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Articles from Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine (January 1, 2014)

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3D alternating direction TV-based cone-beam CT reconstruction with efficient GPU implementation. Cai, Ailong; Wang, Linyuan; Zhang, Hanming; Yan, Bin; Li, Lei; Xi, Xiaoqi; Guan, Min; Li, Jianxin Report 5225
3D data denoising via nonlocal means filter by using parallel GPU strategies. Cuomo, Salvatore; De Michele, Pasquale; Piccialli, Francesco Report 9084
3D human motion editing and synthesis: a survey. Wang, Xin; Chen, Qiudi; Wang, Wanliang Report 8058
3D texture analysis in renal cell carcinoma tissue image grading. Kim, Tae-Yun; Cho, Nam-Hoon; Jeong, Goo-Bo; Bengtsson, Ewert; Choi, Heung-Kook Clinical report 6992
A 3D finite-difference BiCG iterative solver with the Fourier-Jacobi preconditioner for the anisotropic EIT/EEG forward problem. Turovets, Sergei; Volkov, Vasily; Zherdetsky, Aleksej; Prakonina, Alena; Malony, Allen D. Report 6140
A biological hierarchical model based underwater moving object detection. Shen, Jie; Fan, Tanghuai; Tang, Min; Zhang, Qian; Sun, Zhen; Huang, Fengchen Report 4600
A CT reconstruction algorithm based on non-aliasing contourlet transform and compressive sensing. Deng, Lu-zhen; Feng, Peng; Chen, Mian-yi; He, Peng; Vo, Quang-sang; Wei, Biao Report 3362
A DAQ-device-based continuous wave near-infrared spectroscopy system for measuring human functional brain activity. Xu, Gang; Li, Xiaoli; Li, Duan; Liu, Xiaomin Report 4673
A harmonic linear dynamical system for prominent ECG feature extraction. Thi, Ngoc Anh Nguyen; Yang, Hyung-Jeong; Kim, SunHee; Do, Luu Ngoc Report 4601
A hybrid approach of using symmetry technique for brain tumor segmentation. Saddique, Mubbashar; Kazmi, Jawad Haider; Qureshi, Kalim Report 3496
A machine learning approach for specification of spinal cord injuries using fractional anisotropy values obtained from diffusion tensor images. Tay, Bunheang; Hyun, Jung Keun; Oh, Sejong Report 4999
A mathematical model of cancer treatment by radiotherapy. Liu, Zijian; Yang, Chenxue Report 6230
A mathematical model of the immune and neuroendocrine systems mutual regulation under the technogenic chemical factors impact. Zaitseva, N.V.; Kiryanov, D.A.; Lanin, D.V.; Chigvintsev, V.M. Report 6000
A mathematical study of a TB model with treatment interruptions and two latent periods. Liu, Luju; Wang, Yan Report 6220
A method of protein model classification and retrieval using bag-of-visual-features. Ma, Jinlin; Ma, Ziping; Kang, Baosheng; Lu, Ke Report 4676
A mixture modeling framework for differential analysis of high-throughput data. Taslim, Cenny; Lin, Shili Report 4857
A modeling and experiment framework for the emergency management in AHC transmission. Chen, Bin; Ge, Yuanzheng; Zhang, Laobing; Zhang, Yongzheng; Zhong, Ziming; Liu, Xiaocheng Report 10108
A multiatlas segmentation using graph cuts with applications to liver segmentation in CT scans. Platero, Carlos; Tobar, M. Carmen Report 9397
A new high-resolution spectral approach to noninvasively evaluate wall deformations in arteries. Bazan, Ivonne; Negreira, Carlos; Ramos, Antonio; Brum, Javier; Ramirez, Alfredo Report 8602
A new kernel-based fuzzy level set method for automated segmentation of medical images in the presence of intensity inhomogeneity. Shanbehzadeh, Maryam Rastgarpour Jamshid Report 6973
A new multistage medical segmentation method based on superpixel and fuzzy clustering. Ji, Shiyong; Wei, Benzheng; Yu, Zhen; Yang, Gongping; Yin, Yilong Report 6248
A nonparametric shape prior constrained active contour model for segmentation of coronaries in CTA images. Wang, Yin; Jiang, Han Report 5336
A note regarding problems with interaction and varying block sizes in a comparison of endotracheal tubes. Einsporn, Richard L.; Jia, Zhenyu Report 2856
A novel adaptive level set segmentation method. Lin, Yazhong; Zheng, Qian; Chen, Jiaqiang; Cai, Qian; Feng, Qianjin Report 3733
A novel blind separation method in magnetic resonance images. Gao, Jianbin; Xia, Qi; Yin, Lixue; Zhou, Ji; Du, Li; Fan, Yunfeng Report 3435
A patient-specific airway branching model for mechanically ventilated patients. Damanhuri, Nor Salwa; Docherty, Paul D.; Chiew, Yeong Shiong; van Drunen, Erwin J.; Desaive, Thomas; Report 5828
A pipeline for neuron reconstruction based on spatial sliding volume filter seeding. Sui, Dong; Wang, Kuanquan; Chae, Jinseok; Zhang, Yue; Zhang, Henggui Report 3814
A region growing vessel segmentation algorithm based on spectrum information. Jiang, Huiyan; He, Baochun; Fang, Di; Ma, Zhiyuan; Yang, Benqiang; Zhang, Libo Report 3775
A statistical-textural-features based approach for classification of solid drugs using surface microscopic images. Tahir, Fahima; Fahiem, Muhammad Abuzar Report 8296
A supervised network analysis on gene expression profiles of breast tumors predicts a 41-gene prognostic signature of the transcription factor MYB across molecular subtypes. Liu, Li-Yu D.; Chang, Li-Yun; Kuo, Wen-Hung; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin; Chang, King-Jen; Hsieh, Fon-Jou Report 9843
A theoretical model for the transmission dynamics of the Buruli ulcer with saturated treatment. Bonyah, Ebenezer; Dontwi, Isaac; Nyabadza, Farai Report 7515
A time-domain hybrid analysis method for detecting and quantifying T-wave alternans. Wan, Xiangkui; Yan, Kanghui; Zhang, Linlin; Zeng, Yanjun Report 6089
A two-stage exon recognition model based on synergetic neural network. Huang, Zhehuang; Chen, Yidong Report 4582
A wavelet transform based method to determine depth of anesthesia to prevent awareness during general anesthesia. Mousavi, Seyed Mortaza; Adamoglu, Ahmet; Demiralp, Tamer; Shayesteh, Mahrokh G. Report 5811
Accelerating dynamic cardiac MR imaging using structured sparse representation. Cai, Nian; Wang, Shengru; Zhu, Shasha; Liang, Dong Report 4157
ADLD: a novel graphical representation of protein sequences and its application. Wang, Lei; Peng, Hui; Zheng, Jinhua Report 8527
Advances and computational tools towards predictable design in biological engineering. Pasotti, Lorenzo; Zucca, Susanna Report 13270
Altered intrinsic connectivity networks in frontal lobe epilepsy: a resting-state FMRI study. Cao, Xinzhi; Qian, Zhiyu; Xu, Qiang; Shen, Junshu; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Lu, Guangming Report 5942
An effective way of J wave separation based on multilayer NMF. Li, Deng-ao; Lv, Jing-ang; Zhao, Ju-min; Zhang, Jin Report 3222
An efficient diagnosis system for Parkinson's disease using kernel-based extreme learning machine with subtractive clustering features weighting approach. Ma, Chao; Ouyang, Jihong; Chen, Hui-Ling; Zhao, Xue-Hua Report 7972
An efficient frequency recognition method based on likelihood ratio test for SSVEP-based BCI. Zhang, Yangsong; Dong, Li; Zhang, Rui; Yao, Dezhong; Zhang, Yu; Xu, Peng Report 5653
An ensemble-of-classifiers based approach for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: classification using structural features of brain images. Farhan, Saima; Fahiem, Muhammad Abuzar; Tauseef, Huma Report 6385
An improved FCM medical image segmentation algorithm based on MMTD. Zhou, Ningning; Yang, Tingting; Zhang, Shaobai Report 3775
An interactive method based on the live wire for segmentation of the breast in mammography images. Zewei, Zhang; Tianyue, Wang; Li, Guo; Tingting, Wang; Lu, Xu Report 4896
An investigation of factors affecting elementary school students' BMI values based on the system dynamics modeling. Lan, Tian-Syung; Chen, Kai-Ling; Chen, Pin-Chang; Ku, Chao-Tai; Chiu, Pei-Hsuan; Wang, Meng-Hsiang Report 2813
Analysis of epileptic seizures with complex network. Ni, Yan; Wang, Yinghua; Yu, Tao; Li, Xiaoli Report 2266
Analysis of visual appearance of retinal nerve fibers in high resolution fundus images: a study on normal subjects. Kolar, Radim; Tornow, Ralf P.; Laemmer, Robert; Odstrcilik, Jan; Mayer, Markus A.; Gazarek, Jiri; Ja Report 6124
Analyzing EEG of quasi-brain-death based on dynamic sample entropy measures. Ni, Li; Cao, Jianting; Wang, Rubin Clinical report 3395
Ant colony optimization approaches to clustering of lung nodules from CT images. Gopalakrishnan, Ravichandran C.; Kuppusamy, Veerakumar Report 8807
Application of multivariate modeling for radiation injury assessment: a proof of concept. Bolduc, David L.; Villa, Vilmar; Sandgren, David J.; Ledney, G. David; Blakely, William F.; Bunger, Report 11010
Automated bone age assessment: motivation, taxonomies, and challenges. Mansourvar, Marjan; Ismail, Maizatul Akmar; Herawan, Tutut; Raj, Ram Gopal; Kareem, Sameem Abdul; Na Clinical report 10056
Automated conduction velocity analysis in the electrohysterogram for prediction of imminent delivery: a preliminary study. de Lau, Hinke; Rabotti, Chiara; Bijloo, Rianne; Rooijakkers, Michael Johannes; Mischi, Massimo; Oei, Clinical report 4112
Automated image analysis of lung branching morphogenesis from microscopic images of fetal rat explants. Rodrigues, Pedro L.; Rodrigues, Nuno F.; Duque, Duarte; Granja, Sara; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Vilaca, Report 4540
Automatic blastomere recognition from a single embryo image. Tian, Yun; Yin, Ya-bo; Duan, Fu-qing; Wang, Wei-zhou; Wang, Wei; Zhou, Ming-quan Report 3851
Automatic detection and quantification of WBCs and RBCs using iterative structured circle detection algorithm. Alomari, Yazan M.; Sheikh Abdullah, Siti Norul Huda; Azma, Raja Zaharatul; Omar, Khairuddin Report 8767
Automatic identification of motion artifacts in EHG recording for robust analysis of uterine contractions. Ye-Lin, Yiyao; Garcia-Casado, Javier; Prats-Boluda, Gema; Alberola-Rubio, Jose; Perales, Alfredo Report 7447
Automatic lung tumor segmentation on PET/CT images using fuzzy Markov random field model. Guo, Yu; Feng, Yuanming; Sun, Jian; Zhang, Ning; Lin, Wang; Sa, Yu; Wang, Ping Report 3276
Automatic segmentation of anatomical structures from CT scans of thorax for RTP. Ozsavas, Emin Emrah; Telatar, Ziya; Dirican, Bahar; Sager, Omer; Beyzadeoglu, Murat Report 7256
Background-suppressed MR venography of the brain using magnitude data: a high-pass filtering approach. Jin, Zhaoyang; Xia, Ling; Zhang, Minming; Du, Yiping P. Report 5169
Biomedical relation extraction: from binary to complex. Zhou, Deyu; Zhong, Dayou; He, Yulan Report 13277
BioTCM-SE: a semantic search engine for the information retrieval of modern biology and traditional Chinese medicine. Chen, Xi; Chen, Huajun; Bi, Xuan; Gu, Peiqin; Chen, Jiaoyan; Wu, Zhaohui Report 8240
Cirrhosis classification based on texture classification of random features. Liu, Hui; Shao, Ying; Guo, Dongmei; Zheng, Yuanjie; Zhao, Zuowei; Qiu, Tianshuang Report 5767
Coarse-grained multifractality analysis based on structure function measurements to discriminate healthy from distressed foetuses. Oudjemia, Souad; Zaylaa, Amira; Haddab, Salah; Girault, Jean-Marc Report 4420
Comparison of different EHG feature selection methods for the detection of preterm labor. Alamedine, D.; Khalil, M.; Marque, C. Report 7096
Comparison of two methods forecasting binding rate of plasma protein. Hongjiu, Liu; Yanrong, Hu Report 5039
Compressed Sensing MR Image Reconstruction Exploiting TGV and Wavelet Sparsity. Zhao, Di; Du, Huiqian; Han, Yu; Mei, Wenbo Report 4312
Computational modeling of interventions and protective thresholds to prevent disease transmission in deploying opulations. Burgess, Colleen; Peace, Angela; Everett, Rebecca; Allegri, Buena; Garman, Patrick Report 9111
Computer implementation of a new therapeutic model for GBM tumor. Nazari, Ali Jamali; Sardari, Dariush; Vali, Ahmad Reza; Maghooli, Keivan Report 4063
Computerized neuropsychological assessment in aging: testing efficacy and clinical ecology of different interfaces. Canini, Matteo; Battista, Petronilla; Rosa, Pasquale Anthony Della; Catricala, Eleonora; Salvatore, Clinical report 10025
Conflicts of interest during contact investigations: a game-theoretic analysis. Sippl-Swezey, Nicolas; Enanoria, Wayne T.; Porco, Travis C. Report 12321
Constitutive modeling of time-dependent response of human plantar aponeurosis. Pavan, P.G.; Pachera, P.; Stecco, C.; Natali, A.N. Report 5266
Controllable edge feature sharpening for dental applications. Fa, Ran; Jin, Xiaogang Report 4431
Correlating information contents of gene ontology terms to infer semantic similarity of gene products. Gan, Mingxin Report 6027
Craniofacial reconstruction evaluation by geodesic network. Zhao, Junli; Liu, Cuiting; Wu, Zhongke; Duan, Fuqing; Wang, Kang; Jia, Taorui; Liu, Quansheng Report 4482
Crossing fibers detection with an analytical high order tensor decomposition. Megherbi, T.; Kachouane, M.; Oulebsir-Boumghar, F.; Deriche, R. Report 10580
Delay differential model for tumour-immune response with chemoimmunotherapy and optimal control. Rihan, F.A.; Abdelrahman, D.H.; Maskari, F. Al-; Ibrahim, F.; Abdeen, M.A. Report 7215
Designing lead optimisation of MMP-12 inhibitors. Borrotti, Matteo; De March, Davide; Slanzi, Debora; Poli, Irene Report 4081
Detection and measurement of the intracellular calcium variation in follicular cells. Herrera-Navarro, Ana M.; Terol-Villalobos, Ivan R.; Jimenez-Hernandez, Hugo; Peregrina-Barreto, Hayd Report 5638
Developing image processing meta-algorithms with data mining of multiple metrics. Leung, Kelvin; Cunha, Alexandre; Toga, A.W.; Parker, D. Stott Report 4140
Different perception of musical stimuli in patients with monolateral and bilateral cochlear implants. Maglione, Anton Giulio; Vecchiato, Giovanni; Leone, Carlo Antonio; Grassia, Rosa; Mosca, Franco; Col Report 3847
Differentiating small ([less than or equal to] 1 cm) focal liver lesions as metastases or cysts by means of computed tomography: a case-study to illustrate a fuzzy logic-based method to assess the impact of diagnostic confidence on radiological diagnosis. Girometti, Rossano; Fabris, Francesco; Sgarro, Andrea; Zanella, Gloria; Pullini, Serena; Cereser, Lo Report 7481
Dimensionality reduction by supervised neighbor embedding using laplacian search. Zheng, Jianwei; Zhang, Hangke; Cattani, Carlo; Wang, Wanliang Report 6028
Disease control through voluntary vaccination decisions based on the smoothed best response. Xu, Fei; Cressman, Ross Report 7755
Dosimetric algorithm to reproduce isodose curves obtained from a LINAC. Espinosa, Julio Cesar Estrada; Ovalle, Segundo Agustin Martinez; Benavides, Cinthia Kotzian Pereira Report 3525
DV-curve representation of protein sequences and its application. Deng, Wei; Luan, Yihui Report 4277
Dynamic regulatory network reconstruction for alzheimer's disease based on matrix decomposition techniques. Kong, Wei; Mou, Xiaoyang; Zhi, Xing; Zhang, Xin; Yang, Yang Report 7028
Dynamics analysis and simulation of a modified HIV infection model with a saturated infection rate. Sun, Qilin; Min, Lequan Report 8143
Dynamics of a new strain of the H1N1 influenza a virus incorporating the effects of repetitive contacts. Pongsumpun, Puntani; Tang, I-Ming Report 4423
Dynamics of high-risk nonvaccine human papillomavirus types after actual vaccination scheme. Peralta, Raul; Vargas-De-Leon, Cruz; Cabrera, Augusto; Miramontes, Pedro Report 5115
Dynamics of Mycobacterium and bovine tuberculosis in a human-buffalo population. Hassan, A.S.; Garba, S.M.; Gumel, A.B.; Lubuma, J.M.-S. Report 12333
Dynamics of posttranslational modifications of p53. Fan, Qing-Duan; Wu, Guang; Liu, Zeng-Rong Report 4628
Effect of the polydispersity of RBCs on the recovery rate of RBCs during the removal of CPAs. Qiao, Heyuan; Ding, Weiping; Ma, Yuncong; Sun, Sijie; Gao, Dayong Report 6197
Effects of first-time overnight CPAP therapy for increasing the complexity of the patient's physiological system. Wu, Hsien-Tsai; Chen, Hong-Ruei; Pan, Wen-Yao; Liu, Cyuan-Cin; Su, Mao-Chang; Lin, Meng-Chih Report 5593
Effects of maximal sodium and potassium conductance on the stability of Hodgkin-Huxley model. Zhang, Yue; Wang, Kuanquan; Yuan, Yongfeng; Sui, Dong; Zhang, Henggui Report 5049
Embryonic heart morphogenesis from confocal microscopy imaging and automatic segmentation. Mao, Hongda; Gribble, Megan; Pertsov, Arkady M.; Shi, Pengcheng Report 4153
Energy preserved sampling for compressed sensing MRI. Zhang, Yudong; Peterson, Bradley S.; Ji, Genlin; Dong, Zhengchao Report 6389
Enhancing the detection of BOLD signal in fMRI by reducing the partial volume effect. Du, Yiping P.; Chu, Renxin; Tregellas, Jason R. Report 4953
Establishing reliable miRNA-cancer association network based on text-mining method. Li, Lun; Hu, Xingchi; Yang, Zhaowan; Jia, Zhenyu; Fang, Ming; Zhang, Libin; Zhou, Yanhong Report 4927
Feature selection for better identification of subtypes of Guillain-Barre syndrome. Hernandez-Torruco, Jose; Canul-Reich, Juana; Frausto-Solis, Juan; Mendez-Castillo, Juan Jose Report 6964
Feature selection in classification of eye movements using electrooculography for activity recognition. Mala, S.; Latha, K. Report 5336
Fetal ECG extraction from abdominal signals: a review on suppression of fundamental power line interference component and its harmonics. Jaralunga, Dragos-Daniel; Ungureanu, Georgeta-Mihaela; Gussi, Ilinca; Strungaru, Rodica; Wolf, Werne Report 10652
First comprehensive in silico analysis of the functional and structural consequences of SNPs in human GalNAc-T1 gene. Mohamoud, Hussein Sheikh Ali; Hussain, Muhammad Ramzan Manwar; Harouni, Ashraf A. El-; Shaik, Noor A Report 8417
Fitting [C.sup.2] continuous parametric surfaces to frontiers delimiting physiologic structures. Bayer, Jason D.; Epstein, Matthew; Beaumont, Jacques Clinical report 10228
Fully automated detection of corticospinal tract damage in chronic stroke patients. Yang, Ming; Yang, Ya-ru; Li, Hui-jun; Lu, Xue-song; Shi, Yong-mei; Liu, Bin; Chen, Hua-jun; Teng, Ga Report 3532
Gastroscopic image graph: application to noninvasive multitarget tracking under gastroscopy. Wang, Bin; Hu, Weiling; Liu, Jiquan; Si, Jianmin; Duan, Huilong Report 5196
Generic properties of curvature sensing through vision and touch. Dresp-Langley, Birgitta Report 4232
Genomic and functional analysis of the toxic effect of tachyplesin I on the embryonic development of zebrafish. Zhao, Hongya; Dai, Jianguo; Jin, Gang Report 4732
Hierarchical mergence approach to cell detection in phase contrast microscopy images. Chen, Lei; Zhang, Jianhua; Chen, Shengyong; Lin, Yao; Yao, Chunyan; Zhang, Jianwei Report 5476
Human atrial cell models to analyse haemodialysis-related effects on cardiac electrophysiology: work in progress. Passini, Elisa; Genovesi, Simonetta; Severi, Stefano Report 10269
Hypovigilance detection for UCAV operators based on a hidden Markov model. Choi, Yerim; Kwon, Namyeon; Lee, Sungjun; Shin, Yongwook; Ryo, Chuh Yeop; Park, Jonghun; Shin, Dongm Report 9113
Identification of crucial parameters in a mathematical multiscale model of glioblastoma growth. Schuetz, Tina A.; Mang, Andreas; Becker, Stefan; Toma, Alina; Buzug, Thorsten M. Report 10975
Image mosaic method based on SIFT features of line segment. Zhu, Jun; Ren, Mingwu Report 3859
Image segmentation and identification of paired antibodies in breast tissue. Azar, Jimmy C.; Simonsson, Martin; Bengtsson, Ewert; Hast, Anders Report 5663
Image tracking for the high similarity drug tablets based on light intensity reflective energy and artificial neural network. Liang, Zhongwei; Zhou, Liang; Liu, Xiaochu; Wang, Xiaogang Report 9856
Impact of dose and sensitivity heterogeneity on TCP. Wiklund, Kristin; Toma-Dasu, Iuliana; Lind, Bengt K. Report 4952
Implementation of a low-cost mobile devices to support medical diagnosis. Sanchez, Carlos Garcia; Juan, Guillermo Botella; Marquez, Fermin Ayuso; Rodriguez, Diego Gonzalez; P Report 4207
Incremental activation detection for real-time fMRI series using robust kalman filter. Li, Liang; Yan, Bin; Tong, Li; Wang, Linyuan; Li, Jianxin Report 3725
Influence of bundle diameter and attachment point on kinematic behavior in double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using computational model. Kwon, Oh Soo; Purevsuren, Tserenchimed; Kim, Kyungsoo; Park, Won Man; Kwon, Tae-Kyu; Kim, Yoon Hyuk Report 3999
Influence of different geometric representations of the volume conductor on nerve activation during electrical stimulation. Gomez-Tames, Jose; Gonzalez, Jose; Yu, Wenwei Report 4757
Influence of electrode placement on signal quality for ambulatory pregnancy monitoring. Rooijakkers, M.J.; Song, S.; Rabotti, C.; Oei, S.G.; Bergmans, J.W.M.; Cantatore, E.; Mischi, M. Report 7795
Integrative genomics with mediation analysis in a survival context. Nemes, Szilard; Parris, Toshima Z.; Danielsson, Anna; Einbeigi, Zakaria; Steineck, Gunnar; Jonasson, Report 6054
Investigation on cardiovascular risk prediction using physiological parameters. Lin, Wan-Hua; Zhang, Heye; Zhang, Yuan-Ting Report 14843
Large-scale modeling of epileptic seizures: scaling properties of two parallel neuronal network simulation algorithms. Pesce, Lorenzo L.; Lee, Hyong C.; Hereld, Mark; Visser, Sid; Stevens, Rick L.; Wildeman, Albert; van Report 7043
Leaky vaccines protect highly exposed recipients at a lower rate: implications for vaccine efficacy estimation and sieve analysis. Edlefsen, Paul T. Report 9779
Left ventricular endocardium tracking by fusion of biomechanical and deformable models. Ketout, Hussin; Gu, Jason Report 4760
Log-Gabor energy based multimodal medical image fusion in NSCT Domain. Yang, Yong; Tong, Song; Huang, Shuying; Lin, Pan Clinical report 6909
Long-distance travel behaviours accelerate and aggravate the large-scale spatial spreading of infectious diseases. Xu, Zhijing; Zu, Zhenghu; Zheng, Tao; Zhang, Wendou; Xu, Qing; Liu, Jinjie Report 4849
Machine learning approaches: from theory to application in schizophrenia. Veronese, Elisa; Castellani, Umberto; Peruzzo, Denis; Bellani, Marcella; Brambilla, Paolo Report 11096
MACT: a manageable minimization allocation system. Cui, Yan; Bu, Huaien; Wang, Hongwu; Liao, Shizhong Report 4440
Mathematical analysis of non-Newtonian blood flow in stenosis narrow arteries. Sriyab, Somchai Report 4022
Mathematical methods for assessing the prognostic of fixed partial dentures resulting from evaluating a group of dental patients in Romania. Chifor, Ioana; Mitrea, Alexandru I.; Badea, Iulia Clara; Chifor, Radu; Badea, Mindra Eugenia; Mitrea Report 6207
Mathematical model of dynamic protein interactions regulating p53 protein stability for tumor suppression. Wang, Hua; Peng, Guang Report 4110
Mathematical modeling of radiofrequency ablation for varicose veins. Choi, Sun Young; Kwak, Byung Kook; Seo, Taewon Report 4495
Mathematical modelling of cerebral blood circulation and cerebral autoregulation: towards preventing intracranial hemorrhages in preterm newborns. Lampe, Renee; Botkin, Nikolai; Turova, Varvara; Blumenstein, Tobias; Alves-Pinto, Ana Report 4621
Maximum equilibrium prevalence of mosquito-borne microparasite infections in humans. Amaku, Marcos; Burattini, Marcelo Nascimento; Coutinho, Francisco Antonio Bezerra; Lopez, Luis Ferna Report 4838
Medical image segmentation based on a hybrid region-based active contour model. Liu, Tingting; Xu, Haiyong; Jin, Wei; Liu, Zhen; Zhao, Yiming; Tian, Wenzhe Report 4789
Methodological framework for estimating the correlation dimension in HRV signals. Bolea, Juan; Laguna, Pablo; Remartinez, Jose Maria; Rovira, Eva; Navarro, Augusto; Bailon, Raquel Report 6454
Model for [B.sub.1] imaging in MRI using the rotating RF field. Trakic, Adnan; Jin, Jin; Weber, Ewald; Crozier, Stuart Report 6768
ModeLang: a new approach for experts-friendly viral infections modeling. Wasik, Szymon; Prejzendanc, Tomasz; Blazewicz, Jacek Report 5014
Modeling the impact of climate change on the dynamics of rift valley fever. Mpeshe, Saul C.; Luboobi, Livingstone S.; Nkansah-Gyekye, Yaw Report 7953
Modeling the relationship between fluorodeoxyglucose uptake and tumor radioresistance as a function of the tumor microenvironment. Jeong, Jeho; Deasy, Joseph O. Report 3650
Monitoring fetal heart rate during pregnancy: contributions from advanced signal processing and wearable technology. Signorini, Maria G.; Fanelli, Andrea; Magenes, Giovanni Report 7333
Multimodal brain-tumor segmentation based on dirichlet process mixture model with anisotropic diffusion and markov random field prior. Lu, Yisu; Jiang, Jun; Yang, Wei; Feng, Qianjin; Chen, Wufan Report 4954
Multimodal spatial calibration for accurately registering EEG sensor positions. Zhang, Jianhua; Chen, Jian; Chen, Shengyong; Xiao, Gang; Li, Xiaoli Report 3895
Multiple adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system with automatic features extraction algorithm for cervical cancer recognition. Batah, Mohammad Subhi Al-; Isa, Nor Ashidi Mat; Klaib, Mohammad Fadel; Betar, Mohammed Azmi Al- Report 6178
Multiscale coupling of transcranial direct current stimulation to neuron electrodynamics: modeling the influence of the transcranial electric field on neuronal depolarization. Dougherty, Edward T.; Turner, James C.; Vogel, Frank Report 7348
Neuroelectrical correlates of trustworthiness and dominance judgments related to the observation of political candidates. Report 13700
Neurophysiological tools to investigate consumer's gender differences during the observation of TV commercials. Vecchiato, Giovanni; Maglione, Anton Giulio; Cherubino, Patrizia; Wasikowska, Barbara; Wawrzyniak, A Report 6937
New estimators and guidelines for better use of fetal heart rate estimators with doppler ultrasound devices. Voicu, Iulian; Menigot, Sebastien; Kouame, Denis; Girault, Jean-Marc Report 6194
New region-scalable discriminant and fitting energy functional for driving geometric active contours in medical image segmentation. Wang, Xuchu; Niu, Yanmin; Tan, Liwen; Zhang, Shao-Xiang Report 7539
NIM: a node influence based method for cancer classification. Wang, Yiwen; Yao, Min; Yang, Jianhua Report 4872
Objectifying facial expressivity assessment of Parkinson's patients: preliminary study. Wu, Peng; Gonzalez, Isabel; Patsis, Georgios; Jiang, Dongmei; Sahli, Hichem; Kerckhofs, Eric; Vandek Report 7550
On coalescence analysis using genealogy rooted trees. Yuan, Ao; Qin, Gengsheng; He, Wenqing; Li, Qizhai Report 7176
On multilabel classification methods of incompletely labeled biomedical text data. Kolesov, Anton; Kamyshenkov, Dmitry; Litovchenko, Maria; Smekalova, Elena; Golovizin, Alexey; Zhavor Report 6419
Optimal control of HIV/AIDS in the workplace in the presence of careless individuals. Seidu, Baba; Makinde, Oluwole D. Report 5763
Optimal installation locations for automated external defibrillators in Taipei 7-Eleven stores: using GIS and a genetic algorithm with a new stirring operator. Huang, Chung-Yuan; Wen, Tzai-Hung Report 5807
Optimal treatment strategy for a tumor model under immune suppression. Kim, Kwang Su; Cho, Giphil; Jung, Il Hyo Report 5548
Parallel computing of patch-based nonlocal operator and its application in compressed sensing MRI. Li, Qiyue; Qu, Xiaobo; Liu, Yunsong; Guo, Di; Ye, Jing; Zhan, Zhifang; Chen, Zhong Report 2958
Parallelized seeded region growing using CUDA. Park, Seongjin; Lee, Jeongjin; Lee, Hyunna; Shin, Juneseuk; Seo, Jinwook; Lee, Kyoung Ho; Shin, Yeon Report 5951
Paraxial ocular measurements and entries in spectral and modal matrices: analogy and application. Abelman, Herven; Abelman, Shirley Report 5692
Path-counting formulas for generalized kinship coefficients and condensed identity coefficients. Ozsoyoglu, En Cheng Z. Meral Report 12748
Patient specific seizure prediction system using Hilbert spectrum and Bayesian networks classifiers. Ozdemir, Nilufer; Yildirim, Esen Report 6836
Performance optimization of force feedback control system in virtual vascular intervention surgery. Hu, Zhi; Cai, Ping; Qin, Peng; Xie, Le Report 6106
Pin-Align: a new dynamic programming approach to align protein-protein interaction networks. Amir-Ghiasvand, Farid; Nowzari-Dalini, Abbas; Momenzadeh, Vida Report 6757
PLI cancellation in ECG signal based on adaptive filter by using Wiener-Hopf equation for providing initial condition. Manosueb, Anchalee; Koseeyaporn, Jeerasuda; Wardkein, Paramote 3835
Potential lung nodules identification for characterization by variable multistep threshold and shape indices from CT images. Iqbal, Saleem; Iqbal, Khalid; Arif, Fahim; Shaukat, Arslan; Khanum, Aasia Report 4121
Predicting tooth surface loss using genetic algorithms-optimized artificial neural networks. Haidan, Ali Al; Abu-Hammad, Osama; Dar-Odeh, Najla Report 4121
Prediction of BP reactivity to talking using hybrid soft computing approaches. Kaur, Gurmanik; Arora, Ajat Shatru; Jain, Vijender Kumar Report 6361
Predictions of the length of lumbar puncture needles. Ma, Hon-Ping; Hung, Yun-Fei; Tsai, Shin-Han; Ou, Ju-chi Report 2702
Preprocessing by a Bayesian single-trial event-related potential estimation technique allows feasibility of an assistive single-channel P300-based brain-computer interface. Goljahani, Anahita; DAvanzo, Costanza; Silvoni, Stefano; Tonin, Paolo; Piccione, Francesco; Sparacin Report 5793
Pressure dynamic characteristics of pressure controlled ventilation system of a lung simulator. Shi, Yan; Ren, Shuai; Cai, Maolin; Xu, Weiqing; Deng, Qiyou Report 5463
Privacy-preserving restricted boltzmann machine. Li, Yu; Zhang, Yuan; Ji, Yue Report 5600
Privacy-preserving self-helped medical diagnosis scheme based on secure two-party computation in wireless sensor networks. Sun, Yi; Wen, Qiaoyan; Zhang, Yudong; Li, Wenmin Report 5697
ProBLM web server: protein and membrane placement and orientation package. Kimmett, Taylor; Smith, Nicholas; Witham, Shawn; Petukh, Marharyta; Sarkar, Subhra; Alexov, Emil Report 4431
Pulse waveform classification using support vector machine with Gaussian time warp edit distance kernel. Jia, Danbing; Zhang, Dongyu; Li, Naimin Report 5151
Quad-pre: a hybrid method to predict protein quaternary structure attributes. Sheng, Yajun; Qiu, Xingye; Zhang, Chen; Xu, Jun; Zhang, Yanping; Zheng, Wei; Chen, Ke Report 4530
Quantitative estimation of temperature variations in plantar angiosomes: a study case for diabetic foot. Peregrina-Barreto, H.; Morales-Hernandez, L.A.; Rangel-Magdaleno, J.J.; Avina-Cervantes, J.G.; Ramir Report 6078
Quantitatively plotting the human face for multivariate data visualisation illustrated by health assessments using laboratory parameters. Hongwei, Wang; Hui, Liu Report 3110
Ranking biomedical annotations with annotator's semantic relevancy. Wu, Aihua Report 8323
Research on the interaction between Tubeimoside 1 and HepG2 cells using the microscopic imaging and fluorescent spectra method. Lin, Xiaogang; Li, Wenchao; Ye, Changbin; Liu, Xiaozhu; Zhu, Hao; Peng, Wenbing; Rong, Jie Report 3421
Resistance training exercise program for intervention to enhance gait function in elderly chronically ill patients: multivariate multiscale entropy for center of pressure signal analysis. Chen, Ming-Shu; Jiang, Bernard C. Report 7480
Results on a binding neuron model and their implications for modified hourglass model for neuronal network. Arunachalam, Viswanathan; Akhavan-Tabatabaei, Raha; Lopez, Cristina Report 5520
Screening for cervical cancer using automated analysis of PAP-smears. Bengtsson, Ewert; Malm, Patrik Report 10229
Screening for prediabetes using machine learning models. Choi, Soo Beom; Kim, Won Jae; Yoo, Tae Keun; Park, Jee Soo; Chung, Jai Won; Lee, Yong-Ho; Kang, Eun Report 5771
Segmentation of choroidal boundary in enhanced depth imaging OCTs using a multiresolution texture based modeling in graph cuts. Danesh, Hajar; Kafieh, Raheleh; Rabbani, Hossein; Hajizadeh, Fedra Report 5726
Segmentation of intensity inhomogeneous brain MR images using active contours. Akram, Farhan; Kim, Jeong Heon; Lim, Han Ul; Choi, Kwang Nam Report 7389
Solution of radiative transfer equation with a continuous and stochastic varying refractive index by legendre transform method. Gantri, M. Report 3059
Sparse-representation-based direct minimum [L.sup.p]-norm algorithm for MRI phase unwrapping. He, Wei; Xia, Ling; Liu, Feng Report 5413
Sparse-view ultrasound diffraction tomography using compressed sensing with nonuniform FFT. Hua, Shaoyan; Ding, Mingyue; Yuchi, Ming Report 8369
Splitting strategy for simulating genetic regulatory networks. You, Xiong; Liu, Xueping; Musa, Ibrahim Hussein Report 5750
State observer design for delayed genetic regulatory networks. Tian, Li-Ping; Wang, Zhi-Jun; Mohammadbagheri, Amin; Wu, Fang-Xiang Report 3387
Structural equation modeling for analyzing erythrocyte fatty acids in Framingham. Pottala, James V.; Djira, Gemechis D.; Espeland, Mark A.; Ye, Jun; Larson, Martin G.; Harris, Willia Report 9477
Study on construction of a medical X-ray direct digital radiography system and hybrid preprocessing methods. Ren, Yong; Wu, Sheng; Wang, Mijian; Cen, Zhongjie Clinical report 4004
Synchronization of coupled different chaotic FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons with unknown parameters under communication-direction-dependent coupling. Iqbal, Muhammad; Rehan, Muhammad; Khaliq, Abdul; Saeed-ur-Rehman; Hong, Keum-Shik Report 5915
Systematic analysis of time-series gene expression data on tumor cell-selective apoptotic responses to HDAC inhibitors. Qi, Yun-feng; Huang, Yan-xin; Dong, Yan; Zheng, Li-hua; Bao, Yong-li; Sun, Lu-guo; Wu, Yin; Yu, Chun Report 9335
The analysis of surface EMG signals with the wavelet-based correlation dimension method. Wang, Gang; Zhang, Yanyan; Wang, Jue Report 5546
The effect of inhibitory neuron on the evolution model of higher-order coupling neural oscillator population. Qi, Yi; Wang, Rubin; Jiao, Xianfa; Du, Ying Report 2590
The influence of tone inventory on ERP without focal attention: a cross-language study. Zheng, Hong-Ying; Peng, Gang; Chen, Jian-Yong; Zhang, Caicai; Minett, James W.; Wang, William S.-Y. Report 4099
The MATCHIT automaton: exploiting compartmentalization for the synthesis of branched polymers. Weyland, Mathias S.; Fellermann, Harold; Hadorn, Maik; Sorek, Daniel; Lancet, Doron; Rasmussen, Stee Report 6363
The relationship between the 24 h blood pressure variability and carotid intima-media thickness: a compared study. Xiong, Huahua; Wu, Dan; Tian, Xiaohong; Lin, Wan-Hua; Li, Chunyue; Zhang, Heye; Cai, Yunpeng; Zhang, Report 7025
Three-dimensional lower extremity joint loading in a carved ski and snowboard turn: a pilot study. Klous, Miriam; Muller, Erich; Schwameder, Hermann Report 6954
Three-dimensional simulation of scalp soft tissue expansion using finite element method. Guan, Qiu; Du, Xiaochen; Shao, Yan; Lin, Lili; Chen, Shengyong Report 3830
Tolerance and nature of residual refraction in symmetric power space as principal lens powers and meridians change. Abelman, Herven; Abelman, Shirley Report 4878
Tract-based Bayesian multivariate analysis of mild traumatic brain injury. Liu, Yongkang; Wang, Tianyao; Chen, Xiao; Zhang, Jianhua; Zhou, Guoxing; Wang, Zhongqiu; Chen, Rong Report 2834
Ultrasound image enhancement using structure-based filtering. Ueng, Shyh-Kuang; Yen, Cho-Li; Chen, Guan-Zhi Report 6326
Using state variables to model the response of tumour cells to radiation and heat: a novel multi-hit-repair approach. Scheidegger, Stephan; Fuchs, Hans U.; Zaugg, Kathrin; Bodis, Stephan; Fuchslin, Rudolf M. Report 10017
Validation in principal components analysis applied to EEG data. Costa, Joao Carlos G.D.; Da-Silva, Paulo Jose G.; Almeida, Renan Moritz V.R.; Infantosi, Antonio Fer Report 7342
Virtual grasping: closed-loop force control using electrotactile feedback. Jorgovanovic, Nikola; Dosen, Strahinja; Djozic, Damir J.; Krajoski, Goran; Farina, Dario Report 8043
Weighted Lin-Wang tests for crossing hazards. Koziol, James A.; Jia, Zhenyu Report 3760

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