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Computer Abuse Investigator.

Computer Abuse Investigator. By Mark Tantam; published by Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd., London, England, (081) 594 7272; three-ring binder format; $145.

The first idea that struck me when I started to read this book was the fact that the author did not provide any information concerning his background or experience. Without this information, the reader is uncertain about the author's credibility and the material in the book.

I got the impression that the author was not a security professional or law enforcement officer. At times he seemed in awe of the activities of the computer criminal and at other times he seemed skeptical of the ability of law enforcement to handle these types of investigations.

The problem centers on the fact that he uses only a small number of cases investigated in England and Wales. He makes reference to 31 cases referred to the Audit Commission. The US Secret Service alone handles more than 100 fraud investigations each year.

The book does have several good points. It provides basic material and would be useful to someone new to this field. Also, in one useful chapter the author delineates the computer laws of several countries However, Computer Abuse Investigator would be of limited benefit to an experienced investigator or security professional.

The author addresses many important issues and offers insights into the innumerable problems encountered in computer investigations and suggests possible remedies. The advice he provides is sound.

Despite these benefits, I found the book difficult to read because many of the cases the author refers to occurred in England and Wales and the writing style was a bit cumbersome.

I would not buy the book, but a novice to the field may find it useful since it has the most current information. However, many good reference books on this subject are already on the market.

Reviewer: Dale P. Boll is a special agent with the US Secret Service assigned to the fraud division in Washington, DC, and a member of the ASIS Standing Committee on Computer Security.
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Author:Boll, Dale P.
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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