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Computer accessories.

A stroll down the aisles of today's computer retailers makes it clear that the personal computer occupies a seminal position in the nation's businesses. Stores are loaded down with computer gadgets designed to make your computer easier to use. They often make you more comfortable while performing various computing tasks.

As a computer user, you know how much smaller your desk is after you've set up your monitor, CPU terminal, keyboard, mouse and printer.

The MasterStand from Kensington Microwave Ltd. in San Mateo, Calif., helps alleviate this problem by allowing you to slide your keyboard under your PC. This space-saving device provides you with an extra eight inches of desk space. You can store all your laser printer supplies in one area with the company's LaserStand. Side compartments help protect, organize and store printer cables. Other space-saving devices include the Universal System Stand and Universal Tilt-Swivel.

The Tilt n Turn[R] Monitor Stand from Los Angeles-based MicroComputer Accessories eases the strain from your computer sitting on an angle. The stand has adjustable trays and holds computer weighing up to 40 pounds. It retails for $29.95. MicroComputer also provides the CRT Arm, which lifts your computer's monitor up to eight inches above your desk, leaving space for strong papers, diskettes and other accessories. The Arm includes a chrome keyboard and retails for $69.95.

When it comes to computer furniture, Anthro Corp., Portland, Ore., offers the AnthroCart. This mobile computer workbench which comes in different sizes, has adjustable shelves to accommodate various peripheral devices and computer accessories. Pricing starts around $159.95.

A convenient computer application is the handheld scanner. Connected to your PC via a cable and an interface card, the scanner eliminates the tedious job of retyping documents. The SCANMAN 256 from Logitech Inc., Fremont, Calif., scans both text and images from the printed page onto the computer screen. The image-scanning feature lets you add photographs to newsletters, charts to reports, or line art to memos.

The SCANMAN 256 comes with PhotoTouch image-editing software, which enables you to edit scanned images by lightening or darkening them, adjusting their brightness and contrast, re-sizing or rotating them and zooming in on them at multiple levels. You can even correct any errors that result from you hand wobbling as you run the scanner over the printed page. The LogiTech scanner, which lists for $449, offers resolution up to 400 DPI. The LogiTech SCANMAN 256 reproduces images in 256 shades of gray. The SCANMAN for Macintosh is limited to 32 scales of gray.

Once you've scanned printed documents into your computer, you may want to send them to a group of friends or coworkers. A fax modem will enable you to communicate with computer users whose machines are equipped with modems and with others who don't own computers, but have access to fax machines.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Globall Village Communications offers FullFax, a 2400 baud date modem, which sends faxes at 9600 baud are receives them at 4800 baud. For Macintosh users, FullFax enables you to call in from a remote location and wake up your MAC II, even if the computer is turned off. FullFax lists for $295.

Zoom Telegraphics' Fax Modem 9624 is a Hayes-compatible device, which you can plug in to the serial port of your IBM or compatible PC or Macintosh. The Fax Modern 9624 comes in internal and external versions for PCs only, and lists for $169 and $179 respectively.

The Everfax 24/96 from Everex Co. in Fermont, Calif., offers a scheduling feature that instructs your computer to send a series of faxes at different times. Other features include automatic generation of cover sheets and page headers and FaxMerge. Using this device, you can add your letterhead, signature or a graphic file to your fax message.

If your biggest concern is your feet rather than your monitor, MicroComputer Accessories offers FootEase. This adjustable foot rest has a 13 inches by 19 inches platform that can tilt up to an angle of 23 degrees. FootEase retails for $54.95.

Curtis Manufacturing Co. Inc. in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, offers the Standard Monitor Arm, which holds up to 30 pounds and retails for $69.95. The Executive Monitor Arm (has an 3-axis design, tilts 25 degrees) and the Professional Monitor Arm (has a 8-axis design, tilts 25 degrees) hold up to 65 pounds and retail for $139.95 and $239.95, respectively.

Other Curtis accessories include computer-cleaning kits: Clean Screen ($5.95), anti-screen wipes; Clean Mouse ($9.95), scrubbing balls and solution for any mouse; Clean Drive Kit ($9.95), disk drive cleaners for both 3.5 inch- and 5.25-inch disks, and Clean Fax ($14.95), which prevents misfeeds and paper jams. The company also sells a $9.95 keyboard calculator that operates on solar power.

Given this latest innovative device, computer accessories are more than space- and time-savers. They are energy-savers.
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