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Composite curing: water heating up to 225[degrees]C.

Mould heating using pressurised water as a medium is often quoted up to 160[degrees]C, but Single has equipment that will take this up to 200[degrees]C, and at the JEC Composites exhibition in Paris, the company will be showing a unit to give 225[degrees]C for curing composite mouldings.

This will be Single's first time at JEC, and the company says fluid-based temperature control of moulds has much to offer for curing composite components. The widespread method of autoclave curing, it says, makes part handling complicated, the process is time-consuming, and the quality of process control is not satisfactory. Hence, autoclave-based methods are expensive.

Single also says that fluid-based temperature control is superior to inductive or electric mould heating methods for composites production. The need for complex equipment is a major disadvantage of inductive heating, as are the substantial costs and the lack of flexibility for different process configurations. Like electric heating, inductive heating does not allow for sufficient process control. For processes that require alternating temperatures--heating and active cooling--inductive or electrically heated moulds must be equipped with cooling channels for fluid-based temperature control anyway.

Single's new temperature control unit has a heating capacity of 6 kW and a flow rate of up to 30l/min.

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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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