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CompuSearch sees slow data-processing job market for the second half of 1987.

CompuSearch Sees Slow Data-Processing Job Market for the Second Half of 1987 CompuSearch, a division of Management Recruiters International, Inc., said planned staff increases for data-processing professionals will level off in the latter half of 1987, reflecting industry readjustments.

CompuSearch forecasted data-processing staff increases of 31.2 percent for the second half of 1987, down from 38 percent for the first half of 1987. Last year, staff increases during the second half were 33.2 percent, down from 35.8 percent for the first half.

Marc Blessing, CompuSearch director, attributed the slow job market to the mergers of major dataprocessing companies that have "put qualified dpers out on the street." But he predicted increased demand into the next decade for technicians in quality assurance, software engineering, and systems programming. The forecast is based on CompuSearch's 19th nationwide poll of data-processing hiring trends in various industries.

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Title Annotation:in General News and Notes
Publication:Communications of the ACM
Date:Sep 1, 1987
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