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Articles from Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience (January 1, 2017)

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A "Tuned" Mask Learnt Approach Based on Gravitational Search Algorithm. Wan, Youchuan; Wang, Mingwei; Ye, Zhiwei; Lai, Xudong Report 7528
A Bee Evolutionary Guiding Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II for Multiobjective Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling. Deng, Qianwang; Gong, Guiliang; Gong, Xuran; Zhang, Like; Liu, Wei; Ren, Qinghua Report 11994
A Combined One-Class SVM and Template-Matching Approach for User-Aided Human Fall Detection by Means of Floor Acoustic Features. Droghini, Diego; Ferretti, Daniele; Principi, Emanuele; Squartini, Stefano; Piazza, Francesco Report 8002
A Comparison Study on Multidomain EEG Features for Sleep Stage Classification. Zhang, Yu; Wang, Bei; Jing, Jin; Zhang, Jian; Zou, Junzhong; Nakamura, Masatoshi Report 6450
A Decision-Based Modified Total Variation Diffusion Method for Impulse Noise Removal. Deng, Hongyao; Zhu, Qingxin; Song, Xiuli; Tao, Jinsong Report 11289
A Dynamic Bioinspired Neural Network Based Real-Time Path Planning Method for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. Ni, Jianjun; Wu, Liuying; Shi, Pengfei; Yang, Simon X. Report 8385
A Global-Relationship Dissimilarity Measure for the k-Modes Clustering Algorithm. Zhou, Hongfang; Zhang, Yihui; Liu, Yibin Report 4735
A Grey Wolf Optimizer for Modular Granular Neural Networks for Human Recognition. Sanchez, Daniela; Melin, Patricia; Castillo, Oscar Report 11698
A Hybrid Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection Model for High-Dimensional Data. Song, Hongchao; Jiang, Zhuqing; Men, Aidong; Yang, Bo Report 6503
A Method for Consensus Reaching in Product Kansei Evaluation Using Advanced Particle Swarm Optimization. Yang, Yan-pu 4742
A New Approach for Mobile Advertising Click-Through Rate Estimation Based on Deep Belief Nets. Chen, Jie-Hao; Zhao, Zi-Qian; Shi, Ji-Yun; Zhao, Chong Report 4448
A New Hybrid Model FPA-SVM Considering Cointegration for Particular Matter Concentration Forecasting: A Case Study of Kunming and Yuxi, China. Li, Weide; Kong, Demeng; Wu, Jinran Case study 6770
A Novel Active Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm for SAR Image Recognition. Gao, Fei; Yue, Zhenyu; Wang, Jun; Sun, Jinping; Yang, Erfu; Zhou, Huiyu Report 5320
A Novel Ensemble Method for Imbalanced Data Learning: Bagging of Extrapolation-SMOTE SVM. Wang, Qi; Luo, ZhiHao; Huang, JinCai; Feng, YangHe; Liu, Zhong Report 6865
A Novel Graph Constructor for Semisupervised Discriminant Analysis: Combined Low-Rank and k-Nearest Neighbor Graph. Zu, Baokai; Xia, Kewen; Pan, Yongke; Niu, Wenjia Report 6454
A Novel Multilevel-SVD Method to Improve Multistep Ahead Forecasting in Traffic Accidents Domain. Barba, Lida; Rodriguez, Nibaldo Report 6481
A Novel Strategy for Minimum Attribute Reduction Based on Rough Set Theory and Fish Swarm Algorithm. Su, Yuebin; Guo, Jin Report 5078
A Robust Shape Reconstruction Method for Facial Feature Point Detection. Tan, Shuqiu; Chen, Dongyi; Guo, Chenggang; Huang, Zhiqi Report 6001
A Swarm Optimization Genetic Algorithm Based on Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization. Sun, Tao; Xu, Ming-hai Report 6808
A Theoretical Analysis of Why Hybrid Ensembles Work. Hsu, Kuo-Wei Report 9518
A Time-Series Water Level Forecasting Model Based on Imputation and Variable Selection Method. Yang, Jun-He; Cheng, Ching-Hsue; Chan, Chia-Pan Report 7461
Adaptive Compressive Sensing of Images Using Spatial Entropy. Li, Ran; Duan, Xiaomeng; Guo, Xiaoli; He, Wei; Lv, Yongfeng Report 5151
Adaptive Resource Utilization Prediction System for Infrastructure as a Service Cloud. Ullah, Qazi Zia; Hassan, Shahzad; Khan, Gul Muhammad Report 6346
Advanced Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Robot Manipulator. Hwang, Ji-Hwan; Kang, Young-Chang; Park, Jong-Wook; Kim, Dong W. 5464
AMOBH: Adaptive Multiobjective Black Hole Algorithm. Wu, Chong; Wu, Tao; Fu, Kaiyuan; Zhu, Yuan; Li, Yongbo; He, Wangyong; Tang, Shengwen Report 10862
An Efficient Framework for EEG Analysis with Application to Hybrid Brain Computer Interfaces Based on Motor Imagery and P300. Long, Jinyi; Wang, Jue; Yu, Tianyou 3891
An Evolutionary Method for Financial Forecasting in Microscopic High-Speed Trading Environment. Huang, Chien-Feng; Li, Hsu-Chih 10232
Antiherding in Financial Decision Increases Valuation of Return on Investment: An Event-Related Potential Study. Wang, Cuicui; Jin, Jia; Vieito, Joao Paulo; Ma, Qingguo Report 6247
Application of Machine Learning in Postural Control Kinematics for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. Costa, Luis; Gago, Miguel F.; Yelshyna, Darya; Ferreira, Jaime; Silva, Helder David; Rocha, Luis; So Report 9613
Application of the Intuitionistic Fuzzy InterCriteria Analysis Method with Triples to a Neural Network Preprocessing Procedure. Sotirov, Sotir; Atanassova, Vassia; Sotirova, Evdokia; Doukovska, Lyubka; Bureva, Veselina; Mavrov, Report 6979
Automatic Image-Based Plant Disease Severity Estimation Using Deep Learning. Wang, Guan; Sun, Yu; Wang, Jianxin Report 4685
Automatic Target Recognition Strategy for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Combined Discrimination Trees. Zhao, Xiaohui; Jiang, Yicheng; Stathaki, Tania Report 12637
Bag of Visual Words Model with Deep Spatial Features for Geographical Scene Classification. Feng, Jiangfan; Liu, Yuanyuan; Wu, Lin Report 7558
Box Office Forecasting considering Competitive Environment and Word-of-Mouth in Social Networks: A Case Study of Korean Film Market. Kim, Taegu; Hong, Jungsik; Kang, Pilsung Case study 11696
Chaos Quantum-Behaved Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application in the PV MPPT. Nie, Xiaohua; Wang, Wei; Nie, Haoyao Report 5144
Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Bit Permutation and Dynamic DNA Encoding. Zhang, Xuncai; Han, Feng; Niu, Ying Report 6623
Characterization of 2-Path Product Signed Graphs with Its Properties. Sinha, Deepa; Sharma, Deepakshi Report 6826
Classification of Hand Grasp Kinetics and Types Using Movement-Related Cortical Potentials and EEG Rhythms. Jochumsen, Mads; Rovsing, Cecilie; Rovsing, Helene; Niazi, Imran Khan; Dremstrup, Kim; Kamavuako, Er Report 5545
Cloud Model-Based Artificial Immune Network for Complex Optimization Problem. Wang, Mingan; Feng, Shuo; Li, Jianming; Li, Zhonghua; Xue, Yu; Guo, Dongliang Report 7914
Cognitive-Based EEG BCIs and Human Brain-Robot Interactions. Li, Wei; Jin, Jing; Duan, Feng 1407
Comparison of Brain Activation during Motor Imagery and Motor Movement Using fNIRS. Batula, Alyssa M.; Mark, Jesse A.; Kim, Youngmoo E.; Ayaz, Hasan Report 7652
Comparison of the BCI Performance between the Semitransparent Face Pattern and the Traditional Face Pattern. Cheng, Jiao; Jin, Jing; Wang, Xingyu Report 4831
Complexity Analysis of Resting-State fMRI in Adult Patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Brain Entropy. Akdeniz, Gulsum Report 3998
Consensus Kernel K-Means Clustering for Incomplete Multiview Data. Ye, Yongkai; Liu, Xinwang; Liu, Qiang; Yin, Jianping Report 5797
Convolutional Neural Networks with 3D Input for P300 Identification in Auditory Brain-Computer Interfaces. Carabez, Eduardo; Sugi, Miho; Nambu, Isao; Wada, Yasuhiro Report 7252
Corrigendum to "Time-Shift Correlation Algorithm for P300 Event Related Potential Brain-Computer Interface Implementation". Liu, Ju-Chi; Chou, Hung-Chyun; Chen, Chien-Hsiu; Lin, Yi-Tseng; Kuo, Chung-Hsien Correction notice 229
Decoding of Human Movements Based on Deep Brain Local Field Potentials Using Ensemble Neural Networks. Islam, Mohammad S.; Mamun, Khondaker A.; Deng, Hai 10019
Deep Learning for Plant Identification in Natural Environment. Sun, Yu; Liu, Yuan; Wang, Guan; Zhang, Haiyan Report 3367
Deep Recurrent Neural Network-Based Autoencoders for Acoustic Novelty Detection. Marchi, Erik; Vesperini, Fabio; Squartini, Stefano; Schuller, Bjorn Report 10791
Development of a Novel Motor Imagery Control Technique and Application in a Gaming Environment. Li, Ting; Zhang, Jinhua; Xue, Tao; Wang, Baozeng Report 10445
Differential Cloud Particles Evolution Algorithm Based on Data-Driven Mechanism for Applications of ANN. Li, Wei Report 17122
Directed Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Nurse Rostering Problem. Rajeswari, M.; Amudhavel, J.; Pothula, Sujatha; Dhavachelvan, P. Report 16345
Dorsoventral and Proximodistal Hippocampal Processing Account for the Influences of Sleep and Context on Memory (Re)consolidation: A Connectionist Model. Lines, Justin; Nation, Kelsey; Fellous, Jean-Marc Report 9591
Dynamic Inertia Weight Binary Bat Algorithm with Neighborhood Search. Huang, Xingwang; Zeng, Xuewen; Han, Rui Report 6618
Efficient Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithms Using Low-Rank Representation. Niu, Wenjia; Xia, Kewen; Zu, Baokai; Bai, Jianchuan Report 5882
Emerging Trends in Machine Learning for Signal Processing. Papakostas, George A.; Diamantaras, Konstantinos I.; Palmieri, Francesco A.N. Editorial 632
Enrichment of Human-Computer Interaction in Brain-Computer Interfaces via Virtual Environments. Alonso-Valerdi, Luz Maria; Mercado-Garcia, Victor Rodrigo Report 9778
Ensembling Variable Selectors by Stability Selection for the Cox Model. Yin, Qing-Yan; Li, Jun-Li; Zhang, Chun-Xia Report 7103
Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using CSP and LDA for Scalp EEG Signals. Alotaiby, Turky N.; Alshebeili, Saleh A.; Alotaibi, Faisal M.; Alrshoud, Saud R. Report 8429
Extra Facial Landmark Localization via Global Shape Reconstruction. Tan, Shuqiu; Chen, Dongyi; Guo, Chenggang; Huang, Zhiqi Report 5872
Extracting T-S Fuzzy Models Using the Cuckoo Search Algorithm. Turki, Mourad; Sakly, Anis Report 6029
Fast Constrained Spectral Clustering and Cluster Ensemble with Random Projection. Liu, Wenfen; Ye, Mao; Wei, Jianghong; Hu, Xuexian Report 9186
Fast Recall for Complex-Valued Hopfield Neural Networks with Projection Rules. Kobayashi, Masaki Report 2875
Feature Selection and Parameters Optimization of SVM Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Fault Classification in Power Distribution Systems. Cho, Ming-Yuan; Hoang, Thi Thom Report 6143
Firefly Mating Algorithm for Continuous Optimization Problems. Ritthipakdee, Amarita; Thammano, Arit; Premasathian, Nol; Jitkongchuen, Duangjai Report 7318
Forest Pruning Based on Branch Importance. Jiang, Xiangkui; Wu, Chang-an; Guo, Huaping Report 8363
Fusion Methods for Biosignal Analysis: Theory and Applications. Salazar, Addisson; Zarzoso, Vicente; Rosa-Zurera, Manuel; Vergara, Luis Editorial 736
Fusion of Facial Expressions and EEG for Multimodal Emotion Recognition. Huang, Yongrui; Yang, Jianhao; Liao, Pengkai; Pan, Jiahui Report 5697
Fuzzy Classification of High Resolution Remote Sensing Scenes Using Visual Attention Features. Li, Linyi; Xu, Tingbao; Chen, Yun 4391
GA-Based Membrane Evolutionary Algorithm for Ensemble Clustering. Wang, Yanhua; Liu, Xiyu; Xiang, Laisheng Report 7415
Gaze Estimation Method Using Analysis of Electrooculogram Signals and Kinect Sensor. Sakurai, Keiko; Yan, Mingmin; Tanno, Koichi; Tamura, Hiroki Report 6878
Genetic Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem with Modified Cycle Crossover Operator. Hussain, Abid; Muhammad, Yousaf Shad; Sajid, M. Nauman; Hussain, Ijaz; Shoukry, Alaa Mohamd; Gani, S Report 5110
Herbal Extracts That Reduce Ocular Oxidative Stress May Enhance Attentive Performance in Humans. Cho, Hohyun; Kwon, Moonyoung; Jang, Hyojung; Lee, Jee-Bum; Yoon, Kyung Chul; Jun, Sung Chan Report 7402
High Performance Implementation of 3D Convolutional Neural Networks on a GPU. Lan, Qiang; Wang, Zelong; Wen, Mei; Zhang, Chunyuan; Wang, Yijie Report 4965
Hyperbolic Modeling of Subthalamic Nucleus Cells to Investigate the Effect of Dopamine Depletion. Daneshzand, Mohammad; Faezipour, Miad; Barkana, Buket D. Report 5668
Identification of Anisomerous Motor Imagery EEG Signals Based on Complex Algorithms. Liu, Rensong; Zhang, Zhiwen; Duan, Feng; Zhou, Xin; Meng, Zixuan Report 7212
Identification of Functionally Interconnected Neurons Using Factor Analysis. Soletta, Jorge H.; Farfan, Fernando D.; Albarracin, Ana L.; Piza, Alvaro G.; Lucianna, Facundo A.; F Report 7159
Image Classification Using Biomimetic Pattern Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks Features. Zhou, Liangji; Li, Qingwu; Huo, Guanying; Zhou, Yan Report 7198
Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Hyperchaotic Maps and Nucleotide Sequences Database. Niu, Ying; Zhang, Xuncai; Han, Feng Report 4025
Improving Classification Performance through an Advanced Ensemble Based Heterogeneous Extreme Learning Machines. Abuassba, Adnan O.M.; Zhang, Dezheng; Luo, Xiong; Shaheryar, Ahmad; Ali, Hazrat Report 8108
Improving EEG-Based Motor Imagery Classification for Real-Time Applications Using the QSA Method. Batres-Mendoza, Patricia; Ibarra-Manzano, Mario A.; Guerra-Hernandez, Erick I.; Almanza-Ojeda, Dora 10696
Inference Engine in an Intelligent Ship Course-Keeping System. Borkowski, Piotr Report 5827
Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations Using Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning. Feng, Yuntian; Zhang, Hongjun; Hao, Wenning; Chen, Gang Report 7335
Low-Rank Linear Dynamical Systems for Motor Imagery EEG. Zhang, Wenchang; Sun, Fuchun; Tan, Chuanqi; Liu, Shaobo Report 5338
Main Trend Extraction Based on Irregular Sampling Estimation and Its Application in Storage Volume of Internet Data Center. Miao, Beibei; Dou, Chao; Jin, Xuebo Report 5523
Memetic Differential Evolution with an Improved Contraction Criterion. Peng, Lei; Zhang, Yanyun; Dai, Guangming; Wang, Maocai Report 9992
Mental Task Evaluation for Hybrid NIRS-EEG Brain-Computer Interfaces. Banville, Hubert; Gupta, Rishabh; Falk, Tiago H. Report 17240
Mexican Hat Wavelet Kernel ELM for Multiclass Classification. Wang, Jie; Song, Yi-Fan; Ma, Tian-Lei Report 4770
Modified Discrete Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm for Multilevel Image Thresholding. Li, Linguo; Sun, Lijuan; Guo, Jian; Qi, Jin; Xu, Bin; Li, Shujing Report 9000
Modified Mahalanobis Taguchi System for Imbalance Data Classification. El-Banna, Mahmoud Report 11172
Multimodal Personal Verification Using Likelihood Ratio for the Match Score Fusion. Tran, Long Binh; Le, Thai Hoang Report 5426
MultiP-Apo: A Multilabel Predictor for Identifying Subcellular Locations of Apoptosis Proteins. Wang, Xiao; Li, Hui; Wang, Rong; Zhang, Qiuwen; Zhang, Weiwei; Gan, Yong Report 6441
New Dandelion Algorithm Optimizes Extreme Learning Machine for Biomedical Classification Problems. Li, Xiguang; Han, Shoufei; Zhao, Liang; Gong, Changqing; Liu, Xiaojing Report 6653
Nonintrusive Load Monitoring Based on Advanced Deep Learning and Novel Signature. Kim, Jihyun; Le, Thi-Thu-Huong; Kim, Howon Report 11854
Novel Methods for Measuring Depth of Anesthesia by Quantifying Dominant Information Flow in Multichannel EEGs. Cha, Kab-Mun; Choi, Byung-Moon; Noh, Gyu-Jeong; Shin, Hyun-Chool Report 8158
Object Extraction in Cluttered Environments via a P300-Based IFCE. Mao, Xiaoqian; Li, Wei; He, Huidong; Xian, Bin; Zeng, Ming; Zhou, Huihui; Niu, Linwei; Chen, Genshe Report 7631
On the Accuracy and Parallelism of GPGPU-Powered Incremental Clustering Algorithms. Chen, Chunlei; He, Li; Zhang, Huixiang; Zheng, Hao; Wang, Lei Report 8607
Optimal Parameter Selection for Support Vector Machine Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm: A Case Study of Grid-Connected PV System Power Prediction. Gao, Xiang-ming; Yang, Shi-feng; Pan, San-bo Case study 7970
PAIRS: Prediction of Activation/Inhibition Regulation Signaling Pathway. Wang, Tengjiao; Feng, Yanghe; Wang, Qi Report 2703
Patch Based Multiple Instance Learning Algorithm for Object Tracking. Wang, Zhenjie; Wang, Lijia; Zhang, Hua Report 4751
Patch-Based Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition. Jiang, Tai-Xiang; Huang, Ting-Zhu; Zhao, Xi-Le; Ma, Tian-Hui Report 6363
Pathological Brain Detection Using Weiner Filtering, 2D-Discrete Wavelet Transform, Probabilistic PCA, and Random Subspace Ensemble Classifier. Jha, Debesh; Kim, Ji-In; Choi, Moo-Rak; Kwon, Goo-Rak Report 7082
Progress in EEG-Based Brain Robot Interaction Systems. Mao, Xiaoqian; Li, Mengfan; Li, Wei; Niu, Linwei; Xian, Bin; Zeng, Ming; Chen, Genshe Report 21313
Prototype Generation Using Self-Organizing Maps for Informativeness-Based Classifier. Moreira, Leandro Juvencio; Silva, Leandro A. Report 9621
Random Deep Belief Networks for Recognizing Emotions from Speech Signals. Wen, Guihua; Li, Huihui; Huang, Jubing; Li, Danyang; Xun, Eryang Report 7031
Random Forest-Based Approach for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Systems Operating under Actual Environmental Conditions. Shareef, Hussain; Mutlag, Ammar Hussein; Mohamed, Azah Report 8346
Ranking of Sites for Installation of Hydropower Plant Using MLP Neural Network Trained with GA: A MADM Approach. Shimray, Benjamin A.; Singh, Kh. Manglem; Khelchandra, Thongam; Mehta, R.K. Case study 6424
Ranking Support Vector Machine with Kernel Approximation. Chen, Kai; Li, Rongchun; Dou, Yong; Liang, Zhengfa; Lv, Qi Report 5827
Reducing the Schizophrenia Stigma: A New Approach Based on Augmented Reality. de C. Silva, Rafael D.; Albuquerque, Saulo G.C.; de V. Muniz, Artur; Filho, Pedro P. Reboucas; Ribei Report 8090
Refining Automatically Extracted Knowledge Bases Using Crowdsourcing. Li, Chunhua; Zhao, Pengpeng; Sheng, Victor S.; Xian, Xuefeng; Wu, Jian; Cui, Zhiming Report 10376
Research of Hubs Location Method for Weighted Brain Network Based on NoS-FA. Weng, Zhengkui; Wang, Bin; Xue, Jie; Yang, Baojie; Liu, Hui; Xiong, Xin Report 5802
Reversible Data Hiding Based on DNA Computing. Wang, Bin; Xie, Yingjie; Zhou, Shihua; Zhou, Changjun; Zheng, Xuedong Report 3633
Robust Grape Detector Based on SVMs and HOG Features Pavel Skrabanek and Petr Dolezel. Skrabanek, Pavel; Dolezel, Petr Report 9739
Search for an Appropriate Behavior within the Emotional Regulation in Virtual Creatures Using a Learning Classifier System. Rosales, Jonathan-Hernando; Ramos, Felix; Ramos, Marco; Cervantes, Jose-Antonio Report 8828
Shape Completion Using Deep Boltzmann Machine. Wang, Zheng; Wu, Qingbiao Report 6122
Stacked Autoencoders for Outlier Detection in Over-the-Horizon Radar Signals. Protopapadakis, Eftychios; Voulodimos, Athanasios; Doulamis, Anastasios; Doulamis, Nikolaos; Dres, D Report 7093
Statistical Modeling and Prediction for Tourism Economy Using Dendritic Neural Network. Yu, Ying; Wang, Yirui; Gao, Shangce; Tang, Zheng Report 5465
Thai Finger-Spelling Recognition Using a Cascaded Classifier Based on Histogram of Orientation Gradient Features. Silanon, Kittasil 6529
The Artificial Neural Networks Based on Scalarization Method for a Class of Bilevel Biobjective Programming Problem. Zhang, Tao; Chen, Zhong; Liu, June; Li, Xiong 7286
Toward Model Building for Visual Aesthetic Perception. Liu, Jianli; Lughofer, Edwin; Zeng, Xianyi Report 7952
Training Feedforward Neural Networks Using Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm. Wu, Haizhou; Zhou, Yongquan; Luo, Qifang; Basset, Mohamed Abdel Report 8361
Underwater Inherent Optical Properties Estimation Using a Depth Aided Deep Neural Network. Yu, Zhibin; Wang, Yubo; Zheng, Bing; Zheng, Haiyong; Wang, Nan; Gu, Zhaorui Report 4209

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