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Comptroller officer assignments section.

Force Development, Development Teams, Developmental Education. Did you catch the theme of these latest buzzwords? Development is the tie that binds them all. To ensure a robust corps of financial management leaders, experts, and technicians, our FM senior leadership has put together a vision that will sustain the viability of the financial management discipline for years to come. This vision directly supports the lead air and space core competency--Developing Airmen: The heart of combat capability.

It is with this combat capability in mind that we groom our financial officers. This can be done with an assignment to a weapons system program office analyzing earned value to ensure we get the right weapon system at the right cost necessary to support the warfighter. It's done with an assignment as a financial services officer on the frontline of leading and developing our young airmen and NCOs. It's done with an assignment as a wing budget officer balancing an unending list of requirements with a finite amount of fiscal resources to deliver the most combat capability for the money. It's done with assignments to staff positions at MAJCOM, Air Staff, and joint duty positions throughout the world. It's done with broadening assignments such as a Comptroller Operational Logistics Tour, working maintenance on the flight line. It's done with an instructor duty assignment at USAFA, Air University, and ROTC, instilling and reinforcing the core values that make our Air Force the world's greatest. And ultimately, this development is honed through command--the true focus of our officer development vision. In short, we seek to develop our officers through a variety of assignments that will push, challenge, and ensure our financial corps delivers superior worldwide combat capability.

With the summer cycle wrapped up, we've matched hundreds of officers with hundreds of assignments that will develop their skills and support our warfighters. A primary ingredient to successfully marrying the right officer to the right job isn't luck, isn't timing, or the assignment officer dartboard (just kidding)--it's the preference worksheet (PW). The PW is your written voice to the assignment team. It's there to speak to what you believe is the right next assignment for yourself and/or that officer you supervise. It's a key tool used to match the right officer to the right job at the right time. In the near future you can expect to see the PW evolve to focus not only on the upcoming assignment, but to also include recommendations for the second and third. This enhanced PW will be a tool used to strengthen force development Air Force-wide.

With the PW and force development in mind, it's time to begin putting together nomination/application packages for the funded master's degree programs--AFITs Cost Analysis degree and the Naval Post Graduate School's MBA. Packages are due to AFPC NLT than 31 October 2003 with the board scheduled to meet the first week of November. Take advantage of these terrific programs and apply.

Finally, we'd like to introduce the newest member of the Comptroller Officer Assignments team. Capt Jason Corrothers has settled into the job and comes to AFPC with a wealth of experience, to include acquisition, budget, and financial services. Jason started his career as Chief of Budget for HQ AFMCs Technology Transition Office and with an assignment to the F-22 System Program Office, both at Wright-Patterson AFB. With an acquisition tour in tow, Jason transitioned into base-level financial management as the Financial Analysis Flight Commander (FMA) at Tyndall AFB. To further round out his base-level experience Jason then served a remote tour at Osan AB ROK as the Financial Services Flight Commander (FSO)--the most rewarding year of his career. With a background that includes all three core FM disciplines, Jason's experience will make him a definite assignment team asset.
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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