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Giving customers more bang for the buck was the theme of many compounding introductions at the show. New twin-screw extruders and pelletizers are said to provide more output capacity per dollar invested. In some cases, greater energy efficiency promises lower operating costs as well. Another new development reportedly extends screw and barrel life while actually costing less than other forms of wear protection.


Werner & Pfleiderer exhibited its new ZSK 70 series "Mega-Compounder," which has a new optimized gearbox geometry that reportedly provides screw speeds up to 1200 rpm (double the previous capability of ZSK machines) plus 30% greater torque capacity. The higher torque alone - reportedly provides up to 40% higher output, and the higher rpm can raise the output improvement to 100% or more.

Although the machine carries a motor with higher horsepower, W&P says it uses no more power per unit of throughput than previous machines. And although the Mega-Compounder costs slightly more than previous models, its higher "power-volume factor" actually makes it more cost-effective by increasing the throughput capacity per dollar of capital investment, according to company officials. W&P does not expect the higher screw rpm to result in higher wear because the material residence time is cut approximately in half. W&P plans to introduce the new gearbox technology to its entire ZSK line next year.

Beefed-up gearboxes and redesigned barrels are featured on a new series of corotating twin-screws from Berstorff. The first model is the 118-mm ZE 110-A (see PT, Sept. '95, p. 65).

Farrel Corp. unveiled two new models of FTX corotating twin-screw extruders that have polygonal mixing sections instead of lobed kneading blocks. The 37-mm FTX 80 and 68-mm FTX 500 - with nominal output rates of 180 and 1100 lb/hr, respectively - are two of eight planned sizes. These machines are designed for low energy consumption and easy cleaning and product changeover.


Buss rolled out the new PCS 30 benchtop kneader with 30-mm diam., 7:1 L/D, and throughputs of up to 65 lb/hr. This is Buss' first kneader to be built in the U.S. entirely of domestic components. Buss also showed a new 100-mm size APC kneader. A 140-mm model will debut next year.
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Title Annotation:K'95; plastics machinery industry exhibition
Author:Knights, Mikell
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Dec 1, 1995
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