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Comprehensive Findings on Romania's Profiles for PVC and Aluminium Joinery for the Year 2006.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Analysis of the Romanian Market for PVC and Aluminium Joinery Profiles - 2006 to their offering.

The authors bring to your attention the third edition of this syndicated market research focused on the Romanian market for PVC and Aluminium profiles used for joinery production.

This edition offers a qualitative improvement as compared to previous edition, offering its clients a better informational support.

Among the main improvements of the third edition we can find:

1. Improved questionnaires

2. Comparative analysis between the results of the current survey and previous ones (2004 and 2005)

3. Better identification of factors that determine or influence the customers' satisfaction

4. Enlargement of research objectives in order to include other products used for joinery production (fittings and glass)

5. Slight adjustment of research objectives in order to reflect the new trends present on the market (e.g. PVC profiles market segmentation by class - A/B)

6. Investigation of the collateral effects determined by lack-of-stock or delayed delivery during the busy summer period.

7. Improved analysis of brand image and brand positioning

8. Improved forecasting methodology by taking into analysis the results of previous researched conducted within the residential and commercial joinery markets.


PVC and Aluminium profiles market segmentation by type of profile used:

* Market segmentation by type of profile used (e.g.: PVC/Aluminium/Wood)

* Segmentation of PVC profiles market by type of profiles used (e.g.: by number of chambers, colors, etc.)

* Analysis of the awareness of qualitative classification of PVC profiles (A/B class)

* Market segmentation by qualitative segment (A/B class)

* Segmentation of aluminium profiles market by type of profiles used (e.g.: for sliding / swinging systems, for curtain walls, with / without thermal barrier, etc.)

* Analysis of the percentage of doors and windows fitted with rolling shutters. Market segmentation based on the type of rolling shutters

Market analysis for complementary products used for joinery production:

* Identification of main brands of fittings used and their estimated market share.

* Identification of average spending of one joinery producer for buying fittings. 2005 Market size estimation (for fittings, by value)

* Identification of main brands of float glass used for producing the double-glazing window; market share estimation for main brands of float glass

* Identification of main sources used by joinery producers to buy double-glazed glass (own production, specialized producers)

* Double glazing glass market segmentation by type (Low-E, clear, reflexive, tinted / colored, anti-burglary)

* Analysis of aluminium panels market (panels known as "bonds" used for facades):

* Market segmentation by brands

* Determination of the total surface of panels mounted on the facades in 2005

* Market segmentation by color of panels.

* Identification of the most important brands of window sills used and estimation of the market shares of these brands; analysis of market segmentation by type.

Image assessment for main brands of PVC and Aluminium profiles; users' level of satisfaction with aluminium and PVC profiles used.

* Unprompted and prompted awareness of main brands of PVC and Aluminium profiles

* Identification of the level of satisfaction as regards quality of profiles and commercial relationships with profile suppliers, by brand

* Identification of main factors that determine the customers' satisfaction

* Identification of main satisfaction / dissatisfaction reasons as regards the suppliers of the profiles used

* Comparative analysis of main brands' positioning towards several performance criteria (quality, commercial services, product range, stock availability, etc.) - comparative analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each brand.

Intentions to change main brand of profiles used and criteria used for the selection of future suppliers / brands:

* Analysis of intention to change the main supplier of PVC / Aluminium profiles in 2006

* Identification of main reasons that determined the decision to change a supplier of PVC / Aluminium profiles.

* Identification of decision making criteria used for choosing a supplier of profiles

Analysis of commercial relationships between joinery producers and their suppliers of profiles:

* Analysis of the average frequency of purchase (number of days between consequent purchases);

* Penetration rate of credit sales and identification of the average credit period

* Analysis of average discount price granted by the suppliers of profiles, by brand.

* Analysis of the delivery period of ordered products (time elapsed from issuing the order to delivery of the ordered products)

* Analysis of the impact of ,,out-of-stock" and its effects upon the joinery producers

Main information sources used for gathering information on Romanian market of PVC and aluminium profiles

* Media channels used for gathering information on Romanian market of PVC and aluminium profiles.

* Prompted and unprompted awareness and readership analysis for main specialized magazines and publications.

Market size and segmentation - PVC and aluminium profiles

* Estimated market shares of PVC and Aluminium profiles brands on the Romanian market.

* Estimation of average profile purchases (euro) in 2005 for one typical producer of joinery (analysis presented by brand and by region).

* Analysis of market segmentation by client size (analysis presented by brand and by region).

* Estimation of the average budget available for buying profiles in 2006 (analysis by brand and by region).

* PVC and Aluminium profiles market size estimation for 2005.

* Market size estimation for doors and windows made of PVC, Aluminium in 2005 and market forecast for 2006.

* Analysis of the joinery producers active in selected cities by the year of their establishment.

* Analysis of the involvement of joinery producers interviewed in other commercial activities other than production of joinery.


* Most of the information presented above will be also analyzed by brand and by region apart from the analysis of the total figures

* A comparative analysis will be made, where applicable, between this research and previous editions (2004 and 2005) in order to outline the evolution of the market.

Module 2 - Desk-Research of the Romanian Aluminium and PVC profiles market

The following information will be provided:

a. Analysis of imports and exports of PVC and Aluminium profiles in 2002 - 2005

* Total quantity and value of imports and exports by year

* Analysis of export / import by country of destination / origin

* Average prices per country of destination / origin

b. Estimation of total market size of PVC and Aluminium profiles

c. Market size forecast for 2006-2008 - based on the results of the business-to-business survey and statistical information gathered


Brief description:

The study consists of a business-to-business quantitative survey conducted on a representative sample of PVC and aluminium joinery producers located in Bucharest and other 19 relevant cities in Romania.

Project timing:

9.01.2006 - 27.01.2006 - Elaboration of the project methodology and of the objectives of the study

30.01.2006 - 3.02.2006 - Questionnaire design

6.02.2006 - 10.03.2006 - Fieldwork

13.03.2006 - 31.03.2006 - Data analysis and elaboration of the final report

Sample size:

The sample size is 500 respondents, which provides an approximate 4% error margin assuming a total universe of 2000 companies.

Geographical scope:

Producers of PVC and aluminium joinery that are located in the following cities are selected: Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Constanta, Timisoara, Iasi, Bacau, Arad, Ploiesti, Oradea, Brasov, Craiova, Galati, Targu Mures, Suceava, Pitesti, Alba Iulia, Rm. Valcea, Slatina, Sibiu, Satu Mare

The information enclosed in the desk-research module is gathered from the following sources:

* Ministry of Foreign Trade;

* National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies;

* direct interviews with main suppliers of profiles;

* additional desk-research conducted by the author.

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