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Computer arithmetic; proceedings.


Computer arithmetic; proceedings.

IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (18th: 2007: Montpellier, France)

Computer Society Press


269 pages




These proceedings of the June 2007 symposium include 28 papers on recent advances in the theory and implementation of number systems and basic arithmetic operations to hardware implementation of complete arithmetic units and their language support. General topics include the decimal floating point (including solving constants on the intermediate results of decimal floating point operations), floating point implementation (including a P6 floating point unit and a new architecture for multiple-precision floating point multiply-add fused unit design), floating point issues and operations, crypto algorithms (including asymmetric squaring formulae and spectral modular exponentiation), elementary functions (including a return to hardware), and modular operations. Special topics include an accurate multiple-precision Gauss-Legendre quadrature.

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