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Compounding twin screw extruder.

The TM-M Series twin screw extruder is characterized by a D/d 1,55 with a specific torque of 18 Nm/ cm3 and 600 rpm as the maximum rotation speed, according to the company's four-page, four-color brochure. The TM-M twin screw extruder is said to represent the company's consolidated technology with high reliability, according to the literature.

The characteristics of these machines have allowed their success in the fields of compounding, reactive extrusion, etc. Applications include masterbatch, technopolymers, high performance polymers, hot melt adhesives, thermoplastic rubbers for footwear, automotive and medical, recycling, highly filled compounds, autoextinguishing compounds with and without halogens, reactive extrusion and synthesis of polymers.

TM-M Series extruders are said to allow these processes to reach the maximum quality level, and pro-vide a very good productivity versus price ratio, according to the literature.

Depending on the process, the rpm of the screws can be adjusted. Outputs can be subject to variations, depending on formulations and material features.

Screw diameters are available in 40, 58, 70, 92, 112, 133, 150 and 177 mm sizes. Machine length ranges from 3,500 mm to 12,500 mm and width from 1,000 to 1,800 mm.

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