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Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller.

Major Command Headquarters or Higher


Mr. Gilbert "Dick" Reed

Secretary of the Navy, Pentagon

Washington, D.C.

Mr. Gilbert Reed distinguished himself by answering the call for civilian financial managers in Iraq. As deputy comptroller and budget officer for the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), he established credibility by resolving a $421 million shortfall and developing an exceptional year-end execution plan based on legislative enactment dates and with "re-pricing and reducing costs" at its forefront. Mr. Reed's revised CPA budget financed an increased level of security not only in Baghdad but also throughout Iraq. He clarified funds ownership issues, ensuring clean funding flows for the Iraqi people and for the American taxpayer. He voluntarily worked numerous and dangerous overnight missions to ensure safe delivery of funds to Iraqi banks across the country. Finally, he was instrumental in smoothly transitioning fiscal responsibility from the Department of Defense to the Department of State.


Major Richard Fulton

HQ Air Mobility Command

Scott Air Force Base, IL

Major Richard Fulton distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service as deputy comptroller for the CFTF-HOA, whose mission was to provide humanitarian relief and to deter terrorist activities in the Horn of Africa. During his deployment, he enabled "go" decisions on over 30 crucial projects for the Republic of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Yemen. On the home front, as the chief of Comptroller Inspections for the Air Mobility Command, he put his financial and deployment expertise to work in rating and improving operations at 14 different "total force" wings, touching all areas from comptroller operations to the ability to survive and operate in a threat environment. Major Fulton has led the development and implementation of finance policy and procedures affecting 58,000 personnel at 12 dynamic bases.


Mr. Robert Folen

U.S. Transportation Command

Scott Air Force Base, IL

Mr. Robert Folen distinguished himself by strategically addressing tough financial issues and enhancing US-TRANSCOM's ability to conduct the largest troop and equipment movement since World War II. Under his leadership, the command experienced flawless formulation and execution of a $9 billion budget while simultaneously responding to "systemic" upheavals driven by the Global War on Terrorism. He secured $160 million for transformation initiatives that will improve the Department of Defense distribution process and promises future savings of $360 million. Mr. Folen has been a champion for the Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System initiative and has been a selfless mentor for his workforce.

Unit Under a Major Command


Ms. Yolanda A. Wiley

Forward-Deployed in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Ms. Yolanda A. Wiley distinguished herself by volunteering and serving in Iraq to support the 1st Armored Division in a hostile fire/combat zone. Ms. Wiley provided superb financial oversight for the Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP), the Iraqi National Guard, and the Facility Protection Service in Baghdad, routinely working 14 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide care and feeding for 37,000 deployed personnel. By facilitating critical repair of infrastructure and restoration of key services, her actions aided in establishing goodwill with the Iraqi people. She further helped to gain and establish standardized pay, allowances, and benefits for Iraqi security forces and established milestone budget forecasts and by-name accountability rosters used by the Ministry of Finance. Not stopping there, she also mentored 1st Calvary Division resource personnel and set the stage for the future by creating CERP and security force continuity papers. Refusing to leave the combat zone ahead of her division, Ms. Wiley stayed and departed with the last Brigade Combat Team, thereby ensuring that $55 million in projects were properly turned over to the successor divisions and Polish coalition partners.


Major Regina T. Goff

49th Comptroller Squadron, Holloman

Air Force Base, NM

Major Regina T. Goff distinguished herself by impressive performance while deployed and at home. As deputy comptroller for the Office of Military Cooperation-Afghanistan, she directed budget operations for the Afghan National Army, providing a secure environment for the first democratic elections. She provided the financial discipline to institute internal controls, establish payrolls, and accelerate critical force buildup--she "took the mystique out of deployed operations." On the home front, she launched "Finance to Go" mobile training teams, which reduced downtime for operational activities and more. Her leadership extends to people. Her revamped training and first-class fitness programs have increased job satisfaction and morale.


Lieutenant Colonel Trent Edwards

92nd Comptroller Squadron, Fairchild

Air Force Base, WA

Lieutenant Colonel Trent Edwards distinguished himself as the first Air Force officer in history to serve as Chief of Staff of the OSD FORWARD, Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As such, he led the successful development of the U.S. Supreme Court-directed strategy to allow combatant status challenges for almost 600 detainees. Also a "standout" excelling at his stateside duties, Lt. Col. Edwards built the team that garnered numerous Air Force awards: Outstanding Contribution to Financial Management Transformation, Inspector General-rated "excellent" for training, "Best in Safety" award, and more. He revolutionized the comptroller/ contracting relationship to produce an educational road show that earned best-practice status and an "outstanding" team award. This "transformational" leader is engaged with his people on-duty as well as in the community.
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