controls, part-programming, and CAD/CAM with a data-transfer rate of one MegaBaud. The system allows large files for complex parts to be transferred to the machine tool in a matter of seconds. It supports simultaneous networking, operation of a CAM program, and multitasking at the machine-tool control, allowing operators to view drawings, setup sheets, and text files while the machine tool is producing a part.

Standard hardware includes a 20-MHz 80386 SX processor, 40-Mbyte hard drive, 2-MB RAM, 14" VGA color monitor, 3.5" or 5.25" floppy-disk drive, Versa-Edit graphics and text editor, Procomm communications package, Versa-Net software, and parallel and serial ports.

Greco Systems, El Cajon, CA.

AutoCAD enhancement

NC-AUTO-CODE software system produces NC programs from within AutoCAD. The software adds more than 50 commands to the AutoCAD menu that can be used for programming two- and three-axis applications. All commands are written in AutoLISP. The software system includes bidirectional translators, RS-232 interface program, macro generator, and a library of postprocessors.

Kramer Consulting Inc, Dublin OH.

Surface modeling

Cadkey Surfaces gives the Cadkey design system a new high-level modeling capability. The surface-modeling system enables engineers to represent exact geometry of complex 3-D designs such as airplane wings.

While surface modeling is common in large minicomputer or mainframe-based systems, the new system is PC based.

Cadkey Surfaces will feature nine surface types: surface of revolution, tabulated cylinders, ruled surfaces, fixed- and variable-radius fillets, three-sided surfaces, complex surfaces, offset surfaces, and swept surfaces.

Cadkey Inc, Manchester, CT.

Coding system

Inductive read-write coding system allows contact-free identification and programming of tools, toolholders, or pallets in automatic manufacturing systems.

Miniature data carriers store and read data without physical contact at a distance of 4 mm. Data carrier and read-write head are sealed in a waterproof stainless-steel housing with oxide-ceramic protection of the sensing face.

Euchner-USA Inc, Montville, NJ.

Job-shop software

On-Target job-shop management software supports complete control from estimating and bidding to order-processing and invoicing. Fully-integrated modules include enhanced scheduling, job costing, job history analysis, purchase order control.

Multi-tasking relational database management system allows users to search for an entry without knowing its exact identification. They can step through information entry-by-entry, reviewing and correcting data as required. Full editing and reporting capability is provided.

Features of estimating and bidding include calculation of cycle time, scrap and waste allowance, material allowance, and cost and bid prices for up to six lot sizes. Module supports material costing with break-point pricing, automatic routing creation, one-time charges and variable pricing by lot, multiple-lot bid preparation, and full user-controlled speeds database.

Viehmann Corp, North Andover, MA.

CAD/CAM software system

Leonard CAD/CAM software provides capabilities from computer-assisted design of complex shapes to automated manufacturing with a wide range of machining methods.

System offers a modular, building-block approach to customizing a program to manufacturer requirements. Its flexibility allows for integration into existing systems and procedures. A wide variety of applications modules ensure a customized system that features expansion capabilities.

Hahn and Kolb USA Inc, Elk Grove, IL.

Computerized programming

MultiPunch II [TM] is a computerized programming and tape-preparation system for CNC turret punch presses. It employs the Apple [R] MacIntosh [R] computer with mouse, Image-writer dot-matrix printer, and external disk drive to produce sheet-metal-fabricating programs quickly and easily.

Pull-down menus provide fast and simple user selection of programming capabilities including line-at-angle, grid, bolt-hole circle, nibble contouring, round and rectangular window cuts, and automatic repositioning of the sheet. Interactive screen graphics provide quick visual verification of hits while programming, and allow selection of any hits for duplication, mirror imaging or deletion. The zoom feature allows high-power magnification of selected areas for viewing hits.

Tool grouping for multiple-part runs is automatically performed. Automatic generation of NC files to run the punch press is accomplished using pull-down menu commands. Standard communications capability allows transmission of NC files directly to the control or to a paper-tape-punching device.

Strippit Inc, Akron, NY.

Concurrent engineering

Bravo3 software is used for product design and manufacturing. Designed to be used in concurrent engineering projects, the software incorporates a standard user interface specified by the Open Software Foundation. The software allows computers to become more active in the design and manufacturing process and links manufacturing and engineering functions to speed product development time.

Schlumberger, Ann Arbor, MI.

DUCT release 5.0

Deltacam Inc will display the latest release of DUCT CAD/CAM software on Apollo and Silicon Graphics engineering workstations. DUCT 5.0 will be performing: volume, parting line, and anisotropic shrink calculations; 2-D sectioning of 3-D surface models; dynamic rotation of color shaded images; automatic surface trimming; multisurface blending; and multisurface machining.

Deltacam Inc, Eastlake, OH.

Tool-control system

A PC-based tool-control system (TCS) represents a major upgrade in tool-control software. Available with bar coding, the system is designed for job shops, manufacturing plants, and other facilities with large investments in tooling.

TCS completely integrates major components of tool-control activity: tool management, system management with an added security module, and transaction management.

Software is designed for use with the IBM AT or compatible, 640k ram, 20-MByte hard disk, color or monochrome monitor, 80-column printer, and any DOS 3.xx version. A network version is also available.

Spacesaver Software Systems, Brookfield, WI.

New application programs

DP Technology will demonstrate four new application programs for FACT, its integrated DNC and factory automation system.

The four new application programs are integrated into FACT's distributed manufacturing database. New applications include information management that stores drawings, setup sheets, and NC- and CNC-part programs; information display; production monitoring that monitors all machine tools in the plant for part count, cycle time, machine status, and labor tracking; material tracking that tracks the routing of all materials and parts through the shop in real time, using bar code technology.

DP Technology, Camarillo, CA.

NC organization system

System 2000 is a comprehensive NC organization and programming system that can be integrated into a computer-controlled factory system as a CIM component. The system includes programming modules, cutting technology files, postprocessors, DNC system, cycle-time-calculation module, and CAD-CNC coupling module. The CAD-CNC coupling module can create a continuous connection between CAD and the machine control. The system is used for manufacturing operations including two- and four-axis turning; C-axis, Y-axis, and multispindle machines;, drilling and milling machines up to 2 1/2 axes; punching machines; flame-cutting machines.

Index Corp, Shelton, CT.
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