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Composite products.

The resistance to biological degradation of composite wood products is improved by applying a suitable aqueous dispersion of zinc borate onto the fibers to uniformly distribute and to adhere the zinc borate to the strands of the wood composite, applying a suitable adhesive to the wood strands, forming a strand lay-up and consolidating a lay-up under heat and pressure to form a consolidated product with zinc borate uniformly distributed therethrough.

ISSUE DATE: 10/26/99. INVENTOR(S): Fookes; David, New Westminster, Canada, et al. ASSIGNEE(S): Trus Joist MacMillan a Limited Partnership. FILING DATE: 02/26/98. NUMBER OF CLAIMS: 20. PATENT NUMBER: 5972266.
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Publication:Forest Products Journal
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:May 1, 2001
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